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Symptoms of Nightfall Problem in Males, Swapandosh Side Effects

Symptoms of Nightfall Problem

Symptoms of Nightfall Problem in Males

The problem of nightfall comes with clear signals. There aren’t any doubts in the mind of the male that he is suffering from the night discharge problem but males generally do not accept it as a problem. Most of the males attribute the occurrence of night discharge to various factors that are minor and harmless or they treat it as part of life.

Any male finding drops or a considerable amount of discharge in underpants after waking up in the morning has suffered from nightfall.

Many males wake-up when night discharge is about to occur but are unable to stop it. A large percentage of males wake-up right after discharge and need to go to the washroom to clean their groin region.

The volume of discharge can vary from person to person but volume signifies nothing about the gravity of the problem.

If there is regular or frequent discharge even in the form of a few drops the problem is still serious and needs proper treatment.

The presence of discharge in underpants after waking-up and uncontrollable discharge occurring during sleep are symptoms of nightfall problem in males.

Most of the males state that they see an erotic dream which causes excitement and brings discharge.

Many males do not see or remember any dream but do get excited due to rubbing of bed sheets or pillow against their groin region which causes discharge.

Getting excited during sleep is not a sign of any problem but the frequent release of seminal fluids or sperms are symptoms of nightfall problem in males.

At a young age discharge during sleep is not regarded as a problem. In fact, at a young age, it is considered a sign of good health.

At a young age, youth hormones bring sensation in the genital region, stimulate the brain to bring erotic thoughts and fantasies, and also improve muscular endurance.

These hormones can bring changes which appear as symptoms of nightfall problem in males.

In most of cases the problem subsides after the boy achieves adulthood completely. Symptoms of nightfall problem in males after adulthood are no more signs of good health.

The occasional occurrence of night discharge is not a problem even in adult male but once male begins to see swapandosh side effects he needs immediate treatment.

Basically swapandosh is a natural process that becomes a problem when it gets aggravated.

After the aggravation, the natural process becomes a problem and signs of weaknesses which show-up are reckoned as symptoms of nightfall problem in males.

Regular occurrences of nightfall can rapidly deteriorate male’s health and potency. The signs of weaknesses are also regarded as swapandosh side effects which may not go away with the problem.

For a proper treatment of the problem, one needs a treatment that stops the problem and eliminates swapandosh side effects.

Swapandosh Side Effects

The excessive occurrence of the swapandosh problem brings up many signs which are swapandosh side effects. Here is a list of commonly seen ill-effects of the problem which demand immediate attention and proper treatment.

These signs are not to be ignored as these can aggravate rapidly and cause serious harm to health and potency.

  • Chronic fatigue, tiredness, and stress are common swapandosh side effects. Loss of vital fluids at night on a frequent basis causes deficiencies of vital nutrients. The scarcity of these nutrients leads to low energy which shows as chronic fatigue. Low energy levels affect a male’s focus, attentiveness, working efficiency, and mood.
  • Low libido is another one of the commonly seen side effects of nightfall in males. Loss of semen during sleep on a frequent basis keeps the reproductive system active. Many males may not see any change in their drive due to sound health but most of the males feel less interested in lovemaking. The occurrence of low libido can have serious reasons like low testosterone production which can aggravate quickly and raise other serious disorders.
  • Pain or burning during urination or discharge of thick fluids after urination, are other side effects of nightfall in males. The discharge that occurs at night during sleep is not exactly like ejaculation. Part of semen may get left in the urinary canal or urethra which may come out with urine. When seminal fluids or sperms accompany urine these cause pain and burning, delayed start of urine stream and thinning of the urine stream. Regular discharge at night can cause congestion around the prostate gland which causes loss of seminal fluids during urination during the day. These are serious side effects of the problem which can cause pain after erection and affect a male’s performance in bed.
  • Frequent swapandosh causes low semen volume. Excessive strain over the reproductive system, poor prostate functions and loss of vital nutrients cause lesser production of sperms and seminal fluids to lower volume of semen. This problem aggravates the low libido problem, affects male’s fertility and also his ability to become stiff on arousal.
  • Low energy and stamina and frequent disturbances in sleep can cause stress. Males generally become lethargic and feel tired always due to regular or frequent nightfall problem.
  • Frequent nightfall causes psychological issues as well. Males suffering from low energy, stress, low libido and problems related to urination become frustrated and victims of psychological problems like anxiety, mood swings, irritability short-temperament, etc.

Herbs Useful in Treating Nightfall Problem

There are many herbs that have been recommended in Ayurveda as useful for treating the disorder of swapandosh holistically. These herbs relieve nightfall symptoms and also eliminate their side effects.

The use of these herbs in the right dosage and combination provide long-lasting results. Here is a short description of herbs popularly used in Ayurveda for curing debilitating disorders like nightfall.


It is nutritive, aphrodisiac, anti-aging, nerve tonic and rejuvenating herb. It strengthens the nervous, cardio, respiratory, digestive and urinary system and boost-up male’s vitality, virility, potency, and fertility.

It enhances semen volume and increases sperm count and provides a male everlasting youth vitality and vigor.



It is used as an herb for the sound reproductive system, sharper memory and proper release of health-promoting hormones. It enhances the effects of other herbs, relieves nerves and sharpens brain functions.


This herb is recommended to males suffering from low libido, ED and low sperm count. It is energizing, rejuvenating and restorative herb.


This is strong purgatory and liver tonic. It treats enlargement, toxicity, and inflammation of liver and facilitates smooth digestion.

This is an aphrodisiac herb as well and improves functions of the male reproductive system. It treats male impotence efficiently and naturally.



This herb improves the functions of the male reproductive system and eliminates physical debilities and weaknesses. It provides faster recovery from illnesses and improves the overall health and vitality of a male.


It is a very commonly used spice with powerful properties that relax nerves and energize them. It is aphrodisiac, counters stress, improves energy and stamina and very nutritive.

The oval effects of this herb are excellent for sharp brain functions and higher learning abilities.


This herb comes with multiple properties. It is aphrodisiac, anti-inflammatory, anti-hypertensive, anti-cancer, restorative, demulcent, purgatory, and strengthening. It is a good source of silica which is vital for the sound musculoskeletal system.


This is old and trusted herb for treating low immunity problem. It is good for clearing viral and bacterial infections and cleanses the digestive system. It regulates sugar, treats metabolic disorders, improves cardiac functions and keeps liver healthy.



It boosts immunity and resistant power. It is nutritive and sharpens brain functions. This is a powerful remedy for treating stones in gallbladder and kidneys.

The use of this herb promotes sound and relaxing sleep and improves the functions of joints of the body. It is great for young and beautiful skin.


This herb is strong purgatory and treats liver disorders efficiently. It is an excellent remedy for urinary disorders and suppresses asthma and serious bacterial infections like gonorrhea.


This is an excellent remedy for males suffering from problems like swapandosh and early ejaculation. This herb provides male control over his discharge and prevents all sorts of involuntary ejaculation.



It aids digestion, improves immunity and promotes appetite. It is good for liver and improves the functions of the respiratory system. It dissolves fat and regulates sugar and is helpful in fighting stress and low energy problems.


It has been used for treating all sorts of involuntary loss of semen in males. It even stops the loss of seminal fluids due to poor prostate gland functions and other problems like retrograde ejaculation. Very beneficial herb for treating disorders related to the respiratory system of a male.

Lauh Bhasma

It is developed to supplement iron and remove its deficiencies. It is a natural aphrodisiac and nutritive, energizing and strengthening supplement.

It improves functions of the cardio and musculoskeletal system, improves bone and muscle strength and improves nerve functions.

Swarna Bhasma

Swarna Bhasma

This is a natural aphrodisiac and improves the brain’s control over five senses. It is used in the treatment of numerous disorders including sexual debilities in males.

Ayurvedic Remedies for Swapandosh in Males

No Fall and Maha Rasayan capsules are the most reliable and effective herbal supplements recommended for treating nightfall symptoms and their side effects.

These supplements come with herbs described in Ayurveda as an efficient treatment for swapandosh. One gets faster relief from the problem and complete reversal of its ill-effects on health and potency.

The herbal composition of these pills provides a male upbeat vitality, virility, and potency and also improves his fertility and libido. One enjoys higher energy and stamina and sharper brain functions by using these supplements.

These are purely herbal preparations hence are free of side effects. These do not cause any dependency and provide long-lasting results. One can enjoy their excellent results for longer period in life by taking simple precautions.

Use of No Fall and Maha Rasayan capsule sin combination is a holistic cure for swapandosh and a natural way to lead a passionate life.

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