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Home Remedies for Swapandosh

Home Remedies for Swapandosh

What is Swapandosh?

Swapandosh is quite common in young males about to achieve puberty. During this age, youth hormones begin to secrete which brings sensation in the private zone and also erotic fantasies and thoughts. These changes cause arousals by bringing erotic dreams which cause involuntary discharge during sleep. Many young boys get excited at night by the rub of bed sheet or pillow against their genital region and ejaculate.

At a young age occasional episode of Swapandosh is not regarded as a problem and it subsides once a boy has achieved puberty. But if this problem continues even after puberty or occurs in an adult male is a cause of concern.

The occasional occurrence of Swapandosh due to apparent reasons even in an adult is not a problem if it happens once or twice. But if it crosses its limit and occurs frequently it needs proper treatment.

Home remedies for nightfall are safe and effective ways to overcome the problem.

Regular occurrence of night emissions strains the reproductive system. Semen production is an on-going process in the male body and when male loses semen it is replenished by the body instantly.

Regular loss of semen causes strain over the reproductive system and gives rise to numerous other disorders of serious nature. Within healthy limits, night discharge is not considered a problem but a sign of good health.

But there is a very thin line which separates good frequency from a bad one. And there is no general number which can determine bad frequency of nightfall.

The symptoms which this problem produces are only ways to know if nightfall is occurring excessively. For some males, a higher frequency may not be problematic but for some even once in a week can be debilitating.

Nightfall herbal treatment is popular as it addresses the problem effectively and also alleviates side effects.

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Home Remedies for Nightfall or Swapandosh Problem

Causes and Symptoms of Swapandosh

Age is the natural cause of nightfall. Young age around puberty brings episodes of night discharge; even elderly males can experience episodes of night emissions.

Nerve weaknesses are the most common causes of nightfall. Nerves are responsible for keeping semen locked during sleep. If these are weak and sluggish or damaged these allow semen to flow out easily on slight excitement.

The congested prostate gland, which has fluid build-up around it causes dribbling of semen on slight excitement or pressure to cause nightfall.

Poor emotional status, particularly in adult males which brings episodes of arousals without ejaculation during the day, is another cause of nightfall.

Males getting aroused during the day in absence of lovemaking discharge at night during sleep. Long-term absence from the lovemaking or use of medicines which cause nerve relaxation like sedatives is other causes of regular or frequent nightfall.

Symptoms of nocturnal emission do not need any investigations. If one finds semen in undergarments in the morning it is clear evidence of nightfall. However occasional occurrences are nothing to worry about.

Medically once a week is generally not harmful for health but if it occurs more than that look for other signs of the problem. A too flaccid organ during normal state signifies that night discharge is causing internal weaknesses.

Burning during urination or discharge of thick whitish fluid with or after urination is also a sign of a problem.

Lesser sensation in the genital region and lesser erotic fantasies and thoughts are also signs of growing weakness due to nightfall.

Low libido or lesser interest in lovemaking, slow arousals in bed and soft erection are serious signals of debilities inflicted by nightfall.

Low semen volume and thinning of semen are other symptoms of growing weaknesses in the reproductive system due to night-emissions.

Home remedies for nightfall are safe and easy to use ways which are recommended to alleviate all these symptoms of the problem. Nightfall herbal treatment works for men of all ages and resolves the problem in a short duration.

Home Remedies for Swapandosh

Essential Oil

Natural Treatment for Swapandosh

Lifestyle-related changes can bring substantial control over nightfall. Day’s stress and rush of thoughts bring dreams and cause an erection for involuntary discharge during sleep.

In various nightfall herbal treatments taking a bath before going to sleep is recommended to relax nerves and calm down the mind. Add a few drops of any essential oil to further improve its effects.

Lavender, rosemary, jasmine, rose, etc. are good oils to be added to warm water for a relaxing bath. Regular bath with essential oils before going to bed is one of the simple home remedies for Swapandosh.


Simple dietary changes work as good home remedies for swapandosh. Add garlic to the regular diet plan. This can be used as a salad ingredient or as part of cooking to gain positive effects.

The use of garlic increases the flow of blood towards the male’s genital region. A higher flow of blood keeps nerves active and strong and prevents them from becoming lethargic during sleep.

Active nerves keep semen locked and prevent nightfall. If eating garlic with meals is not possible, chew 1-2 garlic cloves as first thing in the morning. Swallow these down with water and repeat regularly.

Couple of garlic cloves work as good home remedies for swapandosh. Include one or two cups of yogurt to meals.

Yogurt helps in bringing sound sleep and also reduces the frequency of wet dreams. A couple of cups of yogurt in the day are good home remedies for nightfall.

Sage Tea

Sage Tea Home Remedy for Swapandosh

Herbal teas are excellent sources of antioxidants and numerous other vital nutrients. Regular intake of green tea or similar kinds of herbal teas rejuvenates entire health and promotes even the flow of blood.

A few cups of sage tea during the day are recommended as home remedies for swapandosh. One cup of sage tea in the morning and before bedtime reduces the frequency of nightfall and provides many other health benefits.

Replacing regular tea and coffee with green tea also supplements antioxidants, metabolizes fat and keeps a male active during the day to suppress nightfall.

Pomegranate and Onion

Eat one or two pieces of pomegranate fruit regularly during the day. Pomegranate increases the flow of blood towards genitals and keeps nerves active.

The seeds of this fruit are also recommended as home remedies for swapandosh. Even one or two glasses of pomegranate juice can be helpful in bringing down the frequency of night emissions.

Like pomegranate onions too are trusted home remedies for swapandosh. A few slices of onion with meals or drinking a decoction after boiling slices of one onion with water are good ways for getting positive results. Repeat any of these remedies regularly till positive results are achieved.


Amla Home Remedy for Swapandosh

Indian gooseberry is the richest source of vitamin C on the planet. It is one fruit that does not change its nutritive properties consumed in any form.

Consumption of Amla or Indian gooseberry in raw, juice or powder form works wonderfully well for treating the problem of nightfall. Eat one fruit of Amla or consume 2-3 teaspoons of powder with water regularly.

You can drink a cup of Amla juice as well during the day to treat the problem of nightfall. Make changes in the bedroom and keep it relaxed and soothing. Avoid stimulating movies, books, or other kinds of activities and material.

Read the any good book before going to sleep to avoid erotic thoughts and dreams. All of these are good home remedies for swapandosh.

There are few herbs that are highly beneficial in eliminating the root cause of swapandosh problems and preventing sperm leakage during sleep in a natural way.

All these herbs have been carefully chosen and combined together in the right proportion in a capsule form to help males to get rid of night discharge problem.

This Ayurvedic treatment for nightfall is No Fall capsule, which is in great demand among males suffering from nocturnal emission.

Diet for Swapandosh Patients

A diet that takes care of overall health is good for treating swapandosh. The problem of frequent night emissions comes as a threat to physical and mental health too.

The regular production of semen wipes-off vital mineral reserves from the body particularly zinc and iron.

These minerals are essential for sound physical and mental health. Foods containing iron and zinc are necessary parts of diet for swapandosh.

Almonds, Green Leafy Vegetables

Almonds, green leafy vegetables and seeds like pumpkin are rich sources of zinc and iron. Organ meat and eggs can be included by those who can eat non-veggie foods.

Frequent nightfall can stress our liver so a high fiber diet is suitable for person suffering with wet dreams.

Wholegrain shall form major portion of diet as these are high in fiber, light on the stomach and full of nutrition. Oats, brown rice, barley, whole wheat, etc. are good as part of a diet for nightfall.


Include fruits like bananas, apples, avocado, pineapple, papaya, grapefruit, oranges, etc. in the regular diet. These are rich in fiber, antioxidants and supplement vitamins which are required by the body to stay fit and energized.

Lemon juice and Indian gooseberry are good sources of vitamin C which metabolizes vital minerals in the digestive system and also boost-up immunity. Vitamin C is also a type of antioxidant which inhibit free radicals.

Carrots, peas, broccoli, Brussels sprout, and berries are also recommended as part of a diet for nightfall. Avoid foods that are fatty, processed and spicy.

These slow down metabolism, promote fat gain and reduce overall energy levels. Cut-out alcohol, smoking, tobacco use, excessive tea and coffee, and beverages.

Swapandosh Treatment and Prevention

Lead a healthy lifestyle and stay away from unnecessary erotic stimulations. Arousals without ejaculation in the day alter hormonal levels in the body and can cause disorders like night emission.

Perform regular exercises which keep blood flow healthy and bring sound sleep. Any type of exercise which provide mental and physical relaxation is good for stopping nightfall and work as a treatment.

Take a relaxing bath before bedtime for deep sleep. You can use essential oils that are calming and soothing in bedroom for sound sleep and avoiding nightfall.

Do not get involved in any sort of unnatural sexual practices. Performing hand-practice to avoid nightfall is a myth it only aggravates the symptoms.

Eat light at night and take a walk after dinner it helps in proper digestion and avoid wet dreams. Meditation and reading good books are also very helpful practices to prevent nightfall.

Meditation prevents unnecessary thoughts before sleep and keeps the mind positive which helps in preventing wet dreams.

Good books also bring good thoughts before bedtime and take the mind away from arousing instances during the day. Take a suitable diet which is not spicy and provide complete nourishment.

Ayurvedic remedies are powerful natural ways to get rid of the swapandosh problem. No Fall and Maha Rasayan capsules are uniquely formulated ayurvedic preparations that not only prevent night emissions but also eliminate weakness and other side effects of frequent swapandosh.

Regular consumption of these capsules improve male health and increase energy and power. One can easily get No Fall and Maha Rasayan capsules straight to his doorstep discreetly with an easy and secure online purchase facility.

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