Overcome Seminal Discharge while Urinating

Causes of Semen Leakage in Urine

If you see thick whitish discharge after urination it is a type of spermatorrhea. This problem is highly debilitating and sign of growing weakness in reproductive system. Many males panic and become too worried on first signs of the problem. Although the problem is serious yet there is no need to panic as with proper treatment and right approach it can be cured completely. (more…)

Treat Ejaculation During Sleep

Wet Dreams Natural Treatment

Reasons of Frequent Wet Dreams in Men

Semen discharge during sleep is categorized as nightfall and is a type of spermatorrhea. Males suffering with this problem frequently or regularly lose vital fluids during sleep. The amount of discharge may vary from male to male but even mild discharge can be source of severe debilities. If problem of wet dreams is left untreated it can cause severe debilities in a short time. (more…)

Control Excessive Ejaculation Naturally

How to Stop Sperm Leakage Problem?

Excessive seminal discharge is sign of severe weakness in reproductive system that needs a proper treatment. Regular sperm leakage is scary and can make a male panic. This problem is actually a serious disorder which is best treated with natural measures, due to lack of knowledge most males are unable to take proper treatment and suffer with impotency due to this problem. (more…)

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