Return Policy

Return Policy

We are always cautious about packing and sending our herbal products in India, and we are quite confident that you will not get disheartened while using these ayurvedic products.

If you still think that these products haven’t fulfilled your demands then we have an offer of return policy as well. This covers 7 days money-back guarantee to count from the day you obtain your product less than 25% of restocking, handling, and shipping charges.

The return policy of Ayush Remedies says that always return the products that are unopened. We will refund your money after doing a brief inspection of those supplements that you have returned to us.

Any mark or indication of the use of these products won’t entertain the money back and we strictly follow this protocol without any exceptions made.

If you do not return the whole order then the part that you have returned us would be charged normally we charge for the products minus the costs we have previously mentioned.

Important Note: If the items are returned to us because of non-acceptance of the items/incomplete address/unclaimed products, it will be refunded according to our return policy only in which you will get your money except the 25% restocking, handling and shipping cost.

Kindly take note that few countries do not allow the personal use of the herbal products as per their present import policies.

Therefore, you have to first go and check about all the rules and regulations of your country before proceeding to pay since it would not be possible for us to know about each and every country’s import policies.

Want to claim for a refund, kindly email us at

* All returns are less 25% of re-stocking charges that cover restocking, shipping and handling price. Restocking charges are fixed and are not subjected to change.

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