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Nightfall or nocturnal emission refers to the disorder of semen leaking at night which occurs after dreaming about something erotic. This provides the same sensation as if an individual reached the climax in actual intercourse and he often finds himself wet down there.

The issue is common in all males and is not a matter of worry if it persists sometimes. The normal emissions are between 4 to 6 times in a month.

This usually occurs because the male body tends to replace the old semen with the new one. If a man involves in lovemaking or hand practice then that semen gets ejaculated and he barely faces any sign of swapandosh.

If he is not involved in any of these activities, he is likely getting nightfall more frequently.

Another factor is over masturbation that makes the male’s reproductive organ weak. His parasympathetic nerves get depleted and so these no more control his seminal discharge.

Moreover, the role of the genital nerves is to provide sufficient sensation as well so that his brain gets the indication that he is feeling sexually excited and needs to be erected hard enough to penetrate into a woman.

Poor communication lets the brain send blood in fewer amounts and so the erections are hindered as well.

No Fall Capsules

No Fall capsules provide necessary nutrients to strengthen the nerves, enhance the flow of blood, and elevate blood’s oxygen and nutrient carrying capacity.

This type of swapandosh ayurvedic treatment is simply the best due to the great results one could embrace.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do No Fall capsules cause any side effects?

No Fall capsules do not cause any side effects because of the presence of herbal ingredients. This swapandosh ayurvedic treatment doesn’t have any withdrawal effects as well.

How long do I need to take this swapandosh ayurvedic treatment?

You will need to take this swapandosh ayurvedic treatment for a period of about 3 to 4 months so as to see noticeable changes within.

How to consume this nightfall ayurvedic treatment?

Take 1 or 2 capsules of No Fall with preferably milk or plain water 2 times daily for about the period in between 3 to 4 months.

What is the preferred diet during the course of this nightfall ayurvedic treatment?

We always recommend our consumers to stick to a healthy diet plan that includes fresh fruits and green leafy veggies, with a habit of taking plenty of water along with this nightfall ayurvedic treatment to get results rapidly.

Also, indulge in some physical work if possible. Avoid junk foods, smoking, and drinking, or related harmful habits.

How can I buy No Fall capsules in India and from where?

If one wants to buy No Fall capsules in India then he will need to follow these simple steps for the online payment since we do not have any shops here:

  1. Choose the quantity of your desired package from the drop-down menu. Now click on BUY NOW button.
  2. Carefully fill all your billing details such as name, postal address, email, and contact number.
  3. Do the payment with the help of anyone of these options- cash on delivery (COD), bank transfer (NEFT), demand draft (DD) or cheque.
  4. Next click on the PLACE ORDER button.
  5. Send us an email or SMS mentioning the bank payment details in case you have selected an advanced payment option.

After getting the verification that the payment is made we will soon ship the products to your home address. We also have the option of Cash on Delivery if you want to make payment later.

How will my product be received at my house if I order? I want all the details in terms of packaging and delivery. Within how many days I will receive my product?

Each and every package of ours are discreetly packed and sent in order to maintain the customers’ privacy. The products are delivered between 3 to 5 working days.

Nightfall Treatment in Ayurveda

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Kesar (Crocus Sativus), Long (Caryophyllus Aromaticus), Swarna Bang, Pipal (Piper Longum), Jaiphal (Myristica Fragrans), Banslochan (Bambusa Arundinacea), Tankari (Physalis Indica), Shatavari (Asparagus Racemosus), Brahmadandi (Amberboa Divaricata), Dridranga (Argilla Vitriolutum), Ashwagandha (Withania Somnifera), Kaunch (Mucuna Pruriens), Shilajit Shudh (Asphaltum Punjabinum), Lauh Bhasma (Ferrum Oxide), Bahera (Terminalia Bellirica), Babul Extract (Acacia Arabica)

20 reviews for Nightfall Swapandosh Ayurvedic Treatment

  1. Liju

    I am so impressed by this product. It really works as it claims. I started seeing the results within 15 days and the complete recovery was achieved after a constant dedication of two and a half months. I continued to take them for one month more for the sake of maintaining my good health, and once I stopped taking No Fall capsules there was absolutely no sign of addiction or withdrawal effect. Good going guys!

  2. Vishwa

    Hi I’m 20 years old and I’m having night discharge problem from last two years. What should I take for this problem – No Fall or NF Cure? Because of this I am getting so tired and I have lost my stamina and energy. I’m becoming so lean and weak. What additional supplements should I take to regain my power, energy and stamina? Please suggest me the best one.

    • Ayush Remedies

      Both these capsules are equally good. In your case, we would suggest you to take a regular course of No Fall and Maha Rasayan capsules for 3 to 4 months to overcome from nocturnal emission and weakness. These capsules give best results when taken in combination to regain lost power, energy and stamina. Include healthy foods in your diet, drink plenty of water during the course, avoid stress and erotic thoughts. Also, avoid heavy and spicy meals in dinner.

      You can find details about No Fall and Maha Rasayan capsules at

  3. Amit

    I am taking these capsules since two months and discharge has significantly reduced. Please suggest what should I take to improve my erection and how long do I need to take No Fall capsules to completely stop night emissions.

    • Ayush Remedies

      We suggest you to take the combination of No Fall and Maha Rasayan capsules for 3 to 4 months to eradicate both these problems.

  4. Manu (verified owner)

    I am having night discharge from 4 to 5 years, so what should I take for this problem.

    • Ayush Remedies

      A regular course of No Fall capsules for 4 months will help you to overcome this problem in a natural way. Also it is suggested to avoid erotic thoughts and do not eat heavy and spicy meals specially in dinner.

  5. Raj

    I sometimes observe leakage of semen or white fluid during urination and also face night discharge two or three times in a month and after that I feel pain in my male organ just after night emission. Can you please guide if No fall capsule is beneficial for this treatment? Or suggest further. I am currently 28.

    • Ayush Remedies

      We would suggest you to take No Fall and Maha Rasayan capsules regularly for 3 to 4 months to see good results. Together these pills will help you to overcome above problems in a natural and efficient way.

  6. Rajat Kumar (verified owner)

    When to take these capsules in daytime or at night?

    • Ayush Remedies

      You have to take one or two capsules of No Fall once after breakfast and another after dinner at night.

  7. Narottam Kushwah (verified owner)

    What should be the diet during the consumption of No Fall capsule in order to get quick benefits?

    • Ayush Remedies

      Eat healthy diet that includes fruits, green leafy vegetables, nuts, grains, etc. Avoid processed and junk foods. Do not eat heavy, spicy and oily foods.

  8. Jadavpal

    Sir, whenever I talk to my wife in romantic way or kiss her then a watery liquid comes out from my penis mouth and I feel so shy. I think it is precum leakage problem. Please suggest me how to cure it. I am so tensed for my future, please suggest me to completely cure this problem.

    • Ayush Remedies

      It is a common problem in males so you need not have to worry as there is a natural solution of this problem. A regular course of No Fall capsules for 3 to 4 months will help you to overcome this leakage problem. It is mainly due to poor control over your ejaculation. The herbs present in these pills will help to strengthen weak nerves and rectify this problem in a natural way.

  9. Ravi

    I am becoming habitual of doing hand practice, please help me to overcome this problem.

    • Ayush Remedies

      Self-discipline is important to quit this habit. Excessive hand practice if done for long term may cause severe side-effects to your body and may deteriorate your health. So, it is better to leave this habit to the earliest. Keep yourself busy in work of your interest, spend time with family and friends and do regular exercise. These things help to keep you away from urge of hand-practice.

      To overcome weakness caused by excessive hand practice, take Vital M-40 capsules regularly for 3 to 4 months. The herbs present in these pills help to keep your mind calm and relaxed and increase vitality and strength of the body.

  10. Usman Khan

    Swapandosh is making my life terrible and I am afraid to get married as I doubt it may affect my performance in bed. Please suggest effective ayurvedic medicine to stop this problem. Thanks in advance!

    • Ayush Remedies

      A regular course of No Fall capsules for 3 to 4 months is recommended to solve this problem.

  11. nana

    I have side effects of excessive hand practise for 9 years that deteriorate my mental and physical health, now I am taking NF Cure capsules and Tufan capsules from 3 weeks, the problem of nightfall has reduce but now I don’t feel much of arousal and I’m losing interest in lovemaking, and seminal leakage with urine is still there. Please tell which capsule is more effect, NF Cure or No Fall?

    • Ayush Remedies

      All the health problems that you are facing are result of years of hand-practice so it certainly needs time to get heal and repair. Healing is a slow process in our body and it will take time for your organs to restore back to normal state. You will have to keep patience and continue the course for minimum 4 months to get complete relief.

  12. Ajay

    Hi I am facing night fall and semen leakage for last 10 years, initially it was night discharge only, but now I feet semen leakage as well. Due to that I have become thin and mentally weak. Shall I consult a doctor or start taking No Fall ? Kindly suggest.

    • Ayush Remedies

      You need to take a regular course of No Fall and Maha Rasayan capsules for 4 months to overcome these problems naturally. Powerful ayurvedic herbs are blended in right proportion to address the root cause of the problem. These herbal supplements also help to improve overall health and vitality. As these pills are made of pure natural plant-based ingredients you no need to worry about side-effects.

  13. Imran

    My semen leaks when I talk with my girlfriend or any girl. I am having this problem from 1 year. It also happens when I do toilet or when I watch any romantic movie. What can I do and what is the procedure and from where should I have to buy this product?

    • Ayush Remedies

      No Fall capsule is uniquely formulated ayurvedic remedy for preventing involuntary discharge of sperm in urine, during bowel movement or while sleeping. The herbs present in these pills strengthen weak nerves and improve functioning of male reproductive system. Consume these pills for 3-4 months to obtain good result.

      You can consume these pills along with Maha Rasayan capsules to eliminate fatigue and weakness caused due to frequent semen leakage. You can buy these pills online from this website; after receiving your order, item will be shipped discreetly and will reach to you in 3-5 business days.

  14. Nouman (verified owner)

    Do I get any side effects like hair falling or weight loss by using No Fall?

    • Ayush Remedies

      No, these are purely natural formulations made of plant-based herbs. So, you need not have to worry about any side effect even after using it for long term.

  15. Nouman (verified owner)

    I have started using No Fall capsules but still I can see sperm leakage at night so what should I do for this? Suggest me.

    • Ayush Remedies

      As these pills are herbal preparations so these take time to show effects however the results obtained are long-lasting as these natural remedies address the root cause of the problem and rather than just suppressing the problem these try to correct it in a natural way. We suggest you to use these pills in a regular and disciplined manner for 3-4 months.

  16. Shyam (verified owner)

    I am married person but I am facing semen leakage problem, is it ok to involve in lovemaking during taking this medicine?

    • Ayush Remedies


  17. Rashad

    I used this supplement when I was having excessive night discharge. It worked well for me! I will buy this product again from this website!

  18. Mandeep

    It was bloodcurdling to see semen with urine along with severe pain during urination. It was not first time but that day it was severe and volume of fluid was pretty higher. I visited the doctor and then after few others but there was hardly any improvement. No Fall capsules proved astonishing. These in a month completely stopped the discharge and promoted normal urination. Now after 3 months use I can feel positive changes in my energy levels, stamina and potency. Excellent supplement!

  19. Anuj Singh Parmar

    I was not disappointing in bed but wanted more verve and endurance. Actually I wanted to perform like porn stars do in movies. I tried this supplement as it was harmless due to herbal ingredients. Tada! This worked for me, and tremendously, in matter of few months. Now I can go on and on, I do in different positions in the same session and never in a hurry. My manhood becomes like a rock now. This fascinating product, simply superb.

  20. Shantanu

    Suffering from erectile disfunction due to masterbation. My age is 29. Should i take Nofall capsule also with Maha Rasayan & cobra oil ?

    • Ayush Remedies

      Yes, take No Fall Capsules and Maharasayan capsules for 3-4 months. Dose: 1-1 capsule twice a day with milk or water after meal.

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