Herbal Face Packs

Ayurvedic Herbal Face Packs

Ubtan is age-old method of keeping skin healthy, clean and charming. Ubtan would contain ingredients which nourish and cleanse skin to enhance its charm and treat blemishes and skin conditions. It is Ayurvedic face pack but different from commercial face packs mainly due to ingredients. Ayurvedic face pack comes loaded with herbs which are safe and highly effective and come with multiple benefits. Herbal ubtan powder works as one remedy for variety of problems. It removes dark spots, improves skin tone, removes lines and wrinkles and treats skin conditions like acne.

This face pack is very easy to use. Unlike old days when herbs were refined, dried and crushed to form a powder, today you get ready-mixed powder to use. This is many times better than commercial face packs and safe. Herbs do not do patchwork to show results. These provide long-lasting results by improving skin’s health naturally and also improve skin’s endurance and resistance.

Environmental pollutants, contaminated food and water, harsh Sun, hot and cold air and chemicals present in soaps, creams and gels are common stressors for skin. Age, health condition, lifestyle and habits also play a crucial role in deteriorating skin’s health and appearance. These stressors make skin sick and weak and raise issues like dark spots, lines, wrinkles and also promote acne, eczema and other kinds of conditions. Herbal ubtan powder reverses ill-effects of these stressors and overcomes blemishes caused by these. It nourishes and energizes skin so that it can withstand strain of stressors and stay beautiful, younger looking and fresh.

Herbal Ubtan Powder for Glowing Skin

The ayurvedic ubtan powder for glowing skin keeps skin pores clean and diffuses melanin deposition to improve skin tone, remove dark spots and prevent and treat acne. It also improves skin tone by reducing melanin production and promotes collagen production to keep it tight and smooth.

  • Ubtan cleanse harmful bacteria present over skin and prevent acne outbreak and other skin conditions.
  • It clears dead cells and skin layer and replace them with fresh ones.
  • This ayurvedic face pack removes melanin containing cells and replaces them with new ones to remove dark spots.
  • Ubtan opens-up skin capillaries to promote flow of blood in skin.
  • Healthy blood flow provides glow to skin and improves its shade.
  • Healthy blood flow increases collagen production and provides youthful tight skin free from lines and wrinkles.
  • It removes sunburns, rough spots, maintains hydration and diffuses inflammation.

Ayush Remedies provides the best herbal face pack in India. They are trusted names in natural skin care and beauty products and offer herbal solutions which are reliable, safe and highly effective. The herbal face pack provides you everlasting charming and healthy skin free from blemishes at convenience of home. This ayurvedic ubtan powder suits to all types of skin which makes it the best herbal face pack in India.

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