Ayurvedic Herbal Remedies for Leucorrhoea

Woman’s genital passage has mucous glands which secrete slippery fluids regularly to keep it moist. It also helps in keeping entire passage clean and free of bacteria and other microbes. But in many cases this discharge becomes excessive and cause frustrating symptoms. It keeps a woman uncomfortable and after certain duration produces repelling smell. It also makes lining of passage very delicate and overtly sensitive to cause pain during lovemaking. The discharge problem makes lovemaking pleasure-less as it makes passage too slippery. This condition is also called as leucorrhoea.

Herbal remedies for leucorrhoea are most effective and reliable treatments for keeping a woman healthy. Excessive white vaginal discharge is also a symptom of growing weakness in female’s reproductive system. Ayurvedic treatment for white vaginal discharge handles this problem in women of all ages.

Women using IUD or taking birth control pills also suffer with frequent leucorrhoea. Birth control pills can disturb hormonal balance to cause the problem. Sedatives too are known for causing nerve weaknesses and disturbing hormonal balance. Apart from these stressful lifestyle which causes untimely or insufficient eating, lack of rest and sleep and brings frequent exhaustion increase chances of problem.

Ayurvedic Treatment for Excessive Vaginal Discharge

Herbal remedies for leucorrhoea come with variety of properties and provide relief by handling all these causes. Poor hygiene, low immunity and other behavioural problems like use of scented tampons, toilet paper etc. irritates delicate lining of genital passage and cause frequent infections. These issues increase discharge and cause the problem. Using perfumes, deodorants, talcum powder etc. in under garments also cause the problem. Ayurvedic treatment for white vaginal discharge is capable of providing quick and long-lasting relief naturally.

  • Herbal supplements improve flow of blood towards female genitalia.
  • These regulate healthy mucous gland functions and suppress excessive discharge.
  • Correct hormonal balance and improve immune system functions to suppress infections, allergies etc.
  • Strengthen uterus and improve functions of nerves.
  • Cleanse and improve elasticity of walls of genital passage.
  • Maintain healthy PH balance and promote lubrication on arousal.
  • Maintain higher sensation in intimate region and improve intensity of arousals of a female.

Ayush Remedies is a trusted name for the best leucorrhoea herbal treatment in India. You get reliable and safe supplements to lead healthy life. These are fit for women of all ages and do not need any medial prescription. Here you not only get the best leucorrhoea herbal treatment in India but other excellent herbal supplements for other health and beauty issues as well. These supplements go along with any on-going treatment safely and can be used without any prescription.

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