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Home Remedies for Typhoid Fever

Home Remedies for Typhoid Fever

What is Typhoid Fever?

Typhoid fever is caused by a bacterial infection which raises symptoms like fever, lethargy, and malice. It is classified as acute and chronic and the person suffering from infection becomes the carrier of this disease. The bacterium is found in very high concentration in stools of the infected person.

Through stools of infected person bacteria finds its way into food and water supply and spread in other people. Salmonella typhi bacteria are majorly responsible for causing typhoid fever with severe symptoms.

Typhoid fever is reckoned as an acute illness but in many cases it is chronic or it raises mild symptoms. People suffering from chronic typhoid or with mild symptoms are long-term carriers of bacteria.

Home remedies for typhoid fever are holistic treatments that not only relieve symptoms but also eliminate bacteria from an infected person.

When a person consumes infected food or water salmonella typhi bacteria invades small intestines and enters bloodstream temporarily. Through blood, it gets supplied to spleen, liver and bone marrow where it resides and breeds.

It re-enters the bloodstream and raises symptoms of typhoid fever. This bacterium after re-entering bloodstream is found in higher concentrations in the gallbladder, biliary system and lymphatic tissues of the bowel.

The incubation period, in general, is 1-2 weeks and the duration of symptoms may vary between 4 to 6 weeks.

In old times the mortality rate of typhoid fever was 20% which with the arrival of antibiotics has come down to 1-2%. This infection is treated with antibiotics that kill bacteria and cure the problem.

Home remedies for typhoid fever also do the same but without any side effects and clear infection and symptoms completely.

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Causes and Symptoms of Typhoid Fever

Salmonella typhi bacteria are found in stools of infected humans. It is not present in stools of animals so only humans are carriers of this bacteria.

Once this bacterium contaminates food or water it gets into the system of other people easily and resides in intestines. Bacteria after entering into the human system live and thrive in the small intestine and enters the bloodstream.

This process takes a period of about 1-3 weeks. Through blood, it gets transferred to the liver, bone marrow and spleen and lives inside the host’s cell safely.

The human body’s immune system identifies the presence of bacteria but cannot take any action as the bacterium is safe inside healthy human cells.

From the liver, bone marrow and spleen this bacteria travel all over the body after re-entering the bloodstream and invade other parts of the body.

Symptoms of typhoid begin to surface after 1-3 weeks of infection. These are marked by a high fever which keeps on increasing and may reach up to 104 degrees.

The patient suffers from fever sustained at 103-14 degrees for weeks. Many people also suffer from rashes however these are not present in each case. The rashes are rose-colored patches generally over neck and abdomen.

Even in the modern world typhoid fever has a mortality rate of 1-2% which is something cannot be ignored.

This infection needs immediate treatment to prevent it from aggravating. Other symptoms of the infection are loss of appetite, lethargy, headaches, generalized pain and abdominal pain.

If the left untreated infection can cause intestinal bleeding or perforated stools which is a very serious condition. Many people also face diarrhea and vomiting which is not severe.

The symptoms can be controlled through antibiotics and natural treatment for typhoid fever.

Home Remedies for Typhoid Fever

There are few very useful home remedies for typhoid fever which relieve symptoms and also help the body to flush out bacterial infection.

A person infected with salmonella typhi suffers from high fever which keeps on growing and stabilizes around 103 to 104 degrees. Cold compresses are good home remedies for typhoid fever which bring body temperature lower and provide relief.

Soak a cotton towel in cold water and wring to flush excess water out. Cover your head and forehead with cold towel and let it stay till it becomes the warm, change and apply again.

ORS, Sugar and Salt Water

Increase fluid intake. Higher fluid intake not only prevents dehydration but also helps in maintaining bowel movements regular.

Drink ORS a few times in the day. Add half teaspoon of salt and 1-2 teaspoons of sugar to a glass of water and drink.

This replenishes lost salts and minerals and maintains electrolyte balance. Many people suffer from mild diarrhea after infection.

The use of ORS works as one of the effective home remedies for typhoid fever by protecting the body from side effects of watery stools.

Garlic and Milk

Garlic and Milk Home Remedy for Typhoid Fever

Garlic is effective against a variety of bacteria, fungi, and viruses. It also provides natural treatment for typhoid fever.

Chew one or two garlic cloves as first thing in the morning and swallow these down with a glass of lukewarm water.

Or take 3-4 garlic cloves and crush them mildly, add to a cup of milk, add 4 cups of water. Keep the mixture to boil till it gets reduced to one-fourth of its original quantity. Drink this mixture when warm twice in a day regularly.

Apple Cider Vinegar, ACV and Honey

Apple cider vinegar helps in bringing down fever and also clearing the infection. For treating infection from inside add one tablespoon of ACV and honey each to a glass of warm water.

Drink this twice a day before meals regularly. You can also add ACV and cold water and soak a cotton towel in the mixture.

Cover head, forehead and abdomen with a cold towel till fever comes down. Both are good home remedies for typhoid fever.

Holy Basil Leaves and Ginger

Natural Treatment for Typhoid Fever

Holy basil leaves are also renowned as home remedies for typhoid fever Take 20 holy basil leaves and an inch long piece of ginger. Crush ginger and leaves and crushed ginger to a cup of water.

Keep the mixture to boil till it gets reduced to half. Drink this mixture after straining when warm twice in a day. Extract some holy basil juice about a teaspoon full, add a pinch of black pepper powder and consume.

Repeat three times a day. Any of these remedies on the regular use of expelling infection and relieve symptoms.


Cloves are effective against bacteria which causes typhoid fever. Prepare a decoction to handle the infection by using cloves, add 7-8 cloves to 8 cups of water.

Keep the mixture to boil till it gets reduced to half of its original quantity. Strain and save the water to consume during the day. Repeat regularly it is an effective natural treatment for typhoid fever.

Banana, Yoghurt and Honey

Remedy for Typhoid Fever

Banana is rich in pectin which absorbs excess water in intestines and relieves diarrhea. People suffering from typhoid gain a high fiber dose by using bananas in the diet.

Eat 2-3 ripe bananas during the day to endure typhoid fever and its symptoms. Or mash the pulp of one ripe banana and add a tablespoon of yogurt, add one teaspoon of honey and mix, eat this mixture regularly 1-2 times in a day to suppress diarrhea. These are trusted home remedies for typhoid fever.

Diet for Typhoid Fever Patients

Diet for typhoid fever shall be rich in protein and nutrition, it shall be light on the digestive system and shall contain optimum fluids.

Weakness, fatigue, poor digestion, and dehydration are major concerns for patients enduring or recovering from typhoid fever.

Custard, fruit salads, porridge, barley, milk, yogurt, fruit juices, oats, and semi-solid foods are the best choices to form a diet for typhoid fever.

Semi-cooked pulses and fermented foods shall be strictly avoided from diet plan until the person has recovered completely.

Protein during the initial phase shall be obtained from plant sources that are rich in carbs and starch.

Meat, fish, and eggs are good sources of protein but these shall be given only after the patient has recovered from fever and other symptoms.

During the initial phase of infection, these food sources are harmful as these are high in fat and hard to digest.

It is advised that even drinks shall be diluted during the initial phase of infection to make them easily digestible. Salty drinks, sugarcane juice, broth, etc. are good foods for a patient suffering from typhoid fever.

Lyme juice, coconut water, and glucose water provide calories and energy to relieve symptoms and maintain hydration. These shall be part of a regular diet for typhoid fever.

Typhoid Fever Treatment and Prevention

Two vaccines are available for the prevention of typhoid fever. But both of these are active only for certain duration and even during their active period cannot be relied on for 100% protection.

One vaccine is in the form of infection which becomes effective after a week. Another is in the form of four capsules to be taken every alternate day.

For effective and reliable prevention of typhoid fever follow few practices without failing. Wash hands with warm water and soap a few times during the day particularly before eating and after using the toilet.

Avoid using public or unclean bathrooms, toilets, and washrooms. Keep any alcohol-based hand-sanitizer along to keep hands clean. Avoid touching mouth or lips with un-cleaned hands.

Do not eat raw fruits and vegetables. These may contain traces of stools of an infected person. Clean them properly before eating to clear any sort of impurity attached to these.

If eating outside avoid raw or cold foods and eat only hot foods freshly cooked. Heat prevents bacteria causing typhoid from surviving which minimizes chances of infection through contaminated foods.

Use disposable spoons, glasses, and plates. Utensils not cleaned properly increase the chances of infection.

Consume purified or bottled water only. Do not drink tap water or water from any source. Water is major carrier of bacteria causing typhoid infection.

If one ensures the consumption of pure and clean water the chances of infection are reduced to a large extent. Proper care of food and drinks works as an effective prevention of typhoid fever.

If suffering from typhoid fever avoids infecting others by taking proper care.

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