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Natural Cure for Over Masturbation Effects

The practice of self-stimulation is quite common in males. Almost every male practice it once in his lifetime. Within a healthy limit, this habit is not regarded as harmful but it is highly addictive.

One does not need any partner and gains almost similar pleasure like lovemaking. Males generally begin to overdo and face severe side effects of hand-practice.

Many males delay their discharge during hand-practice to prolong the duration of pleasure. They also squeeze their male organ to prolong the duration of ejaculation. These practices damage the male organ and make it weak.

Natural cure for over masturbation in males is recommended to overcome side effects. Frequent hand-practice also strains the reproductive system by causing regular loss of semen. It casts severe side effects over the prostate gland.

Poor prostate functions promote involuntary loss of semen through urine which aggravates weakness quickly. Males suffer from severe side effects of excessive hand-practice and face issues like ED and low libido.

Quitting the habit of hand-practice becomes very difficult. The male becomes incapable to perform in bed and finds solace only through hand-practice.

This habit alters the male’s personality by affecting his mental health. It makes him irritated, anxious, and depressed and also promotes mood swings.

Severe physical debility harms his working efficiency and also deteriorates his mental health. Ayurvedic treatment for side effects of over masturbation provides faster recovery and boost-up male’s vitality, virility, and potency.

Ayurvedic Treatment for Over Masturbation in Males

Natural cure for over masturbation in males improves male’s fertility as well. Due to regular loss of semen testicular functions becomes slow and low.

This causes low sperm count and motility and even thinning of semen. Ayurvedic treatment for side effects of over masturbation provides higher semen volume and improves its quality to enhance male fertility.

These supplements provide long-lasting results and there are no withdrawal symptoms. These work for males of any age from young to elderly alike.

  • Herbal supplements provide a complete range of nutrition in the bio-active form to remove deficiencies.
  • These promote energy production and rejuvenate physical health.
  • Correct hormonal balance and increase testosterone levels.
  • Guide flow of energy towards the reproductive system, strengthen nerves and tissues and provide healthy prostate gland functions.
  • These also diffuse inflammation and remove blockages in ducts and canals.
  • Maintain regular blood flow towards the genital region and enhance the strength and sensitivity of the male organ.
  • Improve testicular functions and increase sperm count and motility.

Ayush Remedies provides the best herbal supplements to recover from the side effects of excessive hand practice. These make a male capable lover in bed and enhance his pleasure in bed.

These help in quitting this bad habit and arouse the interest of a male in proper lovemaking. These are safe for regular and prolonged use and can be used with any on-going treatment.