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8 Home Remedies For Black Hair Care That You Really Must Try


We all have to deal with hair problems at some point in our life. These problems may be because of heredity, changing the climate, stress, pollution, etc. They may also be caused by improper combing techniques, frequent usage of dryers, using pins and clips in the wrong way, etc. Some of the problems that people have to deal with include the flaky scalp, itchiness, hair loss, hormonal imbalance, dead skin, dandruff, acne, etc.

You wouldn’t want to have to deal with rough, fragile hair at any point in your life. Luckily there are many home remedies for black hair care that you can turn to.

Even though there are multiple home remedies for black hair care not all of them are good. Some of them are very good while others don’t work at all.

If you make the wrong choice, you will not get the desired results. Some products may only give minimal results while others will not give any results whatsoever.

But you shouldn’t give up hope. You will surely find some good homemade remedies in getting black hair. So let’s take a look at a few of them that you could turn to for the best results:

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Home Remedies for Black Hair Care

Coconut, Fenugreek, Lemon and Black Beans – Remedy for Black Hair

The first option involves a combination of coconut, fenugreek, black beans, and lemon juice. These items have the ability to pack a very strong punch against balding or hair loss.

Some people even consider fenugreek as a natural herb for hair re-growth. Coconut is among the few oils which actually contain protein which your hair strands can easily absorb. This is what makes it one of the few oils which can help strengthen your hair follicles.

Black beans and lemon juice are terrific for managing the hair health, shine and porosity of your hair is concerned. These things even help in reducing hair breaking and shedding.

This is a very common cause for losing hair in the case where genetics is not involved. And how do you use all of these products together? It’s simple really.

First, you take some fenugreek powder and black beans and make a paste out of it. Put some lemon juice and pure coconut oil into this paste and mix it properly.

Apply this mixture to your hair three times a week. Ensure you massage it deep into your scalp. Don’t let it stay on your hair for more than 5 minutes though.

Amla and Castor Oil – Remedy for Black Hair

Amla and Castor Oil Remedy for Black Hair

The next choice as far as home remedies for black hair care is concerned involves amla and castor oil. If you are thinking of using soaps or shampoos then you will probably have to put your hair through a lot of chemicals.

But you can consider using amla instead. It is an excellent substitute for washing your hair. You should stay away from silicones, unfamiliar compounds, parabens, and sulfates.

But you aren’t a doctor, how would you know the composition of the shampoo you are using? Just check the ingredients.

If you find the words “cone”, “glycol” or “ben” anywhere in the list then the shampoo will not only be bad for your hair but will also be bad for your health.

It’s best for you to stay away from them. You can use the castor oil to massage your scalp and then shampoo it with amla. Both are great options as home remedies for black hair care.

Lemon and Banyan Tree Root – Natural Treatment to Care Black Hair

The next option when it comes to home remedies for black hair care involves a solution that includes lemon and the roots of the banyan tree. Simply make a solution from these ingredients and wash your hair with it. It can really help in checking hair fall.

Spinach Juice – Remedy to Cure Black Hair

Spinach Juice Home Remedy to Cure Black Hair

Spinach juice is another great choice as far as home remedies for black hair care are concerned. All you need to do is apply it on your scalp and watch it work wonders.

Indian Gooseberry – Remedy to Prevent Black Hair

Dry Indian gooseberries are another excellent choice when it comes to home remedies for black hair care. All you need to do is to mix it with a little coconut oil and put it on your head. This is a great way to avoid baldness.

Camphorated Coconut Oil – Natural Treatment to Treat Hair Health

As far as dandruff is concerned, there is a no better option to deal with it than massaging your hair with camphorated coconut oil.

This is listed as very powerful herbal remedies for black hair care. Ensure you get right to the roots with the massage though for best results.

Lemon Seeds and Grounded Black Pepper – Natural Remedy for Black Hair Care

Lemon Seeds and Black Pepper Remedy for Black Hair Care

Lemon seeds mixed grounded black pepper can’t be overlooked when it comes to home remedies for black hair care. Just mix them together and apply it on your scalp for effective results. This is a great preventive treatment for hair fall.

Lime Juice and Coconut Oil – Natural Remedy for Black Hair Care

And lastly among natural remedies for black hair care is a simple solution to get rid of dandruff and stop hair fall is a mixture of coconut oil and lemon juice. Do this regularly to avoid these problems altogether.

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