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5 Fantastic Home Remedies for Hair Loss That Totally Work!

Home Remedies for Hair Loss

In this article, we are going to look at a few home remedies for hair loss that will help you fix any issues that you may have with regard to hair loss. Your grandma may have told you about multiple home remedies to get rid of hair loss and let us tell you that all of these practices really work.

Following these practices regularly will help your hair remain thick. But if you ignore these practices, your hair will eventually start getting thinner until one day it disappears altogether.

At this point, the only option for you is to look at natural home remedies for hair loss. These remedies are far better than the products available in the market today.

You don’t have to go for these expensive products. There are many alternative methods that can help you stop hair thinning naturally.

Even if you aren’t one of those people who are reluctant to use chemicals to fix your hair problems, you should try these home remedies for hair loss. And if you are one of those people, you should definitely try the below-mentioned remedies.

Home Remedies for Hair Loss

One thing you need to understand before you start using these home remedies for hair loss is that you need to understand why you are suffering from this problem.

Until you find the root cause of your problems, you will not be able to fix it. Pattern baldness also is known as Androgenic Alopecia, is the main cause of baldness in men and women who experience hair loss.

This condition is caused by a high presence of DHT (dihydrotestosterone) in your body. This hormone doesn’t allow hair follicles to receive nutrition which causes them to become weak and thus makes your hair fall.

There are times when your body lacks certain vitamins that are required to help your hair grow healthily. You also need to check your diet in this regard.

As long as you consume all of your vitamins regularly, you will ensure your hair grow properly. Now let’s take a look at a few home remedies for hair loss:

5 Best Home Remedies for Hair Loss

1.Green Tea

Green Tea Remedy to Cure Hair Loss

The next all-natural solution for hair fall which you could consider is green tea extract. You can choose to rub it into your scalp to prevent your hair from thinning as well.

2.Henna, Jojoba and Aloe Vera

One of the best herbal measures for hair loss is using a combination of henna, jojoba and aloe vera with some wheat germ oil. This mix can be used as a shampoo to clean your hair while you’re having a bath.

You could also consider mixing a little of this jojoba oil with rosemary oil and mixing it into your hair. Don’t forget to rub it into your scalp as well.

You need to leave it for a while in your hair before rinsing it off. What’s more, rosemary oil is also known to reduce DHT production in your body which also stimulates hair growth.

3.Egg Yolk

Egg Yolk Remedy to Prevent Hair Loss

One of the easiest natural home remedies for hair loss that you could consider is to use uncooked egg yolk to help prevent hair loss.

All you have to do is massage your scalp gently with this egg yolk for a few minutes. Let it stay in your hair for a little while after this for at least one hour.

After this, you can wash it off and enjoy your clean, shiny hair while it becomes thicker with each new application.

4.Red Henna

Another of the great homemade remedies for hair loss includes red henna. This works just like the egg yolk mentioned above and can really help prevent hair loss to a large extent.

All you have to do is to put this red henna onto your scalp for half an hour or so. You shouldn’t get too worried if your hair turns red while you do this. You can simply wash it off by using a regular shampoo.

5.Olive Oil

Olive Oil Natural Hair Loss Treatment

And lastly, you could consider using olive oil to pamper your tresses. You will easily find olive oil in most kitchens. You will certainly have some of it in your kitchen as well.

The application of this remedy is a little different from the rest. Here, you will first have to wash your hair with shampoo thoroughly.

Once this is done, you can put the olive oil onto your hair and leave it. This herbal measure will totally help you revitalize your hair and also help your hair recover from dullness.

There are quite a few amazing home remedies for hair loss just like the ones mentioned above and all of them are just as effective as any other natural remedy you find anywhere else.

So what are you still here for? Why don’t you choose any of these remedies and get started right away? It will not take more than a few days for you to start seeing results. So get started now!

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