Homemade Beauty Recipes

6 Best Homemade Beauty Recipes For Hair Care – Get Lustrous And Voluminous Hair!

Homemade Beauty Recipes For Hair Care

Having thick, lustrous and voluminous hair may be something that can really enhance a person’s beauty but maintaining such hair can be quite a tricky task. There are many things and herbal remedies that contribute to the healthy growth of hair but sticking to all of them is easier said than done.

Hair loss is something that almost certainly becomes a problem for both men and women at some point in time. There are also quite a few men that start dealing with this problem at a very young age.

There are large numbers of hair products available in the markets that claim to get rid of this problem but the true fact is that there is nothing that is as effective as homemade beauty recipes for hair care.

One can blindly rely on these homemade beauty recipes far more than one can on these commercialized products whose only objective is to make you spend money.

People have been combating hair loss for a very long time now and even before hair products were invented. How did they manage to maintain their hair? With homemade beauty recipes for hair care, of course!

So why can’t you give them a shot as well? They will almost certainly solve your hair problems. All you need is to try. So let’s take a look at a few of the most common home remedies for hair care available today:

Homemade Beauty Recipes for Hair Care


Onion Juice Remedy for Hair Care

Onion juice is another excellent option as far as homemade beauty recipes for hair care are concerned. It can be quite effective for hair growth too.

You could even say that this is the oldest and most trusted herbal remedy on this list. But don’t drink it. All you have to do is put some of it on your scalp and leave it for 15 minutes or so.

You can rinse it off with any mild shampoo after that. It is best known for its ability to re-grow the lost hair and fight against premature greying of hair.


You’ve probably heard your mother tell you to oil your hair at least a thousand times. Who would have thought that there was sound reasoning behind it?

Safe oils such as essential oils and mineral oils derived from plants like walnut, olive, castor, and lavender can prove to be quite healthy homemade beauty recipes for hair care.

In fact, if you’re suffering from dry hair then this is a highly recommended natural treatment for you.

If you expose your hair to high levels of toxins and smoke regularly then you need to use this powerful old herbal remedy right away. It will almost certainly help you get younger-looking and shining hair that you can flaunt gloriously.

Some of the best oils for you to consider include coconut oil, olive oil, castor oil, almond oil, jojoba oil, and grape seed oil. Apply and massage your hair using any one of these.


Eggs Natural Hair Care Treatment

Eggs are great when we talk about homemade beauty recipes for hair care. They have also been used since ancient times to help combat hair loss. They contain a number of minerals like iron, zinc, sulfur, etc. not to forget their high protein levels.

You will do yourself good to try this remedy. Apply one or two eggs depending on your current hair length and thickness. Let it stay for around 20 minutes and wash thoroughly with a mild or natural shampoo. You may follow this twice a week.


The next thing we are going to discuss here can’t really be considered as part of a list of homemade beauty recipes for hair care but it is something that works just as well.

Did you know that the vitamins you consume on a daily basis can also influence hair growth or hair loss?

That’s right, if you aren’t consuming the right vitamins, you may be causing more damage to your hair than you know. That’s why it is always recommended for you to include all the necessary vitamins in your diet.

But this will obviously be a slower solution since the vitamins will have to pass through your entire body before reaching your head.

What you can do instead is to take some vitamin supplements. These act much faster and will give you almost instant results.

One very important thing for you to remember here is to only purchase vitamin supplements from a trusted, reputed brand.

Don’t just buy it from anywhere in the hopes of saving some money. If you don’t have the correct supplements, you obviously won’t get the correct results right?


Fenugreek Remedy to Get Damage Free and Healthy Hair

Fenugreek seeds can also act as efficient natural homemade beauty recipes for hair care. They can not only help in accelerating hair growth but can also protect your hair color.

This means you will not have to worry about your hair going grey for a longer period of time. You can add some coconut oil to a fenugreek paste and spread it all over your head. Let it be for at least 30 minutes before removing it with shampoo.


And lastly, you could consider using coconut milk to get damage-free and healthy hair. Coconut contains a lot of protein, potassium, iron, and fats.

Applying it on your hair and leaving it overnight is a great way for you to achieve effective results as far as hair care is concerned. Gently massage your hair using warm coconut oil using your fingertips and get thick glowing hair naturally.

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