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Causes of Nightfall or Swapnadosh and Ways to Avoid It

Causes of Nightfall

Hormonal activities at a young age, abstinence from sex at later age, full bladder, constipation, excitement due to rubbing of bed sheets or pillows, or any arousing moments during the day are causes of nightfall which can raise the problem temporarily. Usually, swapandosh occurring due to these reasons does not stay for long and so it does not require any treatment.

If a problem irritates you and causes embarrassment, simple steps are enough to prevent swapandosh due to mild and temporary reasons.

But there are few serious causes of nightfall as well that bring frequent episodes of swapandosh and the side effects are evident on one’s potency and vitality as well.

Males in habit of excessive hand practice or coition, or those who are into too much erotic conversations or fond of reading, watching porn material can become serious victims of nightfall.

Hand practice causes weak nerves and weak reproductive systems to cause the problem and also alter testosterone levels, whereas getting aroused in the day few times irritates the prostate gland to cause swapandosh.

Best Effective Natural Ways to Avoid Nightfall

Males suffering from low energy levels, health conditions causing nerve weaknesses, taking treatments or leading an unhealthy and inactive lifestyle can also suffer from the problem due to weaknesses, restricted flow of blood and deficiencies.

Alcoholism, smoking, drugs and sleep disorders also raise toxicity, promote nerve weakness and alter hormonal secretion to cause the problem. To prevent swapandosh due to serious causes one needs proper and powerful treatment.

Nightfall is debilitating and seems uncontrollable when it occurs due to serious causes, most of the time males wake up in the night just before it is about to happen and try to prevent it but to no effect, they try different measures like practicing lovemaking frequently but these only aggravate the problem in place of controlling it.

There are ways to prevent swapandosh by taking simple steps. If a male is suffering due to not so serious causes of swapnadosh, these simple steps can help him get out of the problem. Here are a few easy ways to avoid nightfall.

  • Empty your bladder before going to bed, go to the loo even if you do not feel any urge to urinate and excrete last drops of urine out. Avoid drinking water or any type of fluid before one hour of your bedtime. A full bladder is one of the causes of nightfall as it stimulates nerves to keep urine from flowing out which can cause an erection and bring night emission.
  • Consume 2 to 3 cups of curd during the day, it is good for digestion and also keeps the acidic level in the stomach under control; acidity and constipation are also causes of nightfall.
  • Cut out acidic foods, caffeine, and alcohol or minimize their intake to control the problem.
  • Channelize your energy by participating in activities like solving puzzles, or playing any card or board game to avoid stimulating thoughts before bedtime.
  • Meditate for a few minutes during the day and perform mild exercises to keep focus and flow of blood healthy. These also curb numerous causes of nightfall from taking their effect while you are asleep.
  • Take a warm water bath before going to bed, add essential oils of your choice to get a refreshing and soothing aroma all night long.

These few steps can handle the problem occurring due to mild to moderate reasons and save from embarrassment and frustration.

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But if the problem is due to serious reasons you need proper treatment. No Fall capsules are prolific herbal supplements and the most effective ways to avoid nightfall occurring due to any reason.

No Fall Herbal Supplements to Cure Nightfall

These capsules have been designed keeping in mind each and every aspect and side effect of the problem.

The herbal ingredients of these pills elevate the functions of the reproductive system and its energy levels by promoting the secretion of testosterone hormone.

Some of the herbs are present to enhance nerve functions and repair damaged ones. These herbs keep nerves located in the male genital region active and strong to prevent the flow of semen during sleep and resolve the problem of swapandosh due to mild to serious reasons.

A strong and healthy reproductive system, optimum availability of testosterone hormone and strong and energized nerves stop the involuntary discharge of masculine fluid during sleep or during the aroused state.

Apart from providing these benefits, No Fall capsules reverse the causes of nightfall by re-energizing organs and improving overall health.

These capsules possess herbs which supplement nutrients in optimum dosage to remove deficiencies and fill-in nutritional gaps.

The herbs also increase the rate of energy-producing reactions and provide optimum support to all the systems of the body.

Some of the herbs dilate blood vessels to ensure smooth transportation of nutrition, oxygen, and energy all over the body and boost-up a male’s vitality and promote a faster rate of tissue generation.

These pills not only resolve swapandosh but bless a male with renewed virility, potency, vitality and extra-ordinary lovemaking abilities.

One should use these pills for at least 3-4 months and if the problem is severe and old continue the treatment for 6 months.

Due to herbal nature, these pills are safe and free of side effects even after prolonged use. These can be taken without any medical prescription.

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