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Ayurvedic Treatment for Nightfall

Sperm Discharge during Sleep Treatment

Causes of Sperm Discharge During Sleep

The problem of sperm discharge during sleep is referred to as nocturnal emissions. This is a debilitating disorder that may be common but needs proper treatment. A large percentage of males suffer from this problem at a young age and even later. In the case of an adult male having a high frequency of nightfall can become weak in health and potency considerably in a short time.

Proper sperm discharge during sleep treatment stops the loss of semen and also provides recovery from its ill-effects.

The causes of the problem are varied. These can vary from mild to serious. The symptoms of the problem keep on progressing in the absence of proper treatment.

Regular loss of sperm through night emission brings severe debilities quickly which allows the problem to become graver and its symptoms severe in nature.

Sperm discharge during sleep treatment through herbs is reckoned as most effective and dependable. Some of the commonly found causes of the problem are listed below.

  • Weak nerves. Nerves are responsible for keeping semen locked. These need a regular flow of energy to stay active and energized and perform their job all the time. Males running low on physical energy are unable to keep nerves active. Damaged nerves due to various reasons also fail to do their job and allow semen to pass out easily. Sluggish reproductive system also allows nerves to become sluggish and weak and bring episodes of nocturnal emissions. Strong and active nerves provide quick and fast nightfall treatment.
  • Low testosterone hormone level. Testosterone hormone plays many important roles in the male body. This hormone makes the man a man. It improves muscular endurance, sharpens brain functions, grows facial hairs, metabolizes fat faster and maintains libido higher. This hormone is vitally important for maintaining the flow of energy towards the male reproductive system. A regular flow of energy keeps all the organs strong and upbeat and also maintains nerves active and energized. This is another cause of the problem which needs treatment to stop nightfall in men.
  • Poor emotional status. Males suffer from poor emotional status which allows them to get intensely excited about slightly stimulating instances. Seeing any erotic picture, movie or having any conversation can cause excitement in such males. In the absence of ejaculation, these instances cause arousal during sleep and bring night discharge. Poor emotional status needs treatment in order to stop sperm discharge during sleep.
  • Sexual malpractices. Males commonly perform self-stimulation to find solace and satisfaction. This activity is performed in excess damages nerves and tissues, weakens male organ, lowers testosterone levels and even cause impotency. The problemĀ of nightfall can be side effect of excessive hand-practice in many cases. Males need to recover from the damaging effects of this habit fast to stop sperm discharge during sleep.
  • Health conditions. Issues like high blood sugar and cholesterol commonly affect nerve functions and energy levels. These are quite common causes of frequent nightfall. These health conditions can cause stress which alters the hormonal level and affect vitality and virility of a male. Proper hormonal balance, healthy sugar and cholesterol levels through nightfall treatment resolve the problem and also improve the health of a male.
  • Under-nourished diet. Diet lacking in vital nutrition causes deficiencies. It promotes low energy, stress and leaves nerves and system lethargic. Males not eating proper diet get exhausted during the day which makes nerves sluggish and unable to perform their job of keeping semen locked. Optimum nutritional intake is a must to stop nightfall in men for the long term.
  • Side effects of medicines. Certain types of medicines prescribed for depression, hypertension, psychotic problems, etc. affect the functions and energy of the reproductive system to cause the problem. The use of sedatives and NSAIDs for the long term also causes ill-effects and makes nerves sluggish and weak.

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Side Effects of Frequent Night Emissions

Night emissions are highly debilitating conditions. These cause regular loss of semen which wipes-off the nutritional reserves of the body and lower energy.

Poor energy levels aggravate the ill-effects of the problem and show up as serious symptoms. Some of the most commonly seen side effects of the problem are as follows.

    • Low libido. Regular loss of semen keeps the reproductive system under work all the time. Regular work stresses the system out and makes it exhausted. Exhaustion of reproductive system wipes-off desire for lovemaking and causes low libido.

Slow or soft erections or no erection at all.

  • Low semen volume and poor fertility. Regular loss of sperms pushes testicles to work to replenish sperms. Testicles need nutrition, optimum hormonal secretion and regular energy to perform. In short duration, frequent nocturnal emissions deteriorate testicular functions severely and cause low sperm count, poor sperm motility and poor fertility. Regular loss of semen through wet dreams also causes stressed prostate gland. Poor prostate health lowers semen volume and makes a male incapable of producing a child.
  • Psychological problems. Poor energy levels, disturbed sleep and sexual disorders caused by regular nightfall cause psychological problems. Males show signs of anxiety, irritability, mood swings, depression, etc. and behave awkwardly.
  • Poor vitality. Regular erosion of nutrient reserves to produce sperms. Poor testosterone level and hormonal imbalance, disturbed sleep, etc. caused by wet dreams deteriorates male’s vitality considerably. This problem causes low stamina, fatigue and muscle wasting and also promotes weight gain.
  • Distressed liver. Body needs zinc to produce sperms. This mineral is processed and produced by the liver in small quantities. Regular loss of sperms pushes the body to utilize available mineral and the liver is pushed to produce more. Regular demand for zinc causes distressed liver which can be a source of many disorders in the body.

Ayurvedic Treatment for Nightfall

Ayurvedic Treatment for Nightfall

No Fall and Maha Rasayan capsules are widely recommended as Ayurvedic treatment for nightfall. These supplements come loaded with herbs recommended for sperm discharge during sleep treatment in Ayurveda.

The herbal composition of these supplements covers the entire range of causes and provides quick relief from the problem along with its ill-effects on health and potency.

These come with nutritive herbs that fill-in nutritional gaps and fulfill the requirements of the body.

These also possess herbs which boost-up metabolic rate so that male runs high in stamina. Faster metabolic rate and optimum nutritional support provide support to all the systems of the body and boost-up male’s vitality.

Energized males are able to stay away from fatigue and keep the nerves and reproductive system upbeat. Active and energetic nerves prevent semen from flowing out involuntarily during sleep.

By improving energy levels these supplements provide long-lasting sperm discharge during sleep treatment.

No Fall and Maha Rasayan capsules also come with aphrodisiac herbs. These herbs elevate level of testosterone hormone and rejuvenate male reproductive system.

Higher testosterone hormone improves muscular endurance, improve fat metabolism and sharpen brain functions. Testosterone also guides the regular flow of energy towards the reproductive system. Regular energy supplementation protects the system and its organs from lethargy and debilities.

Healthy testosterone hormone level protects the reproductive system from age-related debilities, ill-effects of health conditions, side effects of medicines and use of recreational products.

It also reverses damages caused by sexual malpractices like hand-practice and boost-up male potency, virility, and vigor.

Optimum testosterone secretion eliminates low libido, erectile dysfunction and low semen volume which arise due to frequent nightfall.

No Fall and Maha Rasayan capsules come with herbs which are nerve tonic. These herbs repair damaged nerves and strengthen weak ones to stop all sorts of involuntary loss of semen.

Holistic Sperm Discharge during Sleep Treatment

No Fall and Maha Rasayan capsules come with hormone balancing herbs which maintain healthy hormonal balance and boost-up male vitality and health.

The healthy hormonal balance increases nutritional uptake by organs, improves mental health and cures issues like insomnia, etc.

No Fall and Maha Rasayan capsules provide holistic sperm discharge during sleep treatment by treating prostate gland problems.

These possess herbs which shrink the enlarged size of the gland back to normal and also diffuse inflammation.

These treat and cure prostatitis and clear congestion of the prostate to stop all sorts of involuntary ejaculation.

The healthy prostate gland improves male fertility and potency and eliminates ill-effects of frequent wet dreams.

Ayurvedic treatment for nightfall addresses physical to psychological causes of the problem. The herbal ingredients of these supplements improve male’s mental health.

These help a male in suppressing unnecessary stimulations which cause arousals and also quit harmful habits like hand-practice.

By regular use of these supplements, one gains strong nerves and energized the reproductive system for quick and fast sperm discharge during sleep treatment.

These supplements improve vitality and stamina to eliminate the side effects of the problem over health. Hormone balancing and aphrodisiac herbs take male’s virility and potency to a much higher level and also improve his mental health to relieve psychological problems.

By improving nerve functions these cure problems like early discharge and provide male control over his ejaculation. The use of these supplements improve the quality of life and allows a male to lead a passionate love-life till later age.

Herbal Remedies to Stop Sperm Discharge During Sleep

Stop Sperm Discharge During Sleep

Shilajit, Ashwagandha, Kesar, Safed Musli, Kaunch and Vidarikhand are renowned and time-tested herbal remedies for treating excessive wet dreams and other disorders related to the male reproductive system.

These improve energy and stamina and also male fertility by improving the quality and quantity of semen. These have long-lasting effects and provide safe and natural results.

Lauh bhasma is used to treat iron-deficiency and anemia related to it. These herbs are natural remedies for numerous other disorders which affect male health commonly.

Final Words for Nightfall Treatment in Ayurveda

No Fall and Maha Rasayan capsules possess the perfect combination of herbs for fast and holistic sperm discharge during sleep treatment.

These can be used without medical prescription. On the first signs of the problem, one can use these to alleviate the problem and lead a passionate love-life.

There are no withdrawal symptoms of these supplements and these are non-contradictory in nature.

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