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Ayurvedic Medicines To Increase Ejaculation Time, Sex Duration In Men

Ayurvedic medicines to increase ejaculation time

Dealing with a sexual problem is more common than you think it is and you are not the only one dealing with it. Ejaculating very early or before you expect it, is a problem known as premature ejaculation (PE). The person is known to be suffering from Premature Ejaculation if he is unable to perform lovemaking for longer duration and has no control over it or even ejaculate before penetrating or just while stimulating for a few seconds.

A normal ejaculation period takes 3 to 4 minutes.

It is very embarrassing and often becomes a self-esteem problem for men as it affects both partner’s sexual satisfaction, and as a result, they avoid physical intimacy causing emotional and psychological issues.

Premature ejaculation can be lifelong or acquired. In lifelong premature ejaculation, the person experiences earlier orgasm from the very first time they experience any lovemaking activity while in acquired premature ejaculation the person has better experiences of climaxing in previous activities. These can effect men at any age.

There are several reasons for PE like during puberty age when a teenager rushes for an earlier orgasm in fear of getting caught by anyone may lead to sexual problems in the future.

PE is more likely when it’s been a long time you had last copulation. Mostly your ejaculation time depends upon your psychological factors like anxiety, guilt or depression or over excitement or over stimulating.

There are some other causes like the history of traumatic experience of sex and medical issues such as hormonal problems, diabetes, multiple sclerosis, prostate disease, high blood pressure (hypertension), thyroid problems, illicit drug use, excessive alcohol consumption, etc.

Along with this, the side effects of certain medications can also be a factor. However, medical issues are less common that psychological ones.

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Ayurvedic Medicines To Increase Ejaculation Time

PE has various negative effects on a person. A single person suffering from this dysfunction avoids getting into any relationship as he feels very insecure and ashamed or is scared of not being able to satisfy his partner.

Whereas, those in the relationships face breakups and those who are married may withdraw emotionally with their partner or get divorced in extreme cases.

The reaction of women towards their partner’s inability is that they lose their lovemaking desire; they judge their partners regarding their manhood.

Sometimes men do not concentrate on the quality of sex and are willing to show their ability and strength which often leads to an earlier ejaculation and disappoints your partner.

Ayurvedic medicines to increase ejaculation time are a big boon to those who are suffering as ayurvedic remedies for premature ejaculation are the safest and best option that does not form your habit and is great help for your intense lovemaking moments lasting them for longer period.

Ayurveda has been used since ages for treating these problems and are safer for long term use. All the herbs having efficacy to enhance ejaculation time` are blended together to give you the most pleasurable lovemaking.

Ayurvedic medicines to increase ejaculation time increases blood flow towards the penis giving it strength to maintain erections for a long time enhancing your performance in bed.

We recommend you Masti capsules and King Cobra oil that are totally herbal and harmless ayurvedic remedies to increase sex duration. Regular use of Masti capsules increases the sensitivity of the skin, increases pleasure and orgasm level fulfilling your partner’s satisfaction.

Masti capsules do not have any harmful effects on the male reproductive system. It provides nutrients to your organs and increases the health of your penis giving you the most desirable climax.

Masti Capsules and King Cobra Oil

A person having irresistible desires but is lacking their duration of joyful moments is treated well with Masti capsules and additionally the use of King Kobra oil gives you excellent results that no other remedy would give.

Ayurvedic medicines to increase ejaculation time deal with all your psychological issues like stress and anxiety and provide you with body strength and stamina to last longer in bed.

Ayurvedic long laster capsules are also helpful in treating impotency as ayurvedic medicines to increase ejaculation time energize your reproductive system and fight with the body weakness enhancing your sperm count.

Ayurvedic medicines to increase ejaculation time are chemical free and purely herbal. These have no side effects and can be used without being prescribed as they include all herbs and spices that are collected from plants naturally and are very beneficial and efficient in holding ejaculation as long as you wish.

Take 1 or 2 capsules of Masti that you have to take two times a day after breakfast and dinner, with water or preferably warm milk.

For the King Kobra oil, simply squeeze out 10 to 20 drops and apply directly on the penile shaft with gentle hands, avoiding scrotum and glans area.

The method has to be followed for approximately 3 to 4 months in order to get outstanding results. The time period could be increased or decreased according to your personal circumstances and physical requirements.

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