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Ayurvedic Medicines For Shighrapatan, Early Ejaculation Problem In Men

Ayurvedic Medicines For Shighrapatan

The term Shighrapatan has many names. We could call it premature ejaculation or early ejaculation. By name, it clearly implies quick ejaculation of semen that occurs within just a minute or two of coitus. It is common among males and quite possible for them to experience it at least once.

There are many possible reasons like not involving in self-stimulation or sex for many days or weeks. But the number of people is consistently growing with very less amount of time till they reach orgasm.

This leads to unsatisfied partner and strained relationships if not paid attention and solved on time. But before we proceed let us highlight some basic points. The person would be termed or medically diagnosed with Shighrapatan if –

    • A person ejaculates within one minute of penetration most of the time.
    • He is unable to delay ejaculation and cannot control the urge to orgasm soon.
    • He avoids getting involved in lovemaking activities due to shyness or anxiety of poor performance.

Shighrapatan could be classified into primary (lifelong) and secondary (acquired). The primary PE starts very early when a man has his initial encounters until he is involved in lovemaking activity.

Secondary PE develops with time and worsens when a person ages. Though the exact causes of premature ejaculation are still unknown but there are still some possible reasons that are closely linked with developing this issue.

      • Stress, anxiety, and depression
      • Erectile Dysfunction
      • The tendency of hurrying to reach the climax to avoid being caught
      • Hormonal fluctuations
      • Nerve damage due to trauma or surgery
      • Inheritance
      • Abnormal level of neurotransmitters
      • Thyroid issues
      • Abnormal reflexes
      • Prostate or urethra infection or inflammation

Most people usually approach hospitals or clinics but most of them fail to realize that they are being looted for many years since such kinds of treatments don’t provide long term cure.

Allopathic style of medications may seem like treating the problem but these are always designed to suppress the symptoms.

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Ayurvedic Treatment for Shighrapatan

Ayurvedic Medicines For Shighrapatan

Using ayurvedic remedies for early ejaculation problems instead of the former method would be far better. Lawax capsules are the best ayurvedic medicines for shighrapatan since these contain a lot of herbal ingredients.

Since natural herbs are proven for their efficacy to treat a large variety of issues blending them all in the correct proportion would be obviously beneficial. Let’s now mention the herbs we have been using in their making.

Ingredients of Lawax capsules

Safed Musli, Ashwagandha, Kaunch, Shatavari, Safed Behmen, Siddha Makardhwaj, Semul Musli, Akarkara, Vidarikand

Using Vital M-40 capsules along with the intake of Lawax capsules will provide even better outcomes. These ayurvedic medicines for shighrapatan are excellent in curing the early ejaculation problem for the long term.

You will about to notice fabulous changes within to the point of greater satisfaction as if you never suffered from PE in the first place. We mention the ingredients of Vital M-40 capsules as well.

Ingredients of Vital M-40 capsules

Withania Somnifera, Asphaltum Punjabiunum, Asparagus Racemosus, Saffron, Myristica Fragrans, Ferrum, Asparagus Adscendens, Cinnamomum Cassia, White Arsenicum Sulphidum, Orchis Mascula, Zingiber Officinale, Pongamia Glabra, Caryophyllus Aromaticus, Onosma Bracteatum, Strychnos Nux-Vomica, Terminalia Chebula, Aril Myristica Fragrans, Balsamodendron Mukul

Vital M-40 capsules basically re-energize the whole body. The energy and stamina levels, which were lost due to the presence of PE issue for many months (or years) would be re-gained back to optimum level using Vital M-40. The job of Lawax capsules is to increase sexual stamina in men.

Using this combination of ayurvedic treatment for shighrapatan would be really helpful because the potent ingredients in both the products are renowned for their efficacy in long term cure. Have a look at a few of them.

Ashwagandha (Withania Somnifera) – Herbal Remedy for Shighrapatan

Ashwapandha Remedy for Shighrapatan

The term Ashwagandha implies the meaning ‘smell of a horse’. This indicates that who has a regular intake of this herb has strength and power just like a horse.

It also reduces the inflammation, anxiety, stress, and chances of developing arthritis. This is the reason why it is included in the making of ayurvedic medicines for shighrapatan.

Shatavari (Asparagus Racemosus) – Treatment to Treat Shighrapatan

Shatavari fights against the inflammation of reproductive organs, sexual debility, impotency, and spermatorrhea. Therefore it is important to include it in the making of ayurvedic medicines for shighrapatan.

Shilajit (Asphaltum Punjabiunum) – Remedy for Premature Ejaculation

Shilajit Remedy for Premature Ejaculation

It is found beneath the rocks of Himalayas and has several bio-available minerals. It is an excellent anti-aging substance that prevents cell damage.

The anti-aging effects are not only just confined to wrinkles and fine lines but also heart, lungs, and liver. It increases the overall potency and performance behind the doors.

Lauh Bhasma (Ferrum) – Herbal Remedy for Ejaculation

By name, it clearly indicates that it is the iron mineral which is really essential in the human body to maintain the hemoglobin in the blood.

Without iron, the person feels tired, fatigued and lethargic. It is the red blood cells (RBC) that transfer the necessary oxygen and vital nutrients throughout the body so that every cell and tissue receives them and hence the body never gets deficient of anything. It is thus important to include it in ayurvedic remedies for early ejaculation.

The dosage of these ayurvedic medicines for shighrapatan is directed by Ayurveda professionals as taking 1 or 2 capsules of Lawax and 1 capsule of Vital M-40 after breakfast and dinner with water, warm milk or fruit juice as per the availability and choice.

The results would be witnessed within 3 to 4 months without causing any negative signs like side effects.

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