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Home Remedies For Erection Problems, Impotence Herbal Treatment

Home Remedies For Erection Problems

What is ED?

Problems related to erections are collectively referred to as ED or erectile dysfunction. It is impotency which normally arrives at a later age. But there are certain causes which can bring this issue in males at a much earlier age. ED makes a male incapable lover in bed. Males need to gain optimum stiffness in their genital organ to penetrate a woman and make satisfactory love.

Males lacking the ability to achieve sufficient stiffness which allows penetration fails to make love, males suffering from ED get slow or soft erections or no erection at all.

This condition can give rise to other disorders as well as low libido and early discharge. The problem is severe on a relationship and it is even more severe on male’s self-esteem.

This condition can cause depression in males and even alter his personality by making him aggressive and irritated. Home remedies for erection problems are recommended to males to regain lost potency.

These measures can be used without any medical prescription as these are safe and also keep male’s problem discreet.

The problem of erectile dysfunction is growing in younger age groups at a rapid pace these days. Exposure to porn material, busy lifestyle, changed eating habits and intake of harmful foods and drinks are major reasons which have made this problem common.

There are certain medical conditions too which can cause ED in younger males. Medicines for general problems like insomnia are also common causes that have played a role in propagating this disorder.

Impotence herbal treatment utilizes the benefits of natural agents and herbs for treating the problem and suggests dietary and lifestyle changes to keep it from resurfacing.

Home remedies for impotence even handle minor causes of the problem which silently work to later raise this issue at some point of life.

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Causes and Symptoms of ED

The causes of ED can be varied, even simple niggles like injuries and cramps can also cause this problem temporarily. Issues like a change of place, tension related to work or personal matters can take male’s focus away and cause ED.

But these are temporary issues which get resolved on their own. There are serious causes of ED as well. A sudden drop in testosterone level is one of the common causes of ED.

Smoking, alcohol, tobacco use, side effects of medicines and trauma, surgeries or heat therapies around the testicular regions can cause low testosterone which causes ED.

Issues related to the nervous system, poor metabolism, cardiac problems, urinary issues and toxicity in the body are other causes of ED.

Poor health of the prostate gland due to aging, obesity and sedentary lifestyle, or due to sexual malpractices like hand-practice is another common cause of ED.

Male using sedatives, tranquilizers, anti-depressant and other kinds of medicines may face episodes of ED.

Ill-effects of diseases like diabetes, high blood pressure, thyroid malfunction, psychological problems, etc. are also commonly found causes of erectile dysfunction in males of all ages. Apart from all these aging is the natural cause of ED.

Delayed and soft erections are initial symptoms of erectile dysfunction. Males feel the softness in their male organs even after arousal or they see a reduction in the size of their erection.

This happens due to the poor health of tissues located in the male organ. Lesser sensation in genital region, less intense arousals and too much flaccidity in male organ during the normal state are also symptoms of growing impotency in male.

Reducing the volume of semen and pain and burning during urination signify poor prostate gland which causes ED.

If these symptoms aggravate or allowed to stay untreated males can become completely impotent and gain no erection at all even after persuasion. Many males lose erection before ejaculation these too are symptoms of impotency.

Home Remedies for Erection Problems

Garlic and Cayenne Pepper

Garlic Cayenne Pepper Remedy for ED

Home remedies for erection problems are the most effective ways of resolving the issue. These not only provide impotence herbal treatment but also reverse side effects of the problem.

Garlic provides a few very useful home remedies for erection problems. Chew one or two cloves of garlic as first thing in the morning, swallow these down with a glass of warm water and repeat regularly till positive results arrive.

You can also fry 2-3 cloves of garlic with a spoon full of clarified butter when the mixture is warm consume and repeat twice in a day regularly.

Cayenne pepper also possesses medicinal properties and in combination with garlic provides one of the effective home remedies for erection problems.

Add one teaspoon each of garlic powder and cayenne pepper powder and consume 2-3 hours before going to bed. On regular use, these remedies bring considerable improvement in a short time.

Garlic and Onions

Like garlic onions too are used as home remedies for impotence. Take two white onions and slice them finely, fry these with a teaspoon of clarified butter till these turn brown in color.

Add one tablespoon of honey when the mixture has cooled down and consumed half an hour before dinner regularly.

Another way of using onions for impotence herbal treatment is by chopping down two onions into thin slices.

Add these slices to two cups of water and give the mixture a boil for 1-2 minutes. Leave it to cool down and strain. Consume half a cup of water three times a day regularly.

Any of these home remedies for erection problems will provide heartening results in a short time.

Ginger, Honey, and Eggs

Ginger Honey and Eggs Remedy for Erectile Dysfunction

Ginger stimulates blood circulation, improves metabolism and is aphrodisiac in nature. Add two teaspoons of ginger paste with a teaspoon of honey and consume three times a day regularly.

Another way of using ginger is by extracting its juice about 11/2-2 teaspoons in quantity. Hard boil one egg and add ginger juice and one tablespoon of honey and consume once daily before going to bed. These are excellent home remedies for erection problems.

Garlic and Beetroot Juice

Prepare a nutritious glass of juice to alleviate ED. Take three medium-sized carrots, three celery stalk, 1-2 cloves of garlic and half of medium-sized beetroot and put these in a blender.

Process for a few minutes, get the juice out and consume. Repeat one more time during the day this is another one of the reliable home remedies for impotence.

You can also drink one or two glasses of pomegranate juice or eat one or two fruits of pomegranate to alleviate ED.

Pelvic floor exercises are good home remedies for erection problems. These exercises promote the flow of blood in the pelvic region and maintain reproductive organs healthy and strong.

These help in clearing blockages and diffuse inflammation in organs and also improve nerve functions. Perform these exercises regularly till the problem gets resolved.

Diet for ED Patients

Diet for ED patient needs zinc and vitamins in abundance. They also need L-arginine and other minerals in sufficient amount to bring back lost potency and virility.

Green leafy vegetables are packed with nitrates. These dilate blood vessels and open-up blockages to enhance the flow of blood in the genital region.

All types of green leafy vegetables shall be included in a regular diet for ED patients. Beetroot is also high in nitrates and shall be consumed in raw or juice form.

For protein, supplementation eats meat, fish, soy, nuts, and seeds. Protein is a building block for muscles and produces energy. Higher protein supplementation improves potency, stamina and strengthens tissues of organs.

Almonds, oysters, shellfish are high in zinc and are recommended as remedial foods for ED. Tomatoes, grapefruit particularly pink, dark chocolate, Indian gooseberry, lemon and fruits like avocado, watermelon, apples, pears are rich sources of antioxidants.

These compounds inhibit free-radical mechanisms and rejuvenate entire health. These are especially beneficial for male suffering with ED for faster recovery.

Garlic onion, ginger, honey and flaxseeds shall also be used in diet for gaining optimum nutrition and positive effects to improve reproductive system functions.

Replace a regular cup of tea and coffee with herbal teas and maintain healthy water intake. Herbal teas also supplement nutrients and boost-up metabolic rate and water keep the body hydrated and digestion smooth and healthy.

Take sufficient rest and sleep to fight back stress. Eat at proper timings and avoid hard to digest foods of all types.

Do not eat junk, processed, fatty and oily foods as these slow down metabolism and also promote toxicity in the body. Cut-out smoking, alcohol, intake, tobacco use, etc. and maintain a healthy and active lifestyle.

ED Treatment and Prevention

A healthy lifestyle and proper diet are sufficient for any healthy male to stay away from the ED. Bad habits like alcohol, smoking, etc. shall also be avoided to protect the reproductive system and nerves from harmful effects.

Stress is another major cause of ED which alters hormonal balance and lowers the level of testosterone hormone to cause ED.

Proper sleep and rest and regular exercise can be effective shield against stress and maintain fitness and stamina to prevent ED. Poor sexual behavior is most common cause of ED.

Avoid completely unnatural ways of gaining pleasure to prevent damage to reproductive organs. Sedentary lifestyle reduces flow of blood in pelvic region.

Lesser blood supply starves nerves and tissue and reduces oxygen supply to these. Gradually these become lethargic and weak and raise issues like ED.

Maintain active lifestyle via exercise. Even if regular exercises are not possible do not sit for longer duration at a stretch. Take a mild walk after a couple of hours to keep blood flow all over the body even.

Check for the side effects of medicines. Treatments and medicines for heart problems, diabetes, hypertension, and others can cause side effects which may harm quality of erections.

Maintain eating and sleeping timings and follow them strictly. Improper eating and sleeping can cause slow metabolism and general debility to cause disorders.

Maintain proper communication with a partner. To fight back any problem related to private life there cannot be a better person than life partner to look for advice and support.

Last but not least, herbal remedies are found to be the most effective and safe way to overcome ED problems.

Tufan capsules and King Cobra oil are ayurvedic formulations that are specifically designed to eliminate the root cause of impotence and improve power and stamina in males and help them to gain sufficient stiffness in their organ to uplift their performance in bed.

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