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Ayurvedic Treatment for Over Masturbation Effects

Side Effects of Over Masturbation in Males

The practice of self-stimulation is old and common. Since ancient times, males have been practicing it to find relief from building pressure for mating. This is not considered a bad habit right from word go, within healthy limit it is regarded as something good for health.

Self-stimulation helps a male overcome the severe urge to mate and prevent him from taking drastic steps to satisfy his desires.

Secondly, it allows the body to replace an old lot of semen with a new one. It also causes a rush of blood in the genital region and helps in maintaining the entire system upbeat.

But these benefits are available only when male practices it occasionally. The problem with self-stimulation is that it is highly addictive.

It provides almost similar pleasure like lovemaking and needs no partner. Male having a few minutes of privacy can enjoy it easily.

Addiction causes the over-practice of self-stimulation. There are severe side effects of over masturbation in males.

10 Side Effects of OM in Males

Although this practice is quite common and old but it is unnatural. The excessive practice of this causes strain over the entire reproductive system to raise the side effects of over masturbation in males.

The side effects can even lead to impotency and male needs proper treatment to recover from these. Side effects of over masturbation in males are varied and widespread.

Even in a short duration, excessive hand-practice can be severely harmful for health and potency. The following is a list of 10 most commonly affecting side effects of excessive hand practice.

  • Low libido. Regular and excessive hand-practice keeps a male satisfied. Later it wipes-off energy and stamina and makes him stressed. The male has little energy and vigor to make love and feels tired and fatigued. Low energy causes low libido and makes a male reluctant lover. The weaknesses can become so intense that male finds lovemaking straining and troublesome at a later stage. It is one of the commonly seen side effects of over masturbation in males.
  • Low testosterone level. Testosterone hormone is vital for male’s potency and virility. Regular hand-practice strains testicles and stresses them out. Testosterone is produced in testicles and its low level makes the entire reproductive system lethargic and weak. Males face issues like low libido, erectile dysfunction and low semen volume due to the sluggish reproductive system. Poor testosterone levels cause fat gain, particularly around the waist. It also causes muscle wasting and deteriorates mental health by raising signs of depression.
  • Erectile dysfunction. This is the most depressing side effects of over masturbation in males. The grip of the hand is far rough than what delicate tissue lining of the male organ can bear. Regular hand-practice damages capillaries of the skin and blocks blood flow. Lesser blood supply causes low nutritional and oxygen supply to cells and causes weakness in tissues. In short duration, males have damaged tissues in the male organ. Damaged tissues make the male organ weak and incapable of gaining hard erections. Softness in erections cause failures in bed and male is unable to make love.
  • Premature ejaculation. Hand-practice damages tissues and also nerves. Low testosterone causes further weakness in nerves by restricting the flow of energy towards the reproductive system. Weak nerves prevent arousals by making male genital region insensitive. These also allow semen to pass out easily and bring lovemaking to early stop. The problemĀ of premature ejaculation is one of the early side effects of over masturbation in males.
  • Involuntary loss of semen. Excessive hand-practice causes congestion around the prostate gland. The fluid around the prostate dribbles out on slight pressure or excitement. Males can lose semen while sitting, urinating or defecating due to congestion in the prostate gland. This is one of the most debilitating side effects of over masturbation in males.
  • Inflammation of prostate or prostatitis. Fluid build-up around the prostate makes it prone to suffer from bacterial infection. When the prostate is affected with bacterial infection due to immune system action it becomes swollen. Inflammation in the prostate gland causes retrograde ejaculation and aggravates the problem of loss of semen during urination and bowel movements.
  • Low semen volume. Poor prostate gland functions and stressed testicles lower volume of semen. Males discharge very little volume which is insufficient for causing conception. Males gain pleasure when they ejaculate the heavy load of semen. Longer duration of discharge brings waves of pleasure and arouses the interest of a male in lovemaking. Low semen volume causes climax for a very short duration and leaves a male dejected.
  • Poor male fertility. Low semen volume, problems like ED and PE, low libido and sluggish reproductive system. All these side effects of excessive masturbation in males wipes-off his ability to reproduce. Testicles due to strain are unable to produce healthy and motile sperms which can cause fertilization, poor prostate functions lead to the low volume of seminal fluids and prevent sperms from reaching the egg in a woman’s ova. Males due to excessive hand-practice lose their basic attributes of reproducing.
  • Distressed liver. When a male masturbates excessively there is an on-going requirement for semen production in the body. The reproductive system needs zinc to produce sperms which are produced in little quantities by the liver. Regular demand for zinc causes distressed liver. The liver is the largest gland of the body and biggest organ after skin it is a chemical factory of the body which is vital for life. The distressed liver is a source of many disorders and severe debility. It can even affect the mental health of a male severely.
  • Physical and mental exhaustion. Regular loss of semen causes low energy by causing deficiencies and poor liver functions. Low energy causes fatigue and stress and alters hormonal balance. A low level of healthy hormones slows down the metabolic rate and brings even more severe debilities and also raises psychological problems. Poor liver functions promote toxicity and these can damage any organ of the body including brain cells and neurons. Males become physically and mentally weak and stressed due to the ill-effects of excessive hand practice.

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Ayurvedic Treatment for Over Masturbation Effects

Ayurvedic Treatment for Over Masturbation

Herbs are excellent remedies to recover from bad effects of over masturbation. No Fall and Maha Rasayan capsules are herbal supplements with the perfect combination of herbs.

Regular use of these supplements provides the most effective, safe and fast over masturbation treatment in males. These supplements come with aphrodisiac herbs which elevate the level of testosterone hormone safely and naturally.

Optimum testosterone reenergizes the entire reproductive system by guiding the flow of energy towards the system. These pills also dilate blood vessels and enhance the flow of blood towards the genital region.

These open-up blocked blood vessels and capillaries to promote the flow of blood and nutrient supply for cells. A healthy flow of blood strengthens tissues and male organ and also strengthens other organs of the genital region.

A regular flow of blood and higher testosterone keep nerves active and alert by supplying regular flow of energy. These changes provide riddance from ED and low libido quickly.

Males also gain higher semen volume and recover from bad effects of over masturbation fast.

No Fall and Maha Rasayan capsules repair damaged nerves and strengthen weak ones. These also supplement bioactive nutrition in a wide range and eliminate deficiencies.

Males gain faster metabolic rate and higher energy and stamina in a short time. Anti-aging herbs present in these pills provide a dose of antioxidants and reverse signs of aging. These also open-up blocked blood vessels and capillaries in the skin.

Anti-toxin herbs present in these supplements cleanse liver, kidneys, colon and purify the blood. These improve liver functions and improve the vitality of a male.

In short duration, these supplements provide fast and effective over masturbation treatment in males. No Fall and Maha Rasayan capsules come with hormone balancing herbs.

These herbs improve vitality, nutritional uptake and keep a male protected from psychological problems. Healthy hormonal balance and sound mental health even help males in quitting this bad habit.

Ayurvedic treatment for over masturbation effects reverses physical debilities, deficiencies and energizes the entire body.

It reenergizes the male reproductive system, correct testosterone secretion, and boost-up testicular functions. Herbs improve prostate gland functions too.

These treat BPH, inflammation, and congestion of glands and boost-up male potency and fertility. The entire range of benefits provides a male ability to achieve intense arousals, powerful erections and make love for a longer duration.

These increase the volume and quality of semen by promoting sperm production. Males lead a passionate and energetic life by staying on top of their vitality and mental health.

Herbal Remedies to Recover from Bad Effects of Masturbation

Recover From Bad Effects of Masturbation

Shilajit, Ashwagandha, Safed Musli and Kaunch beej are famous for their wonderful effects over male vitality, virility, and potency. These even reverse debilities due to aging.

In combination, these herbs provide safe and fast treatment from over masturbation effects. Male lead a much-improved love-life by using these herbs and stay energized and active.

These are excellent for sound mental health and enhance the cognitive abilities of a male.

Shatavari, Kali Musli, Jaiphal, Lauh bhasma, Abhrak bhasma and Vidarikhand too are wonderful herbal remedies for overcoming over masturbation effects.

These improve metabolism and cleanse the internal system. These provide quick and fast treatment for many disorders. The positive effects of these herbs improve the digestive system and maintain male vitality higher.

Final Words for Over Masturbation Treatment in Ayurveda

Ayurvedic treatment not only reverses the ill-effects of masturbation but improves vitality, virility, and vigor. This imparts male extra-ordinary lovemaking abilities and sharper brain and energized body.

But one should quit the habit of hand-practice to gain quick and maximum benefits. Taking treatment along with bad habit will provide minimum results.

One should never ignore the importance of diet and lifestyle and maintain a healthy dietary and lifestyle regimen. Even after treatment healthy diet and lifestyle are necessary to enjoy good results forever.

No Fall and Maha Rasayan are safe supplements and provide holistic Ayurvedic treatment. Maintain regularity in their use and take treatment for at least 3-4 months for best results.

This work irrespective of one’s age and does not need any medical prescription. These supplements are non-contradictory too and can be used with any on-going treatment.

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