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Male Masturbation Myths and Facts That Every Man Should Know

Male Masturbation Myths

It is popularly believed that males can perform hand practices to gain pleasure and relieve desires to make love. It is true but only to an extent where the frequency of hand practice is less than a week on an average and once it crosses healthy limit this can be severely debilitating and harmful not only for potency but for overall health too.

So it is one of the well-accepted male masturbation myths that self-stimulation or hand practice is a safe and harmless way to gain pleasure and calm down burning desires for lovemaking.

Instead of seeking solace through hand practice males need to channelize their energy into productive things and activities to control their over-enthusiasm for a romantic episode or relationship.

Another one of the famous male masturbation myths is that it allows males to make love for a longer duration. Many males are not satisfied with the duration for which they make love after penetrating a woman.

In fact, lovemaking becomes intensely pleasurable and fun-filled if a male can maintain optimum stiffness and delay his discharge and women cherish such a lover in bed.

The prolonged duration of lovemaking is every male’s dream and they want to become lovers who can bring women to multiple climaxes before they reach theirs. This satisfies the male ego too and makes them confident.

Some people suggest that performing hand practice reduces the intensity of arousal and lets a male make love for a longer duration. It is counted among common male masturbation myths as the real facts are just the opposite.

Self-stimulation may not help in delaying but will aggravate the problem of early discharge surely and also in a short duration may make a male so weak that he may not gain optimum stiffness on arousal.

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Male Masturbation Myths and Facts

This habit being a curer of wet dreams is yet another one of the male masturbation myths. Males believe that their over-excitement is major cause behind frequent wet dreams.

Some parts of it are true that males getting too many erotic fantasies or involved in stimulating conversations, reading or watching porn material is prone to suffer from the problem of wet dreams.

But if one tries to calm this problem down through self-stimulation he is heading for a disaster. Because self-stimulation causes similar weaknesses like nerve weaknesses and enlarged prostate glands which bring more episodes of wet dreams than reducing them.

In fact, self-stimulation can surpass problem of wet dreams and may even cause spermatorrhea which causes an involuntary discharge of semen even during normal state.

Hand practice improves potency and virility. This is another one of the male masturbation myths which are as ridiculous as to drive faster than your limit to remain safe on road.

No matter that self-stimulation can be relieving for a lonely male and prevent him from opting for desperate measures to satisfy sexual desires but it is unnatural means of gaining pleasure.

Over a short period of time, this bad habit can reduce the volume of semen and deplete its thickness by straining internal organs like a prostate gland.

This habit also reduces the level of testosterone hormone which proves that it cannot be a potency-booster by any stretch of the imagination.

Practicing self-stimulation to gain potency or higher potency is a farce and completely illogical and untrue and counted as male masturbation myths.

Once in a day is all-right for an adult male. This too is common perception and one of the male masturbation myths that performing hand practice once in a day is harmless.

There is no general number that stands correct for all the males about the frequency of hand practice. Every male has different level of health, strength, and endurance.

Some males may not feel any weakness even after performing once in a day but for some even twice in a week can be too straining.

It simply varies from person to person and each one needs to assess that what is the frequency of this practice which his body and reproductive system can bear.

Strictly avoid crossing the body’s endurance limit as it will surely cause severe adverse effects. Well, this too qualifies the list of male masturbation myths that men must clear in their minds.

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Hand practice increases size and hardness of erection is one of the most ludicrous male masturbation myths. Males can often give this statement in favor of their bad habit that it keeps their male organ exercised and stronger.

While hand practicing males generally ignore the amount of pressure with which they have gripped their organ and to enhance pleasure they prolong the duration of hand practice as much as they can.

This causes damage to tissues, make nerves numb and less sensitive to touches and also block capillaries of the skin of male organ and veins to make the organ weak and less sensitive.

Males in habit of hand practice usually suffer from poor quality of erections and lesser pleasure during lovemaking due to these problems instead of gaining strong organ.

So, we have tried to provide the real facts about all these common male masturbation myths. If one is suffering from over-masturbation effects use of NF Cure capsules, Shilajit capsules and massages with Mast Mood oil alleviate the problems and reverse ill-effects of excessive hand practice in a short time.

Use these ayurvedic remedies for 3 to 4 months to get rid of the bad effects of excessive hand practice but if the problem is old and symptoms are too severe continue for 6 months.

Within this duration, males can get rid of over self-stimulation effects like PE, ED, low libido and low semen volume and gain optimum potency and virility. Males also gain much better vitality and perform intense lovemaking in bed each time.

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