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Home Remedies for Over Masturbation Side Effects

Home Remedies for Over Masturbation

What is Over Masturbation?

Masturbation is also called hand-practice which is unnatural way of gaining pleasure to satisfy sexual desires. Although it is unnatural yet it is not considered as bad altogether. Within healthy limits, it is safe and prevents a male from going berserk to mate.

The problem with this practice is that it is highly addictive, all a male needs are moments of privacy and not even a partner to get almost similar pleasure like lovemaking.

Males very soon begin to enjoy this practice and start performing overtly. Once a male performs this excessively it has serious side effects.

Excessive hand-practice poses a serious threat to male’s fertility and potency and also physical and mental health. Even if hand-practice performed excessively for the shorter duration it casts serious side effects which become evident in the short term.

The side effects of excessive hand practice need proper treatment to protect a male’s health and potency.

There is no general number that can separate the frequency of hand practice from normal. It depends on one’s endurance limit and any number can be normal to one male while excessive for another.

Due to regular hand-practice males face deficiencies of vital minerals, a stressed liver, damaged nerves, and tissues of the male organ and hormonal disturbances.

All these issues affect the entire health and behavior of a male and alter his personality. Young boys are common victims of this problem but it is growing at a rapid pace amongst adults too.

Busy lifestyle and traveling, and exposure to porn material are making more and more males habitual of this practice. Unless treated it becomes very difficult for a male to come out of this habit.

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Ayurvedic Treatment for Over Masturbation Effects
Ayurvedic Treatment for Over Masturbation Effects

Causes and Symptoms of Over Masturbation

There is not any deficiency or mental disorder which pushes a male to perform hand-practice excessively. Initially, it is a way of gaining easy pleasure and solace which later turns into a stubborn habit.

But once a male is in a complete grip of this habit he becomes mentally and physically so weak that normal copulation looks troublesome to him.

Low energy, poor hormonal balance, poor stamina and issues related to the reproductive system make a male incapable lover in bed and urge him to find solace through hand-practice.

Males in the relationship also begin to avoid lovemaking due to the side effects of excessive hand practice.

The symptoms of the side effects of excessive hand practice are evident moments these begin to settle.

Males experiencing pain and burning during urination or too much flaccid male organs during the normal state are suffering from stress due to excessive hand practice.

Reducing the volume of semen, lesser desire for lovemaking and problems related to erection are aggravated symptoms of excessive hand practice. The side-effects also show up over physical health.

Poor energy levels, regular fatigue, poor stamina and reducing muscular endurance are symptoms of excessive hand-practice.

Males also show signs of mental weakness and instability in the form of irritability, anxiety, mood swings, and poor concentration.

Herbal treatment for the bad effects of excessive hand practice is recommended because of its safety and efficacy.

Since males are reluctant to disclose their sexual problem to anyone else home remedies for over masturbation are most suitable as these can be used secretly.

Home Remedies for Over Masturbation Side Effects

The first step to overcome the side effects of excessive hand practice is to quit the habit. If male continues with the habit of any treatment, be it home remedies for over masturbation or herbal treatment cannot help much. There are a few ways that can help in quitting this debilitating habit.

Distract your mind from eroticism. Take note of moments in the day when the urge becomes severe, whether it is bedtime or sometime during the day, distract your mind to something else.

Check if erotic conversations or material like pictures, movies, etc. are drawing into a habit. Avoid these and replace them with good books or fill-in those moments with something creative or interesting.

If it is difficult to distract the mind to leave the place for those moments. Talk to any friend or make a phone call and consume those solitary moments with something else.

These steps are home remedies for over masturbation and help in quitting the habit.

Milk and Saffron

Milk and Saffron Remedy for Over Masturbation

Drink a glass of warm milk at night after adding a few strands of saffron. This spice is aphrodisiac and nutritive and relaxes nerves and muscles.

It is hormonal balancer and helps in eliminating harmful hormones that trigger anxiety, restlessness nervousness, etc. and provide a calm mind.

The use of saffron with milk works as an herbal treatment to overcome from bad effects of excessive hand practice. Include almonds in regular diet.

These are rich in vitamin E and promote blood flow. Munch on a handful of almonds every day to recover from side effects of the bad habit.


Begin an exercising regimen. Exercises are very helpful in shedding negative thoughts out of mind. When one exercises the blood flow increases and more oxygen and nutrition are supplied to the brain.

What exercises do is that these burn down excessive youth hormones rushing with blood. Body comes into a recuperative mode for a few hours and mind sheds any thoughts and urges which are unnatural.

Starting exercises are good home remedies for over masturbation. Any exercise like walking, jogging, yoga, cycling, etc. can be good for overcoming urges to hand-practice.

Start any old hobby or develop a new one. Hobbies are the best ways to utilize free time and free time is the time when one feels serious urges to hand-practice.

If you develop any interesting hobby and can include family or friends in it too quitting the habit of hand-practice becomes easier.

Hobbies are like home remedies for over masturbation as these distract minds from erotic thoughts, engulf mind and utilize free time for good work.

Herbal Tea

Herbal Tea Remedy to Cure Over Masturbation

Replace a regular cup of tea and coffee or soda drinks with herbal teas. Choose from green, ginger, sage teas and consume few cups during the day. Use honey in place of sugar and maintain a healthy fluid intake.

Use spices like garlic, onion, ginger, cloves, black pepper and turmeric in cooking. These are recommended by herbal treatment for the bad effects of excessive hand practice.

Eat Fruits and Veggies

Make dietary changes. Eat foods that are supportive and fill-in nutritional needs of the body. Foods rich in minerals like nuts, seeds, veggies, and fruits are good for removing deficiencies created by hand-practice.

Eat at proper timings and maintain regular and timely sleeping patterns. Lack of sleep can cause hormonal changes which can make urges to hand-practice compelling.

There are some foods that work as home remedies for over masturbation and provide relief from its side effects.

Ashwagandha Powder

Home Remedy for Over Masturbation

Take the support of herbs. Ashwagandha is easily available and provides holistic herbal treatment for over masturbation.

Add two teaspoons of Ashwagandha powder to a glass of milk and drink before bedtime regularly. This herb is a hormone balancer.

Healthy level of hormones keeps physical and mental health sound and upbeat. This herb is also a source of bioactive nutrition and removes deficiencies.

Properties of Ashwagandha improve the mental health of a male. These provide riddance form psychological problems and improve brain functions.

The overall effects of this herb are wonderful for recovering from severe side effects of excessive hand practice.

Diet for Overcoming Side Effects of Over Masturbation

A healthy diet is recommended to overcome the side effects of excessive hand practice. There are foods that are aphrodisiac in nature and shall be included in diet on a regular basis.

Pumpkin seeds, pomegranate fruit, and seeds, garlic, banana, avocado, olive oil, coconut oil, apples, ginger, and honey are few to name which possesses properties to increase the release of youth hormones and also supplement vital nutrients.

These shall be included in a regular diet in one way or another. Apart from these protein intakes shall be given due importance to improve vitality and energy.

Plant sources of protein are good for health so soy, beans, almonds, etc. need to be included in the diet for recovering fast.

Include foods from wholegrain and dairy, these are packed with mineral and fiber and dairy products are sources of vitamin D and improve metabolism.

Male recovering from side effects of hand-practice needs minerals in abundance and also support for metabolism. These food groups provide foods that fulfill both the requirements.

Avoiding foods which are stimulating and disturb eating or sleeping pattern is also important. Tea, coffee, alcohol, smoking, tobacco, beverages, processed foods, spicy and fatty foods all fall in the category of foods to avoid. These are hard to digest, alter the hormonal balance and suppress appetite.

Replace these foods with healthy ones. Eat something within the first hour of morning after waking up to kick start metabolism. Glass of lemonade is good for starting the day and ensuring upbeat metabolism all day long.

Treatment and Prevention

Since the habit of excessive hand practice is not an outcome of any disorder or disease so to suppress this habit dietary and lifestyle changes are only ways.

Along with a healthy diet practicing ways to keep mind and thoughts in control provides long-term treatment and also other benefits.

Meditation is one of the practices which can help males in quitting bad habit and also from gaining other health benefits.

Meditation allows a male to utilize his energy in creative activities and suppress negative thoughts that are hazardous for health.

Staying with family and friends more often is also good way to keep the mind focussed on things which are of a positive nature.

Better communication with a partner also helps in overcoming habits and recovering from its side effects. Hobbies and other activities that involve mind and interest are great ways to overcome habit of hand-practice.

Reading is one of the good hobbies in which males of any age can develop for good results. Good books are reckoned as best friends for anyone and these are very good when comes to suppress unnecessary erotic urges.

Plan daily schedule in a way that leaves no scope for solitary moments, at least for a few months if not always. And last but certainly not least mental toughness to avoid the desire to hand-practice is needed. It may be difficult but not impossible.

There are few ayurvedic herbs that are extremely beneficial in healing and repairing weak penile nerves and strengthen male reproductive organs to overcome the bad effects of excessive hand practice.

No Fall capsules, Maha Rasayan capsules, and King Cobra oil make the best combination if you are looking for an efficient herbal treatment for over masturbation side effects.

These capsules and oil work internally and externally to heal damaged nerves and improve the strength of the organ naturally.

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