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The terms anidra, insomnia, and sleeplessness all share the common meaning that refers to a person’s inability to initiate and/or maintain sound sleep.

Aaram capsules are thus excellent herbal pills to cure insomnia or sleeplessness that can provide rid of anidra to a great extent.

This is all due to the presence of ayurvedic plant-based ingredients that are pure and unrefined in texture.

Regular intakes of these herbal pills to cure anidra or insomnia literally bring-in great results to an individual, no matter due to what reason he or she was having this or for how long it persisted.

Anidra or sleeplessness generally occurs due to a hectic schedule that demands too much work the whole day; stress, anxiety, childcare, pregnancy, too much caffeine or alcohol intake, smoking, doing drugs, some chronic disease, travel to different time zones frequently, some surgery, etc.

Aaram Capsules

Aaram capsules thus are tremendously effective herbal pills to cure insomnia. These capsules naturally calm down the mental status of a person so that he or she feels peaceful while reaching the bed at night and is able to get sound sleep.

Not only this, but these pills also help to provide good sleep even if a person has stopped taking alcohol or undergone some painful surgery or taking some medications due to which the sleeplessness might have occurred as a side effect.

The person does not become addicted to these herbal pills to cure anidra and he or she is free to stop taking the course at his or her own will without facing any withdrawal effects unlike other sleeping pills possess.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do Aaram capsules cause any side effects?

No, Aaram capsules never cause any side effects, no matter how long you consume these.

How long do I need to take these herbal pills to cure sleeplessness?

We give a brief idea of 3 to 4 months duration for all those who take these herbal pills to cure sleeplessness. This is an average time and varies as per a person’s present physical and mental health status and his own ability to get cured.

How to consume these herbal pills to cure anidra?

Depending upon the severity of the problem, take 1 or 2 Aaram pills at bedtime with plain water. Repeat the process for a few months and get rid of anidra for permanent.

What is the preferred diet during the course of these herbal pills to cure insomnia?

You do not require any special diet plan during the course of these herbal pills to cure insomnia, but avoiding junk foods, alcohol, caffeine, smoking, etc. would be your best decision along with the habit of consuming fresh food items. Also, prefer drinking plenty of water.

How can I buy Aaram capsules in India and from where?

You have two options if you are eager to buy Aaram capsules in India, i.e. either advance payment or by “Cash on Delivery” option. Follow these steps if you want to buy them smoothly:

  1. Pick that quantity of package you require and click the BUY NOW button.
  2. The next step calls for you filling up the details of billing carefully such as name, address, email, etc.
  3. From the following options – bank transfer (NEFT), demand draft (DD) or cheque, cash on delivery – choose any one mode of payment you find the most convenient.
  4. Click on the PLACE ORDER button.
  5. Send us your bank payment details by the means of email or SMS in case you are paying through cheque, DD or bank transfer. We ship the products soon after the payment confirmation.

How will my product be received at my house if I order? I want all the details in terms of packaging and delivery. Within how many days I will receive my product?

If you order anything, your parcel would be discreetly packed and shipped where nothing is mentioned outside about what it contains, since we respect the privacy of our each and every customer.

You will need to wait for 3 to 5 working days for the parcel delivery to your house.

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Bacopa Monnieri (Brahmi), Valeriana Wallichii (Tagara), Withania Somnifera (Ashwagandha), Eclipta Alba (Bhangraya), Rauwolfia Serpentina (Sarpgandha), Santalum Album (Chandan), Convolvulus Pluricaulis (Shankhpushpi), Serpentine (Jahermora), Hibiscus Abelmoschus (Lata Kasturi), Saffron (Kesar), Terminalia Arjuna (Arjun), Onosma Bracteatum (Gajwan), Hyoscyamus Niger (Ajwainkhurashani), Nardostachys Jatamansi (Jatamansi), Pinctada Margaritifera (Moti Bhasma), Brunella Vulgaris (Ustaykhaddus)

8 reviews for Herbal Pills to Cure Insomnia or Anidra

  1. Navodit Sharma

    Wow! What a mind blowing thing Aaram capsule is. I used to have severe sleep disorder and it’s all gone! It simply took 2 months for the entire recovery.

  2. Daksh Sharma

    I bought Aaram capsules 2 months ago for my sister as she was having problem sleeping at night. Now she is able to sleep soundly without any difficulty. Amazing product for insomnia!

  3. Anita Kukkad

    My mother was suffering from sleeplessness problem from past 2 months. She used to feel sleep deprived and lethargic most of the times and was not able to carry out her daily tasks properly. So, I bought Aaram capsules for her and now she can feel the improvement after the course of 45 days only. Her sleep quality has improved and she is able to attain sound sleep for some of the hours at night. Although the problem has not been resolved completely but the positive improvement shows that these capsules will definitely cure the problem from the root cause if the course is continued further. I am very thankful to you.

  4. Chandu Jaiswal

    Aaram capsules are really effective in dealing with anidra. These capsules have improved my sleep quality within 2 months only. These herbal pills are really worth purchasing.

  5. Girija Joshi

    I purchased Aaram capsules for my father 3 months back and he is super happy with the outcomes. These capsules have provided him the required relief from sleep disorders that he was continuously searching from past few months. These sleep aid pills are really worth purchasing.

  6. Vikram Ahuja

    I got relief from insomnia problem after using Aaram capsules. Now I don’t face problem of sleeplessness when my work shift changes from night to day time. Dizziness problem has reduced after using these supplements.

  7. Prakash Taneja

    I became habitual of not sleeping till late night due to my changing work shift. I started facing dizziness and fatigue problems over time. I have noticed positive changes since I am have been using Aaram capsules. I am thinking to use these supplements for few more months.

  8. Anshika Mehta

    These capsules are very effective. I have a trouble of falling sleep and these pills help me to sleep. Best sleeping aid, helps me to have peaceful sleep and improves my sleeping pattern.

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