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What Is Nightfall or Swapandosh Problem In Men?

Swapandosh Problem In Men

Nightfall or nocturnal emissions or swapandosh problem in men is serious and has severe side-effects. But before heading towards its side-effects and treatments one needs to understand what actually nightfall is. Involuntary discharge of semen or excessive seminal fluids during sleep; while watching an erotic dream or getting excited due to rubbing of bed sheets etc. is reckoned as swapandosh problem in men.

Body of a male after puberty regularly produces semen and there is a constant need of replacing the old lot with a fresh one. In case of absence of coition, this semen passes out during sleep.

During the adolescent years, the nightfall problem is normal and quite common as the male body is still adjusting to hormonal changes.

Even at later ages, males when leading an aloof life without a partner can suffer from occasional episodes of nocturnal emissions.

So, if you wake up with fluids in your undergarments or wake up in the night just moments before you are about to discharge and cannot stop it, do not worry if this is happening once in a week on an average.

So to explain in simple words, nightfall is involuntary discharge that occurs occasionally or frequently during sleep. But the swapandosh problem in men is a bit different.

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Swapandosh Problem In Men

Nocturnal emissions are classified as problematic when they exceed a healthy limit although there is no general number that can separate normal or harmful frequency as every male’s body has a different level of strength and endurance.

But males averaging more than twice a week are actually suffering from the problem.

There are two opinions about nocturnal emissions or nightfall or swapandosh problem in men. Modern science says once in a week is good for male’s physical and mental health as it keeps a fresh lot of semen in male’s kitty and also releases building pressure for mating.

But Ayurveda has rated it as a ‘Dosha’ which means vice as according to Ayurveda semen is male’s elixir. According to Ayurveda, swapandosh problem in men is to be stopped immediately and no matter what the frequency is.

It provides impeccable and highly effective remedies too to resolve nightfall problem in males of all ages and also elevate their health and potency.

There are no two opinions about the reasons for the swapandosh problem in men. Weak nerves that are unable to keep semen locked during the state of sleep are considered as major causes of nocturnal emissions.

Weak and exhausted reproductive system, poor flow of energy towards male organs, low energy levels in the body, poor hormonal secretion and excessive erotic fantasies or exposure to arousing material during the day are few commonly found causes of this problem.

Ayurvedic Remedies for Swapandosh

Sound mental and physical health and proper hormonal secretion resolve nightfall conditions completely. Ayurvedic herbs are the best remedies to gain proper health, energy, strong nerves as well as upbeat reproductive system safely and in a short time.

No Fall capsules are purely herbal preparations made after using age-old and trusted ayurvedic herbs as ingredients. These herbs make these capsules easy and most effective way to resolve swapandosh problem in men.

No Fall capsules by virtue of their powerful herbs elevate energy levels in the body.

They also supplement a wide range of nutrients in bio-available form to remove deficiencies and to enhance nutrition to all the organs of the body.

These herbal remedies for nightfall possess herbs which increase the flow of blood to allow smooth transportation of nutrients to each and every organ and cell of the body.

Apart from that, the herbs present in No Fall capsules are aphrodisiac in nature which increases testosterone levels to strengthen and energize the male reproductive system.

The strong and healthy reproductive system prevents involuntary discharge of all types including nocturnal emissions.

No Fall Capsules

The major advantage of No Fall capsules is their property which strengthens and repairs damaged nerves. These genital nerves when active prevent all types of involuntary discharge and also provide a male better control over ejaculation.

No Fall pills also relieve problems like semen with urine or premature ejaculation effectively.

The other benefits of herbs promote sound mental health and allow a male to shed unnecessary arousing and stimulating thoughts as these thoughts during the day bring erotic dreams at night which trigger swapandosh problems in men.

Due to the purely herbal nature of No Fall capsules, males of any age can use them without any medical prescription.

Regular use of these ayurvedic capsules for wet dreams for 3 to 4 months resolves and stops nocturnal emissions completely.

But if this swapandosh problem in men has been occurring for a long time then continue this treatment for 6 months to gain maximum and long-lasting benefits.

No Fall herbal supplements along with a healthy reproductive system also provide higher energy and lower toxicity in the body.

No Fall capsules are good for improving immunity and maintaining secretion of healthy hormones that keep physical and mental health sound for longer period in life.

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