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Ayurvedic Treatment for Sperm Discharge while Sleeping

Sperm Discharge while Dreaming

Causes of Sperm Discharge while Dreaming about Sex in Sleep

Young boys often have an erotic dream which makes them excited and brings discharge. Usually, the reproductive system of a young boy at that age is not mature enough to produce complete semen. The watery fluid which is slippery in nature is what usually boys discharge at a young age. Once they achieve puberty the problem subsides. They may even see an erotic dream but do not discharge that often.

But if discharge keeps on occurring frequently it is a sign of a problem.

In adult males who may be leading a healthy life before occurrences of wet dreams frequently is a cause of concern. Sperm discharge while dreaming about sex in sleep is actually not a problem.

Within limits, it is a sign of good health. This becomes a problem when its frequency crosses the body’s endurance limits. The level of endurance differs from male to male so there is no general number that can determine the healthy and unhealthy frequency of wet dreams.

Sperm discharge while dreaming about sex in sleep is carried out by various physical and mental activities. The brain at a young age is curious about lovemaking. It imagines and fantasizes about it.

This change occurs in an adolescent boy when there is a physical change in his body. That change is the production and release of testosterone hormone. This hormone turns a boy into an adult and makes the man a man.

Activities of testosterone hormone stimulate a part of the brain which brings erotic thoughts and fantasies and also makes genital region sensitive.

When a boy achieves adulthood by then the body has already learned how to control the effects of testosterone and keep sensation under control. Mind also becomes matured to control eroticism caused by hormonal activity.

This maturity in mind and body minimizes erotic dreams during sleep and discharge due to these. But in many cases this does not happen and even after adulthood males continue facing sperm discharge during sleep.

Many males assume that this is normal and does not cause any harm. Many try to control these by discharging via hand-practice.

Both types of males end up having a weak body and exhausted reproductive system and severe signs of impotency.

Sperm discharge while dreaming about sex in sleep when crosses the body’s endurance limit becomes highly debilitating in a short period.

Particularly for an adult male frequent sperm discharge during sleep are serious problems that affect physical, mental and sexual health simultaneously and seriously.

Males ignoring the problem or resorting to unnatural practices face even more serious symptoms. To stop ejaculation while sleeping completely Ayurvedic treatment for nightfall is most reliable and effective.

It covers all the causes of the problem and eliminates side effects efficiently. Males facing this problem from a long time or facing severe symptoms due to other reasons gain sound health and virility naturally.

The problem of sperm discharge while dreaming about sex in sleep does not have only one cause. There are multiple causes of the problem.

Here is a list of most common causes of sperm discharge during sleep which can affect male of any age.

  • Young age.
  • Weakness in nerves.
  • Exhausted reproductive system.
  • Poor physical health.
  • Low energy and stamina.
  • Nutritional deficiencies.
  • Hormonal disturbances.
  • Side effects of medicines.
  • Health conditions.
  • Unnatural practices like hand-practice.
  • Too much involvement with erotic material or activities.
  • Long term abstinence from lovemaking.
  • Chronic constipation.
  • Kidney diseases.
  • High stress.
  • Psychological problems.
  • Unsatisfactory relationship.
  • Poor emotional status.

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Adverse Effects of Frequent Sperm Discharge during Sleep

The problem of sperm discharge while dreaming about sex in sleep has severe side effects. The symptoms of the problem are widespread and affect the entire health of a male in a short time.

Some of the most commonly seen ill-effects of the problem are listed below.

  • Low libido.
  • Severe deficiencies of vital minerals.
  • Slow metabolism and metabolic disorders.
  • Poor energy and physical stamina.
  • Exhausted reproductive system.
  • Low semen volume.
  • Poor quality of semen.
  • Pain and burning during urination.
  • Erectile dysfunction or impotency.
  • Too much flaccid male organ during normal state.
  • Irritability, mood swings, and anxiety.
  • Lethargy, fatigue, and tiredness.

Ayurvedic Treatment for Sperm Discharge while Sleeping

Stop Sperm Discharge while Sleeping

Ayurvedic treatment for nightfall is the most reliable and effective way to resolve the problem. Herbs provide safe and holistic treatment for any disorder.

These are suitable for males of all ages and provide long-lasting results. Herbs invigorate the internal mechanism of the body to correct disorders.

This makes them safe and reliable and capable of providing long-lasting treatment. In the case of sperm discharge while sleeping herbs address the root causes of the problem.

These possess properties that address debilities related to the physical health of a male and also improve his mental health.

By improving physical and mental health simultaneously these reduce the intensity of the problem and solve it in most cases.

These also possess properties to make the reproductive system stronger and healthier. These eliminate age-related weaknesses and also those inflicted by poor diet, lifestyle, behavior and bad habits.

Males suffering from health conditions also gain reliable treatment for the problem by using herbs.

No Fall and Maha Rasayan capsules are herbal supplements that have been designed by using age-old herbal remedies in the method prescribed by Ayurveda.

These possess the benefits of multiple herbs with each dose and deliver safe and fast results. The use of these supplements in combination for 3-4 months provides safe and holistic nightfall treatment and also riddance from its side effects.

Along with the treatment of nocturnal emissions, one gains much better vitality, virility, and vigor and lead a passionate love-life.

These supplements possess herbs which are natural remedies for numerous disorders affecting male health, potency, and mental health.

These improve quality of life by enhancing one’s physical, mental and sexual abilities. These supplements are easy to use and can be used by males of any age. These work irrespective of one’s age and provide sure shot results in each case.

No Fall and Maha Rasayan capsules possess herbs which are nerve tonics. These herbs repair damaged nerves and strengthen weak ones.

Healthy nerves keep semen locked during a normal state, sleep and delay discharge on arousal. These supplements also ensure that nerves get a regular flow of energy to perform their job.

By stimulating nerve functions these stop nocturnal emissions and also resolve problems like early ejaculation and low sensation in the genital region.

These improve the male’s response to touches and provide him better control over his discharge during arousals and normal state.

Active nerves stop all sorts of involuntary ejaculation and sperm discharge while dreaming during sleep. The sluggish reproductive system is another major cause of the problem.

These supplements possess aphrodisiac herbs which elevate the level of testosterone hormone. This hormone rejuvenates the male reproductive system and boost-up its functions.

Healthy and energized reproductive system keeps nerves active too and also improves testicular functions.

Healthy testosterone level resolves problems like involuntary discharge during sleep, erectile dysfunction, low semen volume, and low libido quickly and naturally.

These supplements dilate blood vessels and maintain an optimum flow of blood towards the genital region.

Healthy blood flow strengthens organs and also a male organ for powerful erections in a flash and optimum potency.

The reproductive system cannot stay energized if one’s physical health is down and weak. These supplements come with nutritive herbs which supplement bioactive nutrition and speed-up metabolic rate.

This boost-up energy production, eliminate deficiencies and improve the vitality of a male in a short time. The energized body supports the nerves and reproductive system better and removes disorders and debilities completely.

Healthy energy level also improves brain functions and keep mind sharper and clear. Higher energy supplementation prevents mental exhaustion and improves the emotional status of a person.

No Fall and Maha Rasayan capsules come with hormone balancing, anti-aging and anti-toxin herbs too. These herbs balance hormonal secretion to keep metabolic rate higher and nutritional uptake by organs healthier.

Healthy hormonal balance maintains physical and mental health sound and suppresses disorders from occurring. Anti-ageing herbs eliminate free-radicals by supplementing antioxidants.

These compounds slow down ageing process and reverse signs of ageing, these rejuvenate entire health and improve circulation of blood all over the body.

Anti-toxin herbs cleanse blood, liver, kidneys, colon and lymphatic system to keep health protected and free from debilities and disorders.

In short duration of use male not only gains riddance from sperm discharge while dreaming about sex in sleep but renewed vitality, virility and vigor.

Male gains extra-ordinary lovemaking abilities, better fertility and higher stamina and energy to lead a passionate love-life.

Herbal Remedies for Night Discharge in Males

Herbal Remedies for Night Discharge

Herbs have been used since ancient times for handling debilitating issues like wet dreams and others. There are herbs that are part of most of the Ayurvedic treatments for ages.

Shilajit, Ashwagandha, Safed Musli and Kaunch beej are renowned herbal remedies for everlasting youthful virility, vitality, and vigour.

These herbs cure disorders, remove deficiencies, correct hormonal levels, improve the nutritional level and provide anti-aging effects. These are aphrodisiac and rejuvenate male reproductive system.

Kesar, Bahera, Vidarikhand, and Jaiphal are metabolism enhancers, cleanser and nerve tonic herbs that provide sound and healthy nervous system.

The use of these herbs and others in proper combination ensures holistic treatment for sperm discharge while dreaming in sleep.

Final Words for Treatment of Night Discharge in Ayurveda

It is not at all wide to ignore problem of wet dreams even for short period of time. No Fall and Maha Rasayan capsules are trusted supplements and can be used without any medical prescription.

These stop ejaculation while sleeping and also provide protection in the future. One can gain much improved vitality and virility maintains his love-life passionate and active for longer period in life.

These supplements due to herbal nature are harmless for males of all ages.

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