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Swapandosh Treatment in Ayurveda

Swapandosh Treatment in Ayurveda

Causes of Frequent Nightfall in Males

Nightfall is a natural process but harmful when occurs frequently. Medically nightfall or nocturnal emission occurs as the body tries to release pressure for mating or settles and relieves stimulation during the day. At a young age when a boy has achieved puberty, the hormonal activity is new to the body. At this age, the body does not exactly know how to handle the activities of newly secreted youth hormones.

These hormones make the genital organ of a boy sensitive and also stimulate parts of the brain which bring erotic thoughts, fantasies, attraction towards the opposite gender and dreams.

At a young age during REM or random eye movement sleep boys dream which is mostly of erotic nature. These dreams may or may not bring stiffness in the organ but can cause the discharge of fluids.

The amount of discharge varies from person to person some may release entire volume while some may release a part of it.

In an adult male, this problem generally arises due to weaknesses which are inflicted by poor diet and unhealthy lifestyle.

In many cases, temporary reasons have also been found as causes of the problem. No matter whether a male is young or adult and whether he is discharging a small or large amount of fluids frequent occurrences of nightfall are a problem to handle quickly.

These can inflict serious weaknesses and deteriorate potency, libido and physical energy rapidly. Swapandosh treatment in Ayurveda is trusted since ages for handling the problem naturally and holistically.

Amongst temporary reasons for the problem age is the most common. Once a boy is past puberty and has become an adult completely this problem subsides or gets reduced to negligible mostly.

However, there is a good percentage of males who continue facing the problem even after adulthood. In adult males abstinence from lovemaking, the time between two relationships and metabolic problems like constipation can bring regular episodes of the problem till these are not resolved.

Once a male is back in the relationship or has a healthy digestive system the problem subsides generally.

Stress can also bring frequent episodes of nightfall by causing nerve tension and exhaustion. Use of recreational products like tobacco in any form, alcohol or drugs is a serious cause of the problem.

Males using sleep aid pills or undergoing treatment for depression, urinary problems, etc. may face frequent nocturnal emissions due to the side effects of these medicines.

Disorders related to the nervous system are common and one of the serious causes of frequent nightfall.

Nerves are responsible for keeping semen locked during the normal and aroused state, weakness or malfunction of the nervous system can allow semen to pass out easily during sleep.

The swapandosh treatment in Ayurveda is reckoned as the most effective because it can handle an entire range of causes simultaneously and naturally.

Males getting aroused a few times in the day through porn material or erotic conversations are common victims of nightfall.

The over or frequent excitement during the day makes nerves of the genital region over-sensitive which bring stiffness in male organ during sleep and discharge.

Males who have been in habit of hand-practice in the past or currently, have damaged nerves that are incapable of holding the flow of fluids during sleep or slight excitement and allows it to pass.

The occasional occurrence of nightfall is not regarded as a problem but in fact sign of good health.

However there is no general number which can determine the frequency of nocturnal emissions as healthy or excessive, it varies from person to person symptoms like weaknesses and poor emotional and mental health are signs which categorize occurrences of wet dreams as excessive.

Swapandosh treatment in Ayurveda not only handles the problem and treats it holistically but also reverses its damaging effects.

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Swapandosh Treatment in Ayurveda

No Fall capsules are most trusted Ayurvedic supplements that come with a wide range of herbs used for Swapandosh treatment in Ayurveda.

These pills contain a perfect blend of highly efficient herbs that collectively address the root causes of the problem and provide relief.

These pills also reverse debilities occurring due to frequent wet dreams and provide a male vitality, potency, and vigor.

No Fall capsules promote hormonal balance and improve the flow of energy towards the male genital region.

The flow of energy gets restricted due to lesser secretion of youth and metabolic hormones or due to the presence of harmful hormones in the system.

These pills eliminate harmful hormones and improve glandular functions to promote the secretion of healthy hormones in the right balance.

Males due to proper hormonal release gain on energy, stamina, vitality and also gain rejuvenated reproductive system.

Energized and the healthy reproductive system stops involuntary loss of semen during sleep and even during the aroused state.

A healthy and active reproductive system improves a male’s potency and virility and keeps him active in bed.

Herbal treatment for swapandosh problem treats disorders related to the nervous system.

Few herbal ingredients of No Fall capsules are nerve tonic herbs which promote relaxation and maintain a supply of energy to nerves to keep them active and strong.

These also repair damaged nerves and eliminate ill-effects of hand-practice and other hazardous habits like smoking, drugs, and alcoholism.

The strong and healthy nervous system keeps a male mentally calm and relaxed and also provides him control over his discharge.

Healthy nerves promoted by these pills provide quick and effective herbal treatment for swapandosh problems and longer staying power in bed.

Active nerves also improve the intensity of lovemaking by providing intense sensation and boost-up a male’s libido.

Males running low on physical energy suffer from stress and fatigue which also causes nerve exhaustion and lethargic reproductive system.

No Fall capsules provide holistic herbal treatment to swapandosh problem through its nutritive herbs which remove deficiencies and boost-up energy production in the body.

These enhance a male’s vitality so that the body is able to support all the systems and maintain their functions upbeat.

Higher energy and nutritional reserves fight back stress and fatigue and keep a male active and energized.

The presence of harmful hormones, toxins and free-radicals are causes of numerous disorders and health problems.

Herbal treatment for the swapandosh problem cleanses the internal system and eliminates harmful hormones and toxins which damage organs and make systems lethargic and sick.

Strong purgatory and anti-inflammatory herbs present in these pills remove toxins from the blood and cleanse organs like liver, kidneys, colon and lymphatic system to keep health protected.

No Fall capsules also come with powerful anti-aging herbs which supplement antioxidants and inhibit free-radical activities. These herbs slow down process of aging and rejuvenate physical and mental health of a male.

Antioxidants open-up blocked capillaries and blood vessels and enhance the flow of blood within organs to boost-up their functions.

By eliminating hazardous compounds from body herbal treatment for swapandosh problem provide long-lasting effects and maintain male’s physical, mental and sexual health upbeat for longer period.

It resolves issues like wet dreams and others efficiently and blesses a male with renewed vitality, virility and vigor.

Herbs in No Fall Capsules

No Fall capsules come with reliable and efficient herbs as ingredients to provide safe, natural and long-lasting herbal treatment for swapandosh problem. The details of the herbal ingredients of these pills are as follows.

Herbs for Swapandosh Problem

Shilajit, Ashwagandha, Kaunch, Kesar, Bahera and Babul extract – These are renowned herbs which improve male’s vitality, mental health and virility.

These are recommended for treating a variety of disorders like low energy, stamina, and muscle mass, and for treatment of hormonal imbalance, mental disorders and weaknesses, low sperm count, low semen volume and poor fertility.

These herbs are powerful anti-aging and keep a male’s overall health and potency higher for longer period in life.

Swarna bung, Pipal, Lauh bhasma, Jaiphal, and Shatavari – These herbs are well-known for their positive impact over male’s energy and endurance.

These improve nerve functions, cleanse internal organs, improve functions of vital systems of the body and treat debilitating disorders.

These herbs are nutritive and remove deficiencies of minerals and nutrients which are necessarily needed by the body to maintain male potency higher.

Banslochan, Tankari, Dridhranga, and Brahmdandi – These herbs are purgatory and work as efficient remedies for disorders occurring due to poor diet and lifestyle.

These are anti-toxins and also improve the body’s disease-fighting abilities to keep health protected.

Herbal Remedies to Fix Nightfall Problem

No Fall capsules come with a complete range of herbs used for swapandosh treatment in Ayurveda but the use of Maha Rasayan capsules along with No Fall capsules makes it even better and effective Ayurvedic treatment for nightfall.

Maha Rasayan capsules come with herbs which treat debilities in males causing weak erections, early discharge, and low physical stamina and verve.

These pills naturally and safely improve energy production in the male body and enhance his drive for lovemaking.

These pills take away male’s interest from harmful practices like hand-practice and make him more interested in proper lovemaking.

Maha Rasayan capsules provide Ayurvedic treatment for nightfall by elevating release of youth hormones which keep nerves and reproductive systems energized.

Healthy and strong nerves prevent involuntary loss of semen and also improve male’s potency.

These bring intense arousals and hardness in the male organ to make passionate love. These supplements improve male fertility and also treat and cure psychological problems.

These are stress-buster remedies and keep a male energized and mentally alert. Use of Maha Rasayan capsules along with No Fall capsules make the results long-lasting and improve the overall quality of a male’s life.

Diet and Preventive Measures to Stop Swapandosh

  • A healthy diet is the best herbal remedy to fix the nightfall problem. Eat a high fiber, mineral, vitamin and antioxidant diet on a regular basis.
  • Avoid tobacco, alcohol, excessive tea, coffee, and beverages.
  • Regular exercises are also an herbal remedy to fix the nightfall problem. Exercise as per body’s limits.
  • Maintain a healthy sleeping pattern.
  • Avoid malpractices like hand-practice or use of porn material completely.

Price of No Fall and Maha Rasayan Capsules in India

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