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Ayurvedic Treatment for Sperm Leakage while Sleeping

Sperm Comes Out Automatically while Sleeping

Why Sperm Comes Out Automatically while Sleeping?

There are many reasons due to which sperm comes out automatically during sleep. Erotic dream or rubbing of bed sheets, pillows, etc. cause excitement at night. This excitement triggers discharge and in most of cases it is unstoppable. Males wake-up just before discharge but cannot stop it or many times they wake up after it had happened.

The occasional occurrence of this problem is not a problem at any age. But once a male begins to see signs of weaknesses this is classified as a problem.

A higher frequency of wet dreams is a very debilitating problem that can cast severe implications over health.

Age is one of the most common causes of the problem. When a young male is around the age of puberty the release of youth hormones causes a sensation and brings erotic, thoughts, fantasies and dreams.

The mind and body of a young male are not matured enough to handle the activities of youth hormones. This results in many episodes of wet dreams during the pre-puberty age.

Technically this problem should subside after adulthood. But in most of the cases, it continues even later and causes problems.

In the case of an adult male if sperm comes out automatically during sleep quite frequently is a source of many disorders. If sperm comes out while sleeping it pushes the body and reproductive system to replenish quickly.

Regular occurrences of wet dreams keep the reproductive system working all the time. Regular strain stresses the reproductive system out and makes it lethargic by causing exhaustion.

Sperms are full of energy and produced after a series of processes in the reproductive system and testicles.

To produce healthy and motile sperms body needs to supply essential nutrients, energy and other vital ingredients to the reproductive system.

Regular production of sperms and their over-discharge wipes-off nutritional reserves of the body and makes it weak. Low nutritional reserves cause deficiency and low energy levels.

In the case of an adult, male sperm comes out while sleeping very frequently proper treatment is needed to protect health.

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Apart from a young age, there are other reasons for nightfall. These issues affect adult as well as elderly males and cause the problem. The following is the list of most common causes of the problem.

  • Weak nerves are the most common reasons for nightfall. Nerves are responsible for keeping semen locked during normal state. These also delay discharge during arousals and allow the male to prolong their act in bed. Nerves can become weak due to multiple reasons. Use of recreational products like alcohol, tobacco, drugs, etc. and sexual malpractices like hand-practice are the most common of them all. Health conditions like diabetes also cause nerve damage and weaknesses. The sluggish and lethargic reproductive system is unable to keep nerves active and alert due to poor energy levels. Due to weakness in nerves sperm comes out automatically during sleep. Weak nerves also allow premature ejaculation during arousals.
  • The poor emotional status allows a male to get aroused a few times in the day intensely. Intense arousals stimulate prostate functions and also prepare the reproductive system for possible lovemaking. When these processes are triggered a few times in the day the nerves of the genital region become hyper-sensitive. Due to oversensitivity of nerves sperm comes out automatically during sleep while watching any dream or due to other reasons. Over-sensitivity of nerves causes over-excitement due to which sperm comes out while sleeping.
  • Low testosterone level is another one of the serious causes due to which sperm comes out automatically. Testosterone hormone is vitally needed by males to maintain their potency and virility. Low level of this hormone causes lethargic and exhausted reproductive system which is unable to maintain proper nerve functions. Testosterone levels can go down due to malpractices and due to higher toxicity, poor pituitary gland functions, free-radical damage, and poor testicular functions. These issues cause a weak reproductive system and lethargic nerves due to which sperm comes out while sleeping.
  • Sperm comes out automatically due to poor prostate health. The prostate gland can get enlarged due to aging. It can also get swollen due to bacterial infections. Males in habit of excessive hand practice or involved too much with erotic and porn material have a congested the prostate gland. Due to the congestion of prostate gland sperm comes out automatically on slight pressure or excitement. Males suffering from poor prostate health if they get excited slightly at night sperm comes out while sleeping to cause wet dreams.
  • Poor diet, slow digestion, higher toxin presence, and metabolic disorders cause deficiencies in the body. Body needs minerals and other nutrients essentially to keep the reproductive system and nerves healthy. In the absence of proper nutrition, males have weakness in nerves and also lethargic reproductive system due to which sperm comes out while sleeping frequently.
  • Use of certain types of medicines that affect nerve functions or cause side effects like sedatives. Health conditions like high blood sugar, thyroid problems, etc. and bad habits like smoking, alcoholism, etc. affect health, energy and nervous system negatively. Males affected by any of these factors find that sperm comes out while sleeping frequently without control.

Side Effects of Frequent Sperm Leakage during Sleep

The side effects of frequent sperm leakage during sleep are widespread and progressive. If proper steps are not taken to control the problem, the damages can be severe. Some of the commonly seen ill-effects of wet dreams are as follows.

Ayurvedic Treatment for Sperm Leakage while Sleeping

Stop Sperm Leakage While Sleeping

No Fall and Maha Rasayan capsules are the most effective supplements to stop sperm leakage while sleeping. These supplements come loaded with Ayurvedic herbs in perfect combination to deliver safe and fast treatment.

These supplements come with herbs which are nerve tonics. These herbs repair nerves which get damaged due to hand-practice, side effects of medicines, health problems and other reasons.

These also strengthen nerves which are sluggish and weak. In short duration of use, these supplements improve the functions of the entire nervous system and provide a male control over his discharge.

These herbs keep semen locked during sleep and delay the male’s discharge during arousals. Active nerves also provide higher sensation in the genital region and cause intense arousals.

Males also gain higher pleasure during lovemaking and perform in bed with intensity. Use of No Fall and Maha Rasayan capsules alleviate the problem of wet dreams and provide multiple benefits by improving nerve functions.

These supplements also possess herbs that balance hormonal secretion. Balanced hormonal secretion is vital for male vitality, virility, and mental health.

Health-promoting hormones maintain metabolic rate faster, nutritional uptake higher and also suppress psychological problems. These keep mind calm and relaxed and treat issues like insomnia, stress, fatigue, etc.

Proper secretion of growth and youth hormones like testosterone is wonderful for alleviating wet dreams problem. Healthy testosterone level rejuvenates male health, muscular endurance, and reproductive system.

This hormone guides the flow of energy towards the male genital region and maintains nerves and organs strong and nourished.

The energized reproductive system eliminates debilities due to which sperm comes out while sleeping and boost-up male fertility and potency.

It also cures problems like low semen volume and low sperm count. No Fall and Maha Rasayan capsules possess herbs that support testicular functions and promote the production of healthy and motile sperms.

These supplements also increase semen volume and arouse drive in males for lovemaking.

No Fall and Maha Rasayan Capsules

No Fall and Maha Rasayan capsules treat and cure prostate gland issues efficiently. Prostate problems like enlargement, inflammation, infection, and congestion are common causes of involuntary loss of semen.

Due to congested prostate gland sperm comes out while sleeping on slight pressure or excitement.

These supplements clear bacterial infection and fluid build-up around the gland. These also diffuse inflammation and shrink the enlarged size of gland back to normal.

Healthy prostate gland functions produce semen in higher volume and also improve male’s potency and virility.

Toxins and free-radicals are the damaging compounds that grow in the body due to a variety of factors.

These cause illnesses, diseases, debilities, and even psychological problems. Toxins and free-radicals can damage any organ, nerve and make systems malfunction.

No Fall and Maha Rasayan capsules come with anti-toxin herbs which cleanse blood and organs like liver, kidneys, and colon.

These keep health protected and maintain energy levels higher. Antioxidants suppress free-radical mechanisms and slow down the aging process.

These also protect cells and tissues from oxidative stress and the boost-up the entire health of a male.

By using these supplements one not only gains fast riddance from sperm discharge at night but its side effects as well. These cure issues like low libido, poor physical energy, ED and low semen volume.

These also suppress psychological problems and improve male fertility. These provide youthful verve and vitality and keep a male protected from disorders in the future as well.

Final Words for Treatment of Sperm Leakage during Sleeping

The problem of sperm leakage during sleep shall not be considered as normal. It is a debilitating disorder which if occurring in higher frequency has a severe impact.

No Fall and Maha Rasayan capsules possess time-tested herbs as ingredients. These herbs do not cause any side effects and do not need any medical prescription.

Males without any worries can use these supplements to get rid of the problem and its impact on health and potency. The results obtained by using these are long-lasting.

Males by taking simple precautions can lead a passionate love-life forever. There are no contradictory properties of ingredients either. Even if one is taking any treatment, these supplements can be used without any fear.

These are easy to use and does not need any time-consuming or complicated method.

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