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Swapandosh Ayurvedic Medicines

Swapandosh Ayurvedic Medicines

Causes of Swapandosh Problem in Males

Causes of swapandosh problem in men vary from mild to serious. In many cases, this problem is a side effect of another condition or issue and gets resolved when main cause of the problem is treated. The most common cause of nightfall or swapandosh is age. At a young age when a boy has achieved puberty the release of youth hormones that are responsible for improving functions and maturity of the male reproductive system is major reason for frequent nightfall.

These hormones stimulate the reproductive system and its organs, these make the entire genital region of a boy sensitive and also stimulate parts of the brain which bring erotic thoughts and fantasies.

The activities of these hormones bring excitement during the day and also during sleep.

Young boys generally during REM sleep see the erotic dream and get excited. They may also get excited due to rubbing of bed sheets, pillows, etc. against their groin region.

Reproductive system and brain of a young boy in not matured enough to handle the excitement and allows the discharge of fluids.

The volume of discharge also varies from person to person it can be complete discharge or just few drops. Although in young boys wet dreams are not regarded as a problem in fact sign of good health excessive occurrences need proper treatment.

Herbal treatment to stop nightfall is the best, safe and natural way to handle the problem in young boys.

In any adult male, there can be innumerable causes of frequent nightfall. Constipation, prostate enlargement, stress and long-term abstinence from lovemaking are causes of wet dreams n adult males which can cause the problem temporarily.

Disorders related to the nervous system which makes nerves of genital region lethargic and weak are common causes of the problem.

Males in habit of smoking, alcoholism, drug use or taking sleeping pills, etc. are common victims of the problem due to nerve lethargy.

Males who have been in habit of hand-practice, excessive copulation or have used stimulating creams and gels for higher fun in bed also face the problem of swapandosh due to nerve weaknesses and damage caused by these practices.

Many males are involved with erotic material and conversations which gets them excited a few times in the day. The arousals during the day make nerves of the genital region overactive and bring wet dreams on a frequent basis.

Herbal treatment to stop nightfall handles the problem occurring due to age-related and other causes efficiently and provides safe and fast treatment.

Health issues also promote frequent wet dreams in men. Males suffering from thyroid problems, metabolic disorders or other issues which cause low energy and stamina face frequent wet dreams due to poor energy and chronic fatigue.

Hormonal disturbances like low testosterone secretion or presence of harmful hormones in the system which scavenge healthy hormones to cause imbalance are also causes of wet dreams.

Herbal treatment to stop nightfall comes with herbs which relieve health issues and handle their side effects to resolve problem of swapandosh.

Males suffering with high cholesterol, blood pressure or sugar face issues like wet dreams or involuntary loss of semen due to low energy, urinary problems and nerve weaknesses.

Higher toxicity, free-radical mechanism, and poor glandular functions are other causes of the problem. Herbal treatment to stop nightfall resolves the problem by its natural effects safely and holistically.

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Swapandosh Ayurvedic Medicines

No Fall capsules are recommended as swapandosh Ayurvedic medicines to resolve the problem holistically in males of all ages.

These are safe, natural and capable swapandosh Ayurvedic medicines which not only stop wet dreams but also eliminate their ill-effects over male health and potency.

These pills come with perfect blend of herbs which collectively address root causes of the problem and provide long-lasting solution.

The use of these swapandosh Ayurvedic medicines takes a male’s vitality and potency to a much higher level and makes him capable of a lover in bed.

These boost-up male’s ability to achieve fatherhood and lead a passionate love-life for a longer period in life.

The positive effects of these herbal supplements help in relieving physical and mental disorders and protect health from illnesses and weaknesses to improve the overall quality of life.

The details of key herbs used in these swapandosh Ayurvedic medicines are as follows.


This herb is renowned as queen of herbs which can practically reverse one’s age and provide youthful energy, stamina and verve.

This herb eliminates toxins, inhibits free-radicals and improves functions of vital systems of the body. It has a very positive effect on glands and balances hormonal secretion.

The use of this her relieves psychological problems improves cognitive functions and memory. Shilajit herb is known for everlasting potency, virility, and vigor.

It improves male’s fertility and cures disorders like involuntary loss of semen, ES and low semen volume efficiently. It is one of the necessary ingredients of swapandosh Ayurvedic medicines.



This herb too is very beneficial for physical and mental health. It is nutritive and aphrodisiac in nature.

It enhances brain functions and relieves psychological problems it brings stability in hormonal secretion and suppresses fluctuations in hormonal level to maintain sound physical and mental health.

It improves functions of nerves and reproductive system and treats disorders like wet dreams, ED and low libido in males efficiently.


This herb is predominantly used for elevating the level of testosterone in males. It enhances libido, ability to achieve hardness on arousal and increases sperm count. It is also an effective stress buster and improves energy production.



This is spice with medicinal properties and since ancient times have been used for eliminating debilities. It relieves tense nerves and promotes relaxation to keep them energized and active.

It is aphrodisiac and comes with wide range of nutrients for higher energy production.

Herbal Treatment to Stop Nightfall and Weakness

No Fall capsules provide holistic herbal treatment to stop nightfall by virtue of their main and other supportive herbs. The use of these pills improves energy production in the male body and balances hormonal secretion.

It elevates level of youth hormones and maintains proper release of metabolic hormones to boost-up male’s energy and stamina and performance of reproductive system.

These pills improve the nervous system and repair damaged nerves. Strong and active nerves in the genital region prevent involuntary loss of semen during sleep and an excited state.

These properties of No Fall capsules make them a very effective treatment for swapandosh and also for early discharge. These allow a male to discharge at his own will and stop all sorts of involuntary loss of semen.

No Fall capsules come with highly nutritive and anti-aging herbs. These herbs slow down process of ageing, eliminate deficiencies and treat debilitating disorders gains sound vitality and much improved mental health.

Male face weakness due to frequent nightfall and become less interested in lovemaking, suffer with low stamina and have poor quality and quantity of semen.

Use of No Fall capsules for Swapandosh treatment to restore health provides a male riddance from side effects of the problem along with safe and natural treatment.

These pills make a male keener lover in bed and allow him to make love for a longer duration. These provide a male higher fertility by improving the quantity and quality of semen.

The positive effects of all the herbs in these pills are best for swapandosh treatment to restore health and lead much improved life by gaining sound physical and mental health.

Swapandosh Ayurvedic Remedies to Restore Health

For even better and faster treatment use of Maha Rasayan capsules along with No Fall, capsules are recommended. Maha Rasayan capsules improve the energy and stamina of a male and also enhance nervous system functions.

These also come with herbs which improve male’s mental health and protect health from damaging toxins, free-radicals, and harmful hormones.

Along with all these benefits Maha Rasayan capsules boost-up a male’s libido and improve quality of his erections. These improve ejaculatory force and make lovemaking highly pleasing for a male.

The combined effects of No Fall and Maha Rasayan capsules stop swapandosh and reverse its ill-effects completely.

On regular use, these supplements take a male’s vitality, virility, and potency to a higher level and improve the quality of his life.

Along with weakness due to frequent nightfall the medicinal properties of these supplements relieves numerous health problems which occur commonly in adult males.

These provide much better support to vital systems of the body like cardio, respiratory, digestive, circulatory and urinary system and maintain sound health of heart, kidneys, liver and colon.

These keep blood purified and treat and cure blood related disorders to protect and maintain upbeat health.

The properties of herbs keep a male in a sound emotional state as well. Males having weak emotional status generally become victims of bad habits and suffers with disorders like swapandosh.

The use of these supplements provides a male stable emotional state which helps a male from staying away from unnecessary stimulations and cheap methods of gaining solace.

Diet and Preventive Measures to Cure Weakness due to Nightfall

Healthy dietary regimen and lifestyle can be immensely helpful in treating and preventing the problem of swapandosh.

Here are a few tips which improve the quality of results of treatment and also prevent the problem from resurfacing in the future.

    • Eat high fibre, minerals and vitamin diet on a regular basis.
    • Maintain proper protein intake and consume fruits for dose of antioxidants.
    • Stay active during the day and consume sufficient amount of water.
    • Avoid alcohol, tobacco, excessive tea, coffee, beverages and canned drinks.
    • Consume low sodium and sugar and avoid junk foods.
    • Take proper sleep and rest to avoid stress.
    • Cut-out harmful practices like hand-practice completely.
    • Avoid unnecessary stimulations during the day through porn material or other mediums.
    • Empty your bladder before going to sleep.
    • Drink herbal teas in place of regular tea or other drinks.

No Fall and Maha Rasayan Capsules Online in India

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