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What is Gutka Addiction?

Gutka is a mild stimulant which has been designed as an alternative to Betel. It is more convenient to use and is easily available. It can be stored for a longer duration due to air-tight packing. Selling and manufacturing Gutka is a rewarding business although most varieties of it are sold at cheap cost.

It is a combination of areca nuts, tobacco, slaked lime, catechu, paraffin wax, and sweet and sour flavorings. It is a mild stimulant but has severe side-effects over health.

People in a short period of time become addictive to chewing Gutka and fail to overcome the habit. Pan Masala is almost similar to Gutka with no tobacco included and few other ingredients added.

Chewing Pan Masala too is addictive despite the absence of tobacco. People need to be firmly resolved to quit chewing Pan Masala.

The substances used in preparing Gutka and Pan Masala may not appear as harmful but these are mixed after using thousands of different chemicals.

These chemicals are majorly responsible for causing addiction and health hazards. Tobacco itself is addictive and helps in trapping people in Gutka addiction.

In countries like India, this is reckoned as serious problem and governments are planning to impose a strict ban overproduction and selling of these products.

The relaxation and stimulant effects of Gutka and Pan Masala make people addicted to chewing these products. There are ways how to quit chewing tobacco which helps people in getting rid of the habit.

A person who quit chewing Pan Masala or Gutka faces withdrawal symptoms which generally hinder his or her working efficiency and focus.

Methods suggested how to quit Gutka and Pan Masala relieve these withdrawal symptoms to a large extent and help to quit this habit.

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Implications of Gutka Addiction

There are serious implications for the health of chewing Gutka. Doctors believe that this is the most dangerous form of consuming tobacco even much dangerous than smoking.

The content of Gutka and Pan Masala is consumed completely by a consumer but in the case of smoking nearly 80% of harmful products are exhaled out and only 20% gets absorbed.

The chemicals present in these products are very harmful and affect appetite, concentration and promote an unusual sleeping pattern.

Stained teeth, unhealthy gums, and sores in the mouth are other health hazards of chewing Gutka and Pan Masala.

The content of these products stick over enamel and inner cheek, tongue, and gums and cause damage to delicate tissue lining.

Regular sores in mouth cause formation of scar tissue and also promote discomfort on regular basis. These sores also allow harmful agents to sneak into the system easily and harm the immune system functions.

Bleeding and receding gums and shedding of teeth are common amongst people habitual of these products. The effects of chemicals present in these products affect taste buds and people become too sensitive to all types of taste except sugar.

The use of these products can raise cravings to eat sugary which is also a health hazard.

Tobacco present in Gutka is responsible for causing high cholesterol which is dangerous for the heart.

Tobacco in any form is well known for causing heart problems and increase chances of heart attack, stroke, etc. regular chewing affects head and neck alignment and causes reduces the flow of blood in the brain.

It also affects functions of facial senses like hearing, vision, blockages in airways, etc.

Gutka is a known carcinogen and increases the chances of various types of cancers. It is estimated that nearly 60-70% of oral cancer cases are due to pan Masala and Gutka addiction.

It also increases the chances of other cancers like esophageal, lung, intestinal cancers.

How to Quit Chewing Tobacco, Gutka and Pan Masala?

Not to mention that firm resolve to quit chewing Pan Masala and Gutka is the first and primary step of how to quit Gutka.

It is well known that these are highly addictive products and a strong urge to use these products makes people relapse.

Addiction is considered medically as a mental disorder that may be lying in the genes of a person as well. The environment also pushes people to relapse even after quitting the habit for a few days or weeks.

A person surrounded by people in a family or neighborhood using these products may find very hard to suppress the urge.

However, by firm resolve, one can overcome the urge to use tobacco or Gutka and can quit chewing Pan Masala on his own.

It is not that people who quit chewing Pan Masala or Gutka do not get any type of support from their mind and body.

Within a few days of quitting this habit one can notice considerable positive changes in his or her stamina, sleep quality, appetite and enjoy the feeling of general well-being.

These changes are biggest support to a person trying to quit the habit of these products. Focusing on positive changes one gets within a few days of quitting this bad habit makes him mentally stronger and helps to stay away from habit.

Gaining positivity from signs of improving health is good way how to quit Gutka.

There are commercially designed chewing gums available which supplement non-tobacco compounds and relieve the urge to chew Gutka or tobacco.

These products are also helpful and after an expert’s advice can be used to quit chewing Pan Masala, Gutka or tobacco.

Home Remedies to Quit Tobacco Chewing

There are few effective home remedies which are also very helpful ways how to quit Gutka. Take two leaves of Holy basil and Brahmi and chew these together in the morning regularly.

Chew well and swallow on an empty stomach these help in overcoming the severe urge to use these products. Brahmi improves brain functions and helps in curbing processes in the brain which makes one addicted to anything.

Holy basil leaves cleanse the internal system and help in flushing out harmful substances in blood like nicotine to reduce the intensity of urge.


Radish Natural Treatment to Quit Tabacco

Eating radish with meals also helps in suppressing the desire to use tobacco. Radish can be used between meals as well to reduce the urge to smoke, chew or suck tobacco through cigarettes, Hukka, Gutka, Khaini or Betel leaves.

Carom Seeds and Mulethi

Keep seeds of carom and small pieces of Mulethi mixed with you. Pack these in a plastic bag and chew these whenever you feel the urge to use Gutka, Pan Masala or Tobacco.

Mulethi is good for cleansing toxins which build-up in the digestive system and overload blood to cause health issues.

Cumin Seed

Cumin Seed Remedy to Quit Chewing Pan Masala

Drink a few glasses of warm water instead of plain water. Make water little hot and add half teaspoon of cumin seeds to it.

Let it become warm and drink after straining 3-4 times in the day. Fennel seed water also relieves urges to use tobacco or Pan Masala.

Dietary and Lifestyle Changes

Changes in diet and lifestyle are very necessary to quit this bad habit and stay away from it in the future as well. The percentage of people who relapse after quitting this habit is very high.

People restart using these products even after stopping for a few months. The reason is that they do not make changes in their living and eating pattern which maintains a strong desire in them to lead a healthy life.

One should get into the habit of eating fibrous foods in higher quantities after stopping tobacco.

These foods eliminate harmful toxins and chemicals which get accumulated in the digestive system and raise the urge to consume things like tobacco. These hazardous compounds also increase the propensity of a person to become addicted.

Herbal Teas

Herbal Teas Home Remedy to Quit Chewing Tobacco
Drink a few cups of herbal teas during the day in place of regular black tea and milk. Use honey for sweetening and avoid the use of sugar as much as possible.

Stay hydrated during the day to prevent dryness in the mouth. Dryness in mouth can make the urge to chew Gutka or Pan Masala even more compelling and severe. These steps are effective ways of how to quit chewing tobacco Pan Masala and Gutka.

Eating foods that are immunity enhancing and sources of vitamins and other nutrients shall be included in the diet in higher quantity on a regular basis.

Include foods like watermelon, pomegranates, oranges, grapefruit, papaya, pineapple, avocado, apples, guava, banana, etc. in the diet.

Consume green veggies, whole grains, legumes and beans, and non-veggie sources like eggs, fish and lean meat.

Dairy products are also sources of vital nutrients. Consume fat-free or low-fat versions of these products on a regular basis.

Changes in lifestyle keep one mentally stronger and suppress negative thoughts which cause addiction and other kinds of emotional and mental debilities.

Regular walk for 30 minutes in the morning is refreshing and increase oxygenation of cells of the body.

Exercises as per one’s capacity maintain the flow of blood and also increase the supply of nutrition and oxygen to brain cells to improve the physical and mental health of an individual.

These changes are excellent for a person who has stopped using tobacco or Gutka and the speed-up process of repairing.

These changes also strengthen will power of a person to suppress the desire for consumption of harmful products. Regular exercises like Yoga or aerobics keep a person fitter and healthier.

Meditation is strongly recommended for a person in any sort of addiction to overcome this mental disorder. Addiction is a mental disorder and many people are prone to suffer from these.

Meditation can bring positive changes in the working pattern of one’s mind. Regular meditation for a few minutes regularly helps immensely not only in checking the propensity for addictions but also psychological issues and thoughts. It also improves mental alertness, sharpness, and memory.

Dietary and lifestyle changes keep a person away from bad habits and eliminate addiction for Pan Masala, Gutka, Cigarettes, and tobacco completely.

There are rehab centers as well which provide services to people unable to quit tobacco. These centers utilize natural therapies and treatments to help a person in quitting the habit.

The person finding it impossible to quit can take shelter in these centers to regain health and prevent serious side effects. Psychiatric treatments are also available which persuade a person’s will power to overcome this habit.

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