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Get Rid of Side Effects of Gutka

Side Effects of Gutka

Reduce Side Effects of Gutka

Gutka is made by using ingredients like betel nut, catechu, paraffin wax slaked lime, areca nuts, and tobacco. To provide its unique taste and tingling sensation in mouth thousands of other chemicals are used with these ingredients. These chemicals are also used to increase the shelf-life of the product. The entire content is wrapped in an air-tight pouch to keep it safe from moisture. This is alternate for betel leaves.

Chewing betel leaves with other ingredients is traditional mouth-freshener. People fond of tobacco add tobacco to the preparation, otherwise, sweetened rose petals, peppermint powder, betel nut, cardamom are used to make it refreshing.

Chewing and making betel nut leaves for refreshing breath and mouth is time-consuming and needs ingredients. Gutka is pre-mixed with some ingredients and the rest of the others are replaced by chemicals.

It is easy to use and keep and is deliberately made highly addictive. There are mild to serious side effects of Gutka which affect individuals at some point.

People often choose a non-tobacco form of Gutka called Pan Masala considering it safe. But one should be aware that there are mild to serious side effects of Pan Masala too.

This product does not contain tobacco but the rest of the other ingredients are almost similar to that of Gutka.

There is another form of chewing tobacco popular in the Indian subcontinent which is called Khaini. These are leaves of tobacco, which are processed first so that these stay crisp.

These processed leaves are rubbed for a few minutes with Chuna and kept in the mouth between gums and cheek.

The juice which forms after keeping Khaini in mouth provides stimulating effects. There are side effects of chewing tobacco as well in form of Khaini.

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Short Term Side Effects of Gutka

A person consuming Gutka can face nausea, vomiting, increased body temperature, faster heartbeat, stomach cramps, and diarrhea.

Chest pain and either high or low blood pressure are also side effects of Gutka. It can also cause burning in the mouth while eating or drinking.

The short term side effects of Gutka go away in two conditions, either person stops using it or continues using it and the body becomes used to of side effects of Gutka.

These can be side effects of Pan Masala and the side effects of chewing tobacco as well in person who have used these for the first time or accidentally.

Moderate Side Effects of Gutka, Pan Masala, and Tobacco

The ingredients of these products cause die-hard stains over teeth. These form yellow to red stains over and between teeth which do not go away by simple measures.

These products damage taste buds and the person becomes over-sensitive and even numb for certain types of tastes. Bad breath is another problem that arises in people habitual of Gutka or Pan Masala.

The residue of these products which stick over tongue, gums and between teeth raises stale and repelling smell from the mouth with the breath. Receding, bleeding and swollen gums are other side effects of Pan Masala, Gutka, and Tobacco.

These can cause shaky tooth or allow the tooth to fall off. These effects also increase the chances of gum disease and tooth decay.

Side Effects of Gutka Caused By Carcinogens

Regular use of this product causes wear and tear of the tissue lining of the mouth. The tissues of inner cheeks, gums, and tongue get damaged regularly due to the effects of chemicals used in the product.

Body repairs and heals these damages but only to a certain extent. Later these damaged tissues are replaced by scar tissues. The scar tissues are hard tissues with very less blood flow.

These are not elastic and do not stretch. The formation of scar tissue is also called as submucous fibrosis. Symptoms of fibrosis are difficulty in the opening mouth or smiling from one side. This condition is serious symptom of growing serious problem in mouth.

Chemicals and ingredients of Gutka can cause the formation of lesions in the mouth. These can be pre-cancerous lesions and indicate a serious problem.

Chewing Gutka, Pan Masala or Tobacco increases the chances of oral, cervix, prostate, lung and throat cancers considerably.

Constriction of blood vessels is another problem and one of the serious side effects of Gutka and Tobacco.

Due to effects of compounds released by chemicals present in these products causes damage to the walls of blood vessels and narrows them down. Lesser blood flow causes weakness in organs and raises a threat to overall health.

Side Effects of Gutka Over Respiratory and Other Systems of the Body

Many people complain about a faster breathing rate and wheezing after consuming Gutka or Pan Masala. Even chest pain is reported by users which may subside after some time.

The use of Gutka or Pan Masala can worsen asthma. The powdery substance present in each dose can get accumulated in airways and lungs to cause breathing problems.

Shortness of breath is also associated with the use of these products. People already suffering from asthma can face worse asthmatic attacks due to the ingredients of these products.

The use of these products can increase the frequency of asthmatic attacks and reduce the endurance of the respiratory system to recover from an attack quickly.

The major portion of ingredients used in these products is from the palm family. These varieties are infamous for promoting allergies in the respiratory system.

For asthmatic patients use of these products is very hazardous. People complain about feeling out of breath after moderately straining physical activity. These products also slow down the speed of recovery from exhaustion.

Effects Over Body and Senses

Gutka, Tobacco and Pan Masala are severe over senses. These affect taste buds and sensitivity of tongue but these also affect other senses.

Regular chewing causes jaw displacement and swelling in muscles around the jaw. These ill-effects can squeeze down the ear canal and affect the hearing ability of a person.

These products can even cause the problem of tinnitus and people hearing non-existent sounds around them. Blurred vision and dilated pupils are other common side effects of Pan Masala, Gutka, and Tobacco use.

These products due to their hazardous ingredients can cause difficulty in moving certain parts of the body. People have been seen as very less capable of performing tasks requiring muscle control and stiffness.

These products also cause tremors and loss of balance and many people complain about signs of vertigo after using these products for a considerable period.

Toxin Build-Up

This is one of the common side effects of these products which can arise very early after use for a short duration, or little later depending upon one’s health.

The ingredients which find a way into the human system via oral cavity play havoc over the digestive system. These kill good bacteria in guts and slow down metabolic rate and defecation.

People often complain about bloating, gas, acidity and other kinds of problems related to the digestive system. These issues very soon raise the toxin level which floats throughout the body with blood.

Excessive tearing, sweating, and saliva production are signs of higher toxin present in the body and of substance abuse.

Fluctuating body temperature due to the use of tobacco causes sweating and the production of oral and eye fluids in excess, incontinence and chronic diarrhea also arise due to growing toxicity in the system.

Flushing and fever also occur due to toxin activities and the reaction of the immune system to inhibit their activities.

The use of these products harm the mental status of a person as well. People feel euphoric without any reason due to higher magnesium supplementation through these products.

A limited amount of magnesium is required by the body but excessive supplementation can cause harm to mental and emotional balance and also affect DNA.

Psychosis, amnesia, and confusions are other issues that are caused by Gutka or tobacco use on a regular basis for the long term.

Amongst other side effects of Pan Masala, Tobacco and Gutka are abnormal thyroid gland functions.

These products also promote liver toxicity and pose a threat to health and slowdown overall metabolism and fat metabolism.

Kidney toxicity is other issues that arise due to these products and immune-suppression also occur due to toxicity and hazardous chemicals present in Gutka and Pan Masala. Use of tobacco in any form increases susceptibility for diabetes type 2 in a person.

Ways to Quit Gutka, Tobacco and Pan Masala Addiction

The side effects of chewing Gutka and Pan Masala and Tobacco are undoubtedly severe and a threat to health and life. But there is good news too.

If a person quits using any of these products the health begins to improve from the next day and within a few months heartening signs of good health are evident.

Oral health improves by leaps and bounds after quitting the use of these products and a person gains substantially on stamina.

By quitting the habit of tobacco person decreases his chances of heart attack by 30% within 6 months. Abstinence from tobacco improves metabolism and improves energy levels in a short time considerably.

Quitting tobacco, Gutka, and Pan Masala brings mental alertness and improves focus and memory. A person eats and sleeps better and his or her fitness also improves at a rapid pace.

If one finds quitting the habit of using these products extremely difficult there are centers that can help. These centers provide psychiatric treatment and also physical treatment to help a person to overcome these hazardous habits.

If one wants to come out of addiction without taking help there are ways for that too. Distract your mind by replacing these products with something healthy.

Use certain types of spices and foods can suppress serious urge and help in overcoming this habit. One can use herbs too which bring change in taste of mouth and nullify compounds in blood which raise desire for these products.

There are few non-tobacco chewing gums available these products are not harmful and help in suppressing the desire for chewing tobacco or Gutka.

These supply nicotine in very small dosage to keep a person away from these harmful substances. Exercises, meditation, and Yoga also help in quitting all sorts of bad habits and work for a person habitual of tobacco.

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