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Home Remedies for Gutka, Pan Masala Stains

Home Remedies to Remove Teeth Stains Due to Chewing Gutkha Pan Masala

Teeth Stains

Tooth stains are different hue, color or spots over teeth. The standard shade for teeth varies from A1-A4 on the Vista scale. With growing age, people have a different shade of teeth than standard which is largely due to breakage and damage to the enamel.

The stains over dentures can be classified into two categories one that forms over enamel and another which passes enamel and forms over dentin.

The stains which are over enamel can be removed through simple measures but for the ones over dentin special effort is needed.

There are ways how to remove teeth stains that are effective against lighter stains over enamel and more stubborn stains over dentin.

Enamel is a light and thin layer over teeth that protects them from staining and hot and cold foods.

People in habit of chewing Pan Masala or Gutka have stains which pierce through enamel get absorbed in the tooth surface, these stains do not go away by brushing with toothpaste.

To remove Gutka stains from teeth dentists generally, conduct filing of tooth surface which remove the layers containing stain. But this process is harmful for tooth and leaves it thinner.

Natural methods how to remove teeth stains do not cause any such damage to the tooth and extract the colored substance of Gutka or Pan Masala to provide white teeth.

Natural methods are a safer way to remove pan masala stains but these demand regularity and discipline.

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Causes and Symptoms

People in habit of chewing Gutka or Pan Masala have stained teeth. The major ingredient in both products is tar. This substance sticks to enamel and forms a yellow colored spot over the neck of teeth above gum-line.

The stain keeps on increasing in size and forms a clearly visible stain. The chemicals used in both the products break enamel and allow other compounds in foods and Pan Masala to reach the tooth surface.

These chemicals on regular intake get absorbed in the tooth and from a stubborn stain which is hard to go by. People chewing Gutka or Pan Masala has a higher acid present in the mouth.

Acid is corrosive for enamel and breaks it to allow chemicals present in these products to reach dentin and form a stain. People in Gutka or Pan Masala habit invariably have stains over teeth.

Regular chewing and hard crystals present in these products cause tooth shedding. Due to shedding the inner portion of the tooth gets exposed and collects stains.

The saliva and chemicals get attached to the inner part of the tongue and other areas of the mouth. These later form acid which corrodes enamel and speeds-up process of hard stains.

Apart from Gutka and Pan Masala issues like dental plaque and later calcification of plaque are common causes of tooth stains. Use of antibiotics, exposure to metals through contaminated water and food sources and certain types of topical medicines also form stains over teeth.

There is a variety of foods and drinks which form stains. Though these stains are over enamel and go away by proper brushing but in many cases form stubborn stains.

Genetic disorders, fluorosis caused by excessive fluoride exposure, dental caries or tooth decay and trauma also form stains.

Pulp necrosis, internal resorption, root canal treatment, and amalgam fillings are other common causes of tooth stains.

Change is a shade of teeth color is the first sign of discoloration. People chewing Gutka or Pan Masala may find fading shade and shine of teeth which signify the breaking of enamel and corrosion.

The shade gradually becomes yellowish and some parts of the tooth may carry darker yellow shade even after brushing.

People in habit of using chewing tobacco products have spotted over teeth and between teeth which are red in color. In general, any variation in color from standard shades is a sign of tooth discoloration.

Home Remedies for Gutka, Pan Masala stains

Lemon and Salt

Lemon and Salt Remedy to Remove Teeth Stains

The use of lemon and salt can help to remove Gutka stains from teeth. Prepare a mixture by adding a few drops of lemon to salt and rub teeth with it using your finger.

Leave the mixture on for 10 minutes and keep spitting the saliva. Rinse off and brush with regular toothpaste. Regular use of this mixture removes Pan Masala stains.

Baking Soda

There are few useful ways how to remove teeth stains that are safe and protect dentures from becoming thin and weak. The use of baking soda is recommended to people for shiny pearly teeth.

This may be the relatively mild remedy for people using Gutka or Pan Masala but on regular use prevent the formation of stains.

Collect some baking soda and add to regular toothpaste, brush teeth with the mixture for added properties to prevent stains and remove lighter ones over enamel.


Home Remedy to Remove Teeth Stains

Strawberry paste is also recommended as an effective way of how to remove teeth stains. These berries are rich in vitamin C which helps in diluting material sticking over enamel and also extracts it out from tooth material.

Mash 1-2 strawberries to get a paste and apply with the help of fingers over teeth. Leave it on for a few minutes and rinse off. Regular use of the strawberry paste is also one of the safe and effective remedies on how to remove teeth stains.

Hydrogen Peroxide

Hydrogen peroxide is one of the strongest agents to wipe-off stains over teeth. It is stronger than other agents but lighter than the strongest ones used by dentists to bleach.

Add Hydrogen peroxide to your regular toothpaste and brush teeth with the mixture to remove Pan Masala stains.

You can also prepare a mixture by adding water and Hydrogen peroxide in equal parts and use it as mouthwash 2-3 times in the day. This is one of the ways how to remove teeth stains and has multiple other oral health benefits.

Orange Peel

Oranges are rich in vitamin C and so is their peel. Orange peel also provides a way how to remove teeth stains. Take an orange peel and cut it into thin pieces.

Rub teeth with these for few minutes. Let the juice stay over teeth for a few minutes and rinse off. You can use orange peels in one more way.

Keep these peels to dry in the Sun, grind to form a powder, add to your toothpaste and brush your teeth. These work as useful ways to remove Pan Masala stains.

Margosa Twigs

Home Remedy to Get Rid of Teeth Stains

Chewing margosa twigs or banyan tree roots are old and trusted remedies to remove stains and keep gums and teeth healthy.

Take soft twigs of margosa tree and chew one end to splatter it into thin fibers, brush teeth with it and swish the juice around the mouth.

In the same way, you can chew banyan roots for a few minutes regularly. These help to remove Gutka stains from teeth.

Diet to Getting Rid of Stains

Include foods in the diet which are rich in iron and calcium. These foods are excellent for keeping teeth strong. Stronger teeth and healthier gums protect teeth from stains by maintaining enamel.

Eating crisp foods a few times in the day and particularly after meals is good practice to prevent stains. The foods eaten to prevent stains shall be free from oil and spices and fruits fit in this category very well.

Guava, apple and even veggies like carrots, radish, pears, cucumber, etc., are good for keeping stains away. There are foods that leave marks over teeth after consumption.

Avoiding such foods and drinks is a good idea to dissolve and prevent stains. Rinsing mouth clean after eating or drinking something is good practice to protect teeth from problems and staining.

Eat fiber-rich foods to keep digestion healthy. People suffering from acidity, gas and other problems like indigestion and bloating suffer from stains, this happens due to higher acid present in the mouth caused by these problems.

Acid corrodes enamel and allows food to reach the tooth surface. When enamel is unable to protect tooth surface food content gets absorbed in dentin and forms a stubborn stain.

People in habit of chewing tobacco, Gutka, Betel or Pan Masala need to stop this first. Without stopping chewing these products any remedy cannot help.

Teeth Stains Treatment and Prevention

There is no treatment for people in habit of Gutka or Pan Masala as long as they do not stop using these products. After putting a stop to this habit there are many remedies which can be helpful.

Use strong agents to remove stains like hydrogen peroxide etc. and include good practices that prevent stain formation. Brush teeth properly twice in a day and do not forget to clean the tongue.

If food or other particles are attached to tongue teeth cannot remain free from trouble.

Use a proper tongue cleaner to remove attached food particles and traces of drinks to keep teeth clean, healthy and shiny. Always rinse your mouth well after consuming foods that have a tendency of forming stains.

Tea, coffee, beverages, soy paste, etc. are few commonly used foods and drinks which form stains. Rinsing with water and reducing their intake helps in keeping teeth free from stains.

Maintain water intake. Dryness in the mouth helps in staining. Optimum saliva secretion keeps bacterial growth under control and protects enamel. It also helps in preventing stains by diluting chemicals and other agents.

Water intake also helps in reducing instances of hyperacidity and heartburn. It aids digestion and suppresses acid and gas build-up. Check medicines, antibiotics help in forming stains and there are other medicines too which can form stains over teeth.

If it is necessary to consume these medicines take special care to keep teeth clean. Stay away from products like Gutka, Pan Masala and betel these are hazardous for health and sources of many life-threatening diseases and also deteriorate oral health.

The stains formed by these products are most difficult to go away and can cause untreatable damage to dentures.

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