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Home Remedies for Bad Breath

Home Remedies for Bad Breath

Natural Ways to Get Rid of Bad Breath

When it comes to home remedies for bad breath the solution will depend on quite a lot of reasons it is there in the first place. In a vast majority of cases, bad breath is caused by something that is happening in your mouth. In most situations, bad breath is simply a result of someone having a dirty mouth and nothing else.

Have you ever heard of plaque? This is an invisible film of bacteria that is continuously forming inside your mouth. This is one of the major causes of bad breath.

One other source of this unbelievable smell could be some food that is stuck between your teeth and has started decaying.

More often than not, bad breath is not a serious problem and doesn’t have any serious consequences. But if you aren’t careful and don’t have good home remedies for bad breath to help you out it could lead to quite a lot of embarrassment as well as self-consciousness.

There are some situations where bad breath could also be a sign of something more severe. So, if you have tried all the below mentioned home remedies and still aren’t able to get rid of it, perhaps it is best that you visit a doctor right away to ensure that there is no serious underlying problem that the home remedies for bad breath are obviously not well equipped to fix.

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How to Avoid Bad Breath?

The food that a person eats has a lot to do with his and her bad breath as well. All the home remedies for bad breath in the world will be useless if you don’t control the food that is going into your mouth.

Some foods have very strong odors such as onions and garlic. Even alcohol has a very bad stench and can be very difficult to get rid of.

Tobacco is one other thing that can really force your breath to turn sour while harming your health at the same time as well.

Before you start using any of the below home remedies for bad breath it is important for you to figure out why you have the problem in the first place.

Once you know the cause and can put an end to it, here are a few home remedies for bad breath to help get rid of it:

Home Remedies for Bad Breath

Black and Green Tea to Cure Bad Breath

Black and Green Tea to Cure Bad Breath

The first choice when it comes to home remedies for bad breath has got to be tea. There are compounds found in both black as well as green tea known as polyphenols that have the ability to stop the growth of the bacteria which are responsible for your bad breath.

These polyphenols will also stop the bacteria in your mouth from producing compounds like hydrogen sulfide which are very hazardous to your health.

Brush Your Teeth Twice Every Day

Again, not really one of your home remedies for bad breath, but an effective solution nonetheless is brushing. You should thoroughly brush your teeth at least twice every day and don’t forget to floss at least once.

Any food, as well as bacteria that are stuck in your mouth will be removed when you brush and will surely be removed while you floss.

When you have bad breath over a long period of time it could result in something called periodontal disease. You wouldn’t want that right? So brush and floss daily.

Eat Citrus Fruits Get Rid of Bad Breath

Get Rid of Bad Breath

The next option as far as home remedies for bad breath is concerned is not really a solution as much as it is a suggestion. Bad breath is caused quite a few times when a person has a dry mouth.

This can simply be solved by eating citrus fruits which have high amounts of citric acid. Some of the best citrus fruits are grapefruits, lemons, oranges, etc. This itself can go a long way in improving your breath.

The acid present in these fruits is what stimulates your saliva and it helps to suppress the odor-causing bacteria in your mouth. Apart from this, the tangy taste of these fruits also makes your mouth smell fresh.

Chew Parsley or Alfalfa Help to Remove Bad Breath

The next remedy is to simply chew on some parsley or alfalfa. Both these plants contain chlorophyll and this is very effective when it comes to killing the harmful bacteria that rests in a person’s oral cavity.

Drink Plenty of Water Daily for Fresh Breath

Drink Plenty of Water Daily for Fresh Breath

The next thing that you can do to prevent bad breath is to drink a lot of water. Water can basically flush out toxins from your body which keep going through your nose, pores, and mouth.

Apart from that, water will also help keep the tissues in your mouth moist so that you don’t have to worry about a dry mouth.

Even though this may seem very simple, it is considered as one of the most effective ways for anyone to get rid of bad breath permanently.

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