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Why Nightfall Occurs, Harmful Effects of Frequent Discharge during Sleep

Why Nightfall Occurs

Why Nightfall Occurs Regularly in Males?

Nightfall is a natural process through which the body releases building pressure for mating in males. This process also helps in keeping a fresh lot of sperms in the male body capable of causing conception. The male body has been designed to maintain sperms in the testicular region always.

Once a male discharge, the body replenishes the sperms as quickly as possible. Sperms are ejaculated along with seminal fluids that protect them and keep them nourished.

Seminal fluids are produced by the body when a male gets excited and both sperms and seminal fluids are mixed in urethra before discharge.

At a young age after puberty boys generally, face to many episodes of wet dreams. After puberty male body gains regular secretion of youth hormones out of which testosterone is most important.

Secretion of testosterone hormone brings many changes in the boy’s body and practice is responsible for making him a man. Why nightfall occurs at a young age is actually because of testosterone release.

Testosterone hormone makes genital region sensitive, it enhances the flow of blood in the genital region and brings maturity in testicular functions it also stimulates parts of the brain which bring erotic thoughts and attraction towards the opposite gender.

Testosterone hormone improves muscular endurance, promotes the growth of bodily hairs and deepens the voice.

Activities of testosterone hormone by bringing erotic thoughts and dreams, sensation in the genital region intensify the excitement and bring nocturnal emission.

After the boy has achieved adulthood this problem subsides as with age body and brain learn how to handle testosterone activities and suppress over-excitement during sleep.

Why nightfall occurs in an adult? There are many causes of frequent sperm discharge during sleep in an adult male.

Simple reasons like long term abstinence from lovemaking, absence of relationship after achieving adulthood, breakups or terse relationships with a partner can bring wet dreams for certain duration.

Amongst moderately serious or serious causes of frequent sperm discharge during sleep are high stress, health issues, hormonal fluctuations, psychological problems, medication, nervous system disorders and exhausted reproductive systems.

All of these are commonly found reasons why nightfall occurs in an adult male.

Behavioral and lifestyle-related issues are also reasons why nightfall occurs in an adult male. Males who have been in habit of hand-practice at any age have damaged or weak nerves and tissues.

These weaknesses can get aggravated and bring frequent night discharge. Many males are fond of porn material and erotic conversations. These bring excitement a few times during the day and cause hyperactive nerves.

Over-active nerves bring excitement during sleep and sperm leakage at night. In elderly males issues like BPH or prostatitis are commonly found reasons for wet dreams.

There can be many reasons why nightfall occurs in young to elderly males but this problem needs proper treatment. No matter at what age a male faces this problem, proper steps shall be taken immediately to control it.

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Harmful Effects of Frequent Discharge during Sleep

The problem of wet dreams can cast severe implication on health and potency of a male. This even has potency to harm male’s fertility.

Harmful effects of nightfall make it an urgent problem to deal with without any delays. Some of the commonly seen harmful effects of nightfall are as follows –

  • Stress, chronic fatigue, tiredness, and irritability are commonly seen as harmful effects of nightfall or swapandosh. Regular loss of vital fluids during sleep causes deficiencies. It also affects energy production and lowers male’s stamina and energy. Males running low on stamina feel tired and lethargic and also carry irritated mind. These are early signs of frequent nightfall harmful effects which signify excessive occurrences of wet dreams.
  • Low libido, low semen volume, erectile dysfunction, and poor fertility are other harmful effects of swapandosh. Regular loss of semen strains and stressed-out reproductive system. It also lowers testosterone production and causes low libido. A lesser desire for lovemaking affects erection quality and exhausted reproductive system is unable to replenish lost fluids and causes low semen volume. All these frequent nightfall harmful effects deteriorate male’s performance in bed and jeopardize his love-life.
  • Psychological issues like depression, anxiety, irritability, mood swings, etc. are also common harmful effects of nightfall. Poor energy and inactive love-life collectively make a male mentally unstable and weak. These problems show in the form of psychological problems and alter a male’s personality. Males also become victims of poor emotional status and prone to become addict to any bad habit. Sleep disturbances caused by regular or frequent wet dreams harm memory, focus, and ability to concentrate severely. These issues deteriorate male’s work performance and also make his life miserable.

Ayurvedic Treatment for Frequent Nightfall

To treat problems like wet dreams which have many reasons and cast serious effects on health herbs have been used effectively for ages.

Even today one can get benefits of age-old trusted treatment described in Ayurveda at the convenience of home and get rid of the problem for the long term.

The herbs are free of side effects and suitable for males of any age. These do not cause any dependency and resolve the problem for the long term by their natural effects.

One can enjoy positive changes brought in by herbs for longer period in life by taking simple precautions. No Fall capsules are Ayurvedic preparation designed for treating frequent night emissions.

These come with multiple herbs as ingredients that address the root causes of the problem and provide the most reliable treatment for frequent discharge during sleep.

No Fall capsules strengthen the nervous system and keep nerves of the genital region active and energized. Active and healthy nerves stop all sorts of involuntary loss of semen and stop night discharge quickly.

These pills enhance energy production and remove deficiencies to raise male’s energy and vitality. Higher energy in the body improves functions of all the systems of the body including the reproductive system and resolve the problem of wet dreams.

No Fall capsules also come with aphrodisiac herbs which enhance testosterone levels and rejuvenate the male reproductive system.

One not only gains faster treatment for frequent discharge during sleep but also eliminate ill-effects of the problem over male’s health and potency.

Maha Rasayan capsules along with No Fall capsules provide far better and faster treatment. These pills too are purely herbal and come with multiple herbs possessing profound properties to alleviate the problem.

Together both these supplements holistically remove the problem of swapandosh and its side effects. These on regular and disciplined use provide a male much improved vitality, virility, and vigor.

Use of Maha Rasayan capsules along with No Fall capsules invigorates the benefits of herbs. These also possess strong purgatory herbs which cleanse organs like liver, kidneys, colon, and lymphatic system and keep blood purified.

Pure and clean blood supplier nutrition and oxygen to every cell and improve cellular metabolism.

Faster cellular metabolic rate boost-up physical and mental health, eliminate debilities and provide a male upbeat potency and fertility.

Maha Rasayan capsules possess herbs which are natural treatments for problems like weak, slow and soft erections and intensify male’s performance in bed. These increase sperm count and semen volume and provide male control over his discharge.

The properties of herbal ingredients of No Fall and Maha Rasayan capsules activate healthy processes, improve functions of systems, and compound the performance of organs.

These correct hormonal secretion by enhancing glandular functions and promote energy production, mental health, and virility.

The positive impact of these supplements relieves health problems which cause issues like PE, ED, and swapandosh and also reduce the intensity of psychological problems.

No Fall and Maha Rasayan capsules improve the overall quality of a male’s life along with holistic treatment for swapandosh.

Diet Tips to Avoid Sperm Discharge during Sleep

There certain foods that are very useful in treating the swapandosh problem. Include garlic in the diet on a regular basis. Chewing a raw garlic clove every day with meals is excellent for treating the problem.

Include a bowl of yogurt and use raw chopped onion with meals for gaining faster relief. Pomegranate is also recommended as useful food for treating nightfall.

Apart from these eat high fiber, mineral and antioxidant-rich diet which fulfills requirements of the body and strong nerves to check the problem.

Avoid excessive tea, coffee, beverages, and acidic drinks. Avoid long sitting hours and drink plenty of water. Cut-out alcohol, tobacco, drugs and smoking completely.

A glass of almond milk every day provides necessary nutrition and energy to the body which keeps nerves active to stop wet dreams.

Home Remedies for Frequent Nightfall

There are certain home remedies too which are very useful in treating and preventing the problem.

Indian Gooseberry or Bottle Gourd Juice

Amla or Bottle Gourd Juice

    • One glass of Indian gooseberry or bottle gourd juice in a day is very useful for keeping the internal system healthy and suppresses issues that lead to nightfall.


    • Drinking a glass of hot milk before bed is also very useful for keeping the system relieved and bringing sound sleep to avoid nightfall due to erotic dreams.

Pomegranate Juice

    • If drinking pomegranate juice does not help you can try a home remedy made by using pomegranate peels. Take few pomegranate peels and keep them in the sun to dry for 3-4 days. Grind dried leaves to form a powder. Consume one teaspoon of this powder twice a day after mixing it with honey regularly.

Celery Juice

    • Celery juice is wonderful as a home remedy for swapandosh. Take a few strands of celery and grind to extract their juice out. Collect two teaspoons of juice and add one teaspoon of honey and consume half an hour before bedtime regularly.

Sage Tea

Sage Tea

  • Two cups of sage tea in a day are excellent home remedies for nightfall. Add two teaspoons of dried sage to a cup of boiling water and let the mixture steep. When the mixture becomes a bearably warm strain, add two teaspoons of honey, and drink. Drink one cup of sage tea before bedtime for best results.
  • Taking a bath before bedtime relaxes nerves and evens blood flow. This too is a trusted home remedy for nightfall.

No Fall Capsules Ingredients for Nightfall Treatment

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