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Herbal Treatment for Sperm Discharge during Bowel Movement

Sperm Leakage during Bowel Movement

Sperm Leakage During Bowel Movement

It is not normal to have any kind of discharge from the male organ other than urine during bowel movements. It is a sign of growing exhaustion in the reproductive system which can be a source of health conditions too. A large percentage of males suffer from the prostate problem need to undergo surgery this is a clear cut sign of a prostate problem.

There can be other issues too which might be causing the problem and one needs proper treatment to alleviate these.

Sperm leakage during bowel movements is a threat to health and potency both. Sperms are an elixir of the male body and these are valuable. Losing these due to unnecessary reasons puts strain over entire health and most over the reproductive system.

No self-respecting male can afford to have a poorly functioning reproductive system at any age. Sperm leakage during bowel movements not only causes harm to the reproductive system but also deteriorates the health and mental composure of a male.

Sperms are produced in testicles and stored there ready for discharge. When a male gets excited, the prostate gland produces seminal fluids which comprise 98% of total semen volume.

Seminal fluids and sperms are transferred through the sperm canal and get mixed in the urethra. This mixture is semen which is discharged through the male organ on the climax.

Males suffering from sperm leakage during bowel movements have semen present in urethra always.

There are multiple causes that prevent complete discharge and allow part of semen to stay in the urethra. All these reasons are causes of sperm leakage during a bowel movement.

After discharge during a bowel movement, one may feel pain and burn in back and urinary canal. Many males do not feel any pain or heaviness even after regular discharge during bowel movements.

The amount of discharge also varies from male to male. Some may see a considerable amount of discharge while some just one or two drops of thick fluid.

Loss of sperms on a regular basis once or twice in a day during bowel movements bring debilities, the body replaces lost sperms quickly and their production needs nutrients.

So, regular production means regular erosion of nutrient reserves of the body. This can cause deficiencies and low energy which brings down health and vitality.

Poor energy is not severe over physical capabilities but also over mental abilities. Stress, irritation, mood swings, poor focus, etc. becomes usual characteristics of one’s personality.

Low energy also means less support for systems of the body. This starves the reproductive system which is already strained by producing sperms regularly.

The lethargic and exhausted system raises depressing issues like low libido, erectile dysfunction and low semen volume insufficient to cause conception.

All the side effects of the problem can arise in a short time and make one feel depressed. Ayurvedic treatment for sperm leakage during stool handles the problem and its side effects efficiently.

Males become nervous by seeing the problem and its side effects. Most do not have any clue how to handle it and where to go.

Popular method of treatment certainly does not provide any method by which this problem can be eliminated with its ill-effects reliably.

Ayurvedic treatment for sperm leakage during stool provides a complete solution and long term riddance from the problem. It works for males of all ages. This problem can be related to age or due to poor sexual behavior.

Herbal treatment for sperm discharge during a bowel movement handles problems occurring due to any reason and provides complete relief.

It not only eliminates the problem but provides a male much-improved potency, vitality and vigor to lead a passionate love-life.

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Symptoms and Causes

Causes of sperm leakage during a bowel movement are varied. These factors which can affect the energy and performance of the male reproductive system, nerves and deteriorate prostate health all are possible causes of sperm leakage during a bowel movement.

Some of the most commonly affecting causes of the problem are listed below.

  • Enlargement of the prostate gland also called BPH due to growing age causes problems in elderly males. Enlargement of the prostate constricts the urinary canal and prevents complete discharge. The remaining part of semen in urethra gets expelled when pressure is applied during a bowel movement.
  • Prostatitis is caused due to congestion of the prostate gland and bacterial infection. Males in habit of hand-practice or performing copulation very frequently have fluid build-up around gland. This facilitates bacterial infection which causes swelling in gland. Inflammation prevents complete discharge and brings discharge during stool.
  • Congestion of the prostate gland is another one of the common causes of sperm leakage during a bowel movement. Excessive hand-practice, copulation or arousals without ejaculation cause fluid build-up. When pressure is applied during bowel movements the fluids get passed into the urinary canal and ejaculated. Even in the absence of bacterial infection congestion in the prostate gland causes semen leakage during bowel movement or urination.
  • The sluggish and weak reproductive system is unable to discharge the entire volume of semen due to weakness in muscles, nerves, and blockages in sperm canals. The traces of seminal fluids remain in the urinary and sperm canal and also urethra. The remaining traces of fluids are ejaculated during bowel movement due to pressure.
  • Constipation may be a metabolic disorder but one of the causes of sperm leakage during a bowel movement. Constipation causes hard-to-pass stools. A person suffering from this problem applies much more pressure to let stools pass out. This pressure many times triggers the problem which occurs as and when a person has hard stools.
  • Weakness in organs and nerves caused by bad habits like excessive smoking, tobacco use, alcohol intake, drugs, etc. Health conditions like diabetes, high cholesterol, etc. also cause weakness in nerves and organs. Restricted blood flow towards the genital region due to sedentary lifestyle, obesity, etc. are other causes of sperm leakage during bowel movements.
  • Nutritional deficiencies which cause a scarcity of vital nutrients required by the body to keep reproductive organs healthy and strong also cause the problem. Hormonal disturbances particularly low testosterone levels is another major cause of the problem. Low testosterone level makes the entire reproductive system and its organs weak and sluggish and raises a variety of disorders.

The symptoms of the problem are very clear. One can feel thick fluid coming out of the male organ during bowel movements or right after.

This fluid can be 1 or 2 drops or in considerable volume. Pain, heaviness, and burning are felt in the urinary canal or in the back after a bowel movement.

This is due to soreness in canal and prostate gland. The frequency of discharge depends upon the causes of sperm leakage during a bowel movement.

Herbal Treatment for Sperm Discharge during Bowel Movement

No Fall and Maha Rasayan capsules are natural supplements that provide the most effective ayurvedic treatment for sperm leakage during stool.

These supplements come with herbs that improve prostate gland health safely and naturally. These shrink enlarged gland back to normal size in the male of any age.

Elderly males suffering from BPH and problem of involuntary discharge during stool and urination get rid of the problem without any trouble. These supplements save the elderly from surgeries to get rid of the enlarged prostate gland.

These supplements provide ayurvedic treatment for sperm leakage during stool to those males who are in the habit of excessive hand practice or other kinds of sexual malpractices.

These supplements repair nerves, strengthen tissues and cure inflammation and congestion of the prostate gland for holistic herbal treatment for sperm discharge during bowel movements.

In short duration of use ayurvedic treatment for sperm leakage during stool, provides male of any age gains riddance from prostate problems and alleviate the disorder.

No Fall and Maha Rasayan capsules come with nutritive and hormone balancing herbs. These eliminate nutritional deficiencies and balance secretion of vital hormones.

These possess aphrodisiac herbs which elevate the level of testosterone hormone and rejuvenate the entire male reproductive system.

The energized reproductive system has strong nerves, clear canals, and strong muscles to ejaculate an entire load of semen on the climax. Anti-inflammatory herbs diffuse inflammation and remove blockages in canals which restrict ejaculation.

All these benefits provide holistic ayurvedic treatment for sperm leakage during stool. These supplements boost-up metabolic rate and maintain energy production to keep a male active and high on stamina.

Energized body, reproductive system, and organs and healthy testosterone level cure problems like ED, low libido and low semen volume and boost-up male’s vitality, virility and vigor.

Along with Ayurvedic treatment for sperm leakage during stool, these supplements eliminate the side effects of the problem too efficiently.

Some of the herbs present in these supplements are anti-toxin and sources of powerful antioxidants. These herbs protect glands, organs, and nerves from toxin and free-radical damages.

These slow down the aging process and rejuvenate entire health. These supplements provide long-lasting results by improving the overall health of a male and allow him to lead a passionate love-life.

No Fall and Maha Rasayan capsules stop the loss of sperms during bowel movements in a short time. These improve physical energy and stamina, reenergize the reproductive system, slow down the aging process, cleanse internal organs and treat prostate gland problems for better vitality and virility.

One gains a higher volume of semen with healthy and motile sperms to gain much-improved fertility and achieve fatherhood easily.

Final Words for Sperm Leakage during Stool Treatment in Ayurveda

The problem of sperm leakage during bowel movement or urination is a sign of serious weakness in the reproductive system and prostate gland. it harms potency and vitality of a male in a short time so it is not to be ignored.

Ayurvedic treatment handles moderate to serious causes of the problem effectively and naturally. The herbal supplements can be used without any prescription as these are free of side effects.

On the first signs of the problem, one should use these to get rid of the problem before it aggravates and causes other problems. The results obtained through ayurvedic treatment are long-lasting and multiple.

These take male’s vitality and virility to a much higher level and improve the overall quality of life immensely.

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