Stop Semen Discharge After Urination

Ayurvedic Treatment for Semen Discharge After Urination

Problem of semen discharge with urination is a health-killer and potency-buster. Though the problem itself is a symptom of exhausted male reproductive system and poorly functioning nerves but it is a sure way to cause other disorders like low libido and erectile dysfunction. If this problem is not treated quickly and its side-effects are not reversed it further aggravates debility.

Reproductive system is supposed to produce semen on a regular basis and keep replacing it whenever it is discharged.

Genital nerves are supposed to prevent involuntary discharge during normal state and even during arousal. If a male experiences semen discharge after urination or with urination it clearly means nerves are exhausted and craving for energy.

Ayurvedic treatment for semen discharge after urination resolves this problem and also reverses its side-effects to provide long-lasting relief.

There are myriad causes of semen discharge after urination. Poor diet, inactive lifestyle, disorders like diabetes, alcoholism, smoking, drug abuse, ill-effects of medications, treatments and therapies all can cause low energy levels in the body and leave little support for reproductive functions.

Apart from these, some males suffer with problem of retrograde ejaculation. In this condition the semen is not discharged outside through penis but it stays in urethra and is passed out later with urine to cause semen discharge after urination.

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Ayurvedic Treatment for Semen Discharge After Urination

Among most commonly found causes, excessive hand practice, coitus and unhealthy sexual behavior are the ones which affect reproductive organs, tissues and nerves severely and raise problems in a short time.

These practices make nerves flaccid and lethargic and also reduce level of testosterone hormone in male body.

Lower level of testosterone exhausts reproductive system and depletes its functions and lethargic nerves allow problems like semen discharge with urine to settle in.

Ayurvedic treatment for semen discharge after urination can handle the problem and provide relief occurring due to any of these causes safely and completely.

The ill-effects of semen discharge after urination can be seen on health and daily life of a male. Male becomes incapable in bed and is unable to gain arousal quickly.

Regular loss of ‘vital fluids’ of male causes deficiencies of minerals and nutrients to cause general debility, lethargy and stress.

Low libido, ED and thinning of semen are commonly seen side-effects of the problem whereas distressed liver and poor energy, poor muscular strength and low stamina are also evident on the health of a male suffering with this problem.

NF Cure capsules and Shilajit capsules in combination not only form an amazing herbal treatment for semen discharge in urine but also reverse side-effects of the problem.

NF Cure and Shilajit Capsules

NF Cure capsules possess herbs which are aphrodisiacs and naturally elevate the levels of testosterone hormone. NF Cure ayurvedic treatment for semen discharge after urination also enhances nerve functions and repairs damaged ones.

The aphrodisiac herbs maintain regular supply of energy to nerves and keep them active to keep vital fluids locked and prevent their involuntary discharge.

The herbal ingredients of NF Cure capsules also regenerate tissues at faster pace, enhance strength and endurance of organs, repair damaged tissues quickly and also maintain them stronger by enhancing nutrition and oxygen supply through blood.

Shilajit capsules along with NF Cure capsules make this ayurvedic treatment for semen discharge after urination much better and complete.

Shilajit capsules are recommended to reverse weaknesses and debilities and improve vitality. They possess herbs which supplement vital minerals and nutrients in optimum dosage and in bio-available form.

Availability of nutrients removes deficiencies and fill-in nutritional gap. These herbs use nutrients as raw material and increase frequency of energy producing reactions and provide higher energy support to all the systems of the body especially reproductive system.

Natural Remedies for Semen Discharge After Urination

Shilajit capsules also ensure even and regular supply of energy to all parts of the body and improve strength, endurance and energy levels. The herbs of Shilajit capsules are natural remedies for numerous disorders.

This herbal treatment for semen discharge after urination treats anemia, low energy levels, asthma, arthritis, fissures and also enhance testosterone hormone levels.

Shilajit capsules enhance functions of glands, promote healthy prostate functions, boost cardiac and respiratory functions and improve blood flow by keeping blood vessels clear of blockages.

The herbal ingredients of Shilajit capsules promote muscular growth, strength and endurance and also enhance bone density.

One should use NF Cure capsules and Shilajit capsules regularly in combination for 3 to 4 months to resolve the problem. But to gain maximum benefits, they are recommended to be used for 6 months without a miss.

The results obtained are by purely natural effects hence this ayurvedic treatment for semen discharge after urination is safe and long-lasting.

These capsules are efficient for improving male’s fertility by increasing number of healthy and motile sperms and produce semen in higher volume.

These pills improve a male’s desire to make love and also impart extra-ordinary lovemaking abilities. Males of all ages can use wonderful benefits of this ayurvedic treatment for semen discharge after urination without any medical prescription.

The effects of NF Cure capsules and Shilajit capsules do not contradict with any on-going treatment.

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