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Causes of Semen Coming Out With Urine and Herbal Remedies

Causes of Semen Coming Out With Urine

Discharge of semen with urine is a highly debilitating and troubling problem which males with the weaker reproductive system have to face If this problem is not treated, it can lead to impotency and make a male incapable in bed. Male body after achieving puberty produce semen regularly, it replaces the old lot with a new one to keep a person ready to reproduce.

The nerves in male genital region are responsible to keep the fluids locked and prevent them from passing out, nerves perform their job throughout the day and also during arousal, these delays the discharge as long as male allows it.

But to perform this job nerves need a regular flow of energy and need to be strong and active.

Causes of Semen Coming Out With Urine

Due to numerous causes the flow of energy towards nerves gets reduced which makes them lethargic, weak and sluggish.

Weak nerves allow fluids of the male reproductive system to pass out easily, sometimes due to slight excitement and sometimes due to pressure like the one applied while passing last drops of urine.

Males suffering from weak and sluggish nerves see semen coming out with urine or after urination frequently. This loss of semen pushes the reproductive system to produce new lot which strains it and raises a host of disorders.

The moment a male notices semen coming out with urine he shall opt for suitable and effective treatment. Herbal remedies are safe, tested and effective ways to resolve the problem.

Because if this problem is allowed to stay, it can devastate a male’s health and also his potency and virility in no time.

Males suffering from this problem generally face episodes of erectile dysfunction in bed, poor quality of semen containing very less healthy sperms, low libido, low energy levels, deficiencies, urinary problems, and enlarged prostate gland.

Body needs nutrients and minerals to produce semen and seminal fluids, particularly zinc is most vital and it is only produced by the liver.

Regular loss of these ‘vital fluids’ of males puts a lot of pressure on the liver as the body demands zinc, again and again, causing distressed liver.

Poor liver functions are highly debilitating and jeopardize energy, strength and overall health of a male. Herbal remedies protect a male from all these problems by providing fast, safe and effective treatment for the problem.

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Herbal Remedies for Semen Coming Out With Urine

There can be numerous causes of semen coming out with urine. Any condition which lowers the energy levels of the body or disrupts the normal functions which produce and supply energy to organs can be the causes of semen with urine.

Disorders like diabetes, poor metabolism, circulatory problems, poor diet, restricted flow of blood and inactive lifestyle contribute to causing this problem by reducing the supply of energy to the male reproductive system, organs, and nerves.

Bad habits like alcoholism, smoking, tobacco use, drug use, medication and certain types of treatments like radiation therapy, chemotherapy or anti-depressants, etc. also cause slowness and weakness in the male reproductive system and raise problems like semen coming out with urine.

Apart from these, there are more commonly found causes that are of more serious nature in affecting the performance of the male reproductive system.

Males in habit of excessive hand practice, too much coition or practicing any behavior which is abusive for the reproductive system suffers from problem of semen coming out with urine quickly and easily.

These practices not only put pressure on the reproductive system to produce semen on a frequent basis but deplete secretion of testosterone hormone. This hormone is vital for male’s potency as it keeps reproductive system energized, upbeat and strong.

Other than weakness and low testosterone levels, these causes also affect prostate functions. The seminal fluids produced by this gland get passed out while urinating and male sees semen coming out with urine frequently.

Retrograde ejaculation is another major cause of the problem. Due to this disorder, semen is discharged from urethra rather than through the tip of the penis.

This semen is excreted later through urine. Herbal remedies resolve the problem by treating all these causes in a short time.

NF Cure and Shilajit Capsules

NF Cure capsules and Shilajit capsules in combination for 3 to 4 months are potent herbal remedies for the problem of semen coming out with urine.

NF Cure capsules possess herbs which rejuvenate the male reproductive system by supplying energy and enhancing testosterone hormone levels.

This hormone re-energizes nerves make them active and strong and ensure regular flow of energy to these. Active and strong nerves and powerful reproductive systems prevent the passage of seminal fluids and sperms with urine.

Shilajit capsules remove deficiencies, enhance energy production and strengthen all the organs and nerves of the body. These improve the vitality of a male and provide higher stamina and strength.

These supplement minerals and other nutrients in optimum dosage and improve functions of the liver, kidneys, heart and enhance the flow of blood all over the body.

In combination NF Cure and Shilajit capsules work as highly efficient herbal remedies for semen coming out with urine by treating all the causes of the problem and provide a male renewed virility, potency and vitality in a short time.

These cure problems like ED, low libido and low semen volume which occur due to loss of seminal fluids with urine.

If one is suffering from this problem for a long time use these supplements for 6 months regularly to gain complete recovery and improved virility and strength.

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