Ayurvedic Herbal Treatment for Semen With Urine

Ayurvedic Herbal Treatment for Semen With Urine, Dhat

The loss of ‘vital fluids’ with urine can be a source of severe physical debility and impotency. This problem always needs immediate attention. Many males try to hide it because in most of the cases it is caused by unnatural and excessive sexual practices. Ayurvedic treatment for dhat or semen discharge with urine helps in quickly, effectively and discreetly resolving the problem. This herbal treatment for semen with urine not only solves the problem but also allows a male to recover from its side-effects and gain much better health and potency. Problem of semen with urine arise due to weak and sluggish nerves and lethargic reproductive system.

Nerves are responsible for keeping semen locked during normal state and also during arousal. Ideally they shall allow passage of semen only when male wishes to but due to numerous causes these nerves become weak and inactive which allows semen discharge during or after urination or due to slight excitement. Semen with urine causes lots of strain on reproductive system and other organs of the body. It also creates severe deficiency of vital minerals in the body. Herbal treatment for semen with urine effectively alleviates the problem and its side-effects in males of all ages.

Males jeopardize normal functions and energy of their reproductive system by performing excessive hand practice, coition or abusive sexual behavior. All these practices reduce level of testosterone hormone and exhaust male reproductive system. Lethargic and weak system is unable to keep nerves active and strong and allows loss of semen with urine. This problem further aggravates weaknesses and strains other organs like liver as well. Poor liver functions raise severe weakness related to muscles and also reduce energy production, fat metabolism and contaminate blood.

Males in habit of excessive hand practice too suffer with poor prostrate functions along with problem of semen with urine. Apart from them, poor diet, inactive lifestyle, medications, treatments and exposure to radiations also cause the problem. Alcoholism, smoking, drugs, health conditions like diabetes and use of sedatives excessively are well known for harming nerve functions and cause problem of semen with urine. Herbal treatment for semen with urine is excellent way to handle the problem occurring due to any of these reasons.

Herbal Treatment for Semen With Urine

NF Cure capsules are tremendously beneficial herbal treatment for semen with urine. These capsules possess herbs which enhance energy and performance of reproductive system and remove debilities and weaknesses. NF Cure capsules possess aphrodisiac herbs which elevate level of testosterone hormone in the body. This hormone rejuvenates reproductive system and reenergizes to bring it back to its optimum health. These pills also supplement herbs which strengthen, repair and stimulate nerves and maintain optimum supply of energy throughout the day to keep them active.

Strong and healthy system and powerful nerves prevent semen discharge with urine in a short time. These capsules also regenerate tissues and make organs stronger and reverse ill-effects of excessive hand practice, coition and other kinds of malpractices. NF Cure herbal treatment for semen with urine shows its positive effects in a short time and male get rid of the problem quickly.

NF Cure and Shilajit Capsules

Intake of Shilajit capsules with NF Cure capsules makes this herbal treatment for semen with urine complete and highly beneficial. Shilajit capsules further better the effects of NF Cure pills and remove side-effects of the problem over health. These two together provide holistic ayurvedic treatment for semen with urine. Shilajit capsules come loaded with herbs which supplement wide range of minerals and nutrients in bio-available form and remove deficiencies. This herbal treatment for semen with urine increases frequency of energy producing reactions and supports all the vital systems of the body including reproductive system.

The herbal ingredients of this ayurvedic treatment for dhat enhance supply of energy all over the body and improve functions of vital organs like liver, kidneys and heart. Shilajit herbal treatment for semen with urine lowers toxicity induced by alcohol, tobacco, medicines and also treats disorders like anemia, asthma, arthritis and fissures effectively. The herbs present in these capsules boost-up metabolism, strengthen muscles, make bones denser and also keep sugar levels under control.

By using these remedies, males gain much improved potency, virility and vitality to stay problem-free for longer period in life. This herbal treatment for semen with urine also increases volume of semen and produces healthy and motile sperms in higher number. Shilajit capsules and NF Cure capsules improve testicular functions and prostrate functions effectively. Many males suffer with problem of semen discharge after urination due to retrograde ejaculation and these supplements can resolve the problems occurring due to this reason as well.

Males of any age can use Shilajit capsules and NF Cure pills without any medical prescription and for prolonged duration. These herbal supplements do not require and strict dietary or exercising regimen to show their wonderful results. Use Shilajit capsules and NF Cure capsules for at least 3 to 4 months regularly, but if problem is severe and old continue till 6 months to gain maximum benefits.

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