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Causes of Semen Discharge after Urination and Ayurvedic Remedies

Causes of Semen Discharge after Urination

The problem of semen discharge after urination is quite common and highly debilitating, this suggests the presence of exhausted reproductive system and poor health and functions of nerves, but if allowed to stay it harms a male’s overall health too severely by creating deficiencies and causing low energy levels.

This problem not only makes a male incapable of bed but also makes him unfit to produce a child. So, men should try to know the causes of semen discharge after urination so that they can avoid it naturally.

This issue also puts a lot of strain on the reproductive system and aggravates weaknesses and debilities to dampen the problem and pose a serious threat to health.

There are ways to handle this problem and pain relief in a short time. Ayurvedic remedies for semen discharge after urination not only eradicate the problem out completely and quickly but also make a male gain complete recovery from its side effects.

Causes of Semen Discharge After Urination

Males suffer from problem of semen with urine due to sluggish and exhausted reproductive system and weak and lethargic nerves. Nerves are responsible for keeping the ‘vital fluids’ of a male locked during normal and also aroused state.

When a male has a reproductive system running low on energy, nerves of the region become too flaccid and allows semen to pass out on slight persuasion or pressure.

Apart from these, poor prostate gland functions or inflammation of the prostate gland are other major causes of the problem. Retrograde ejaculation causing a discharge of semen in urethra also causes passage of semen with urine.

There is a wide range of causes of semen discharge after urination which raises the problem.

Excessive hand practice or coition is one of the most common causes of the problem. Apart from these, abusive sexual behavior, alcoholism, excessive smoking, drugs, and medications like sedatives, etc., are also reasons behind the problem.

A poor diet lacking proper nutrition, inactive lifestyle, disorders like diabetes, exposure to radiations and certain treatments like the one for depression or chemotherapy are also causes of semen discharge after urination.

Ayurvedic remedies for semen discharge after urination can handle all these problems and remove its side effects completely and in a short time.

Males suffering from semen discharge after urination also face problems like erectile dysfunction, low libido, low semen volume, general debility, and weakness.

Ayurvedic remedies for semen discharge after urination not only stop the problem but also alleviate these issues simultaneously.

NF Cure capsules and Shilajit capsules in combination are the most trusted and highly beneficial herbal supplements which provide fast and holistic treatment to the problem.

Herbal Remedies for Semen Leakage After Urination

NF Cure capsules come loaded with natural aphrodisiac herbs which enhance testosterone hormone secretion and rejuvenate the male reproductive system safely.

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These herbs by elevating testosterone level guide flow of energy towards the male genital region and remove debilities and weaknesses occurring due to hand practice and other causes of the problem.

These capsules can treat all the causes of semen leakage after urination in an effective manner. These also enhance the functions of nerves and repair damaged ones in a short time.

The availability of testosterone hormones maintains the optimum flow of energy to nerves to keep them active and strong and prevent loss of semen with urine.

These pills also possess herbs which enhance the flow of blood and repair damaged and weak tissues of the region. Due to weaknesses in the reproductive system and poor supply of energy, tissues get weaker and raise problems of ED.

NF Cure removes all sorts of debilities and resolves the problem of semen discharge after urination effectively.

Shilajit capsules remove side effects of the problem over male’s vitality. Regular loss of semen with urine causes deficiencies and raise disorders and ailments to weaken a male’s health and deplete his strength and stamina.

These pills enhance a male’s energy levels, stamina and strength to preserve good effects of the treatment for longer period in life. All the causes of semen discharge after urination get cured effectively with these capsules.

NF Cure and Shilajit Capsules

These pills supplement a wide range of minerals and nutrients in optimum dosage and increase the frequency of energy-producing reactions. It ensures an even supply of energy all over the body and boost-up the functions of all the vital systems.

These prevent free-radical damages and slow down the process of aging and also improve muscular strength and endurance considerably.

The herbs present in these capsules promote stronger and powerful bones and treat disorders like anemia, asthma, arthritis, etc., and also help in controlling high blood pressure and blood sugar levels.

These also elevate testosterone hormone levels and improve nerve functions by properly treating the causes of semen discharge after urination.

The herbal ingredients of Shilajit capsules improve liver, kidney and heart functions and keep blood vessels free of blockages. Some of the herbs present in these pills are immunity enhancers which keep a male disease-free.

NF Cure and Shilajit capsules can resolve the problem by treating the causes of semen discharge in urine in 3 to 4 months of use.

These are safe for males of all ages and can be used for a prolonged duration. If one is suffering from this problem for a long time and is experiencing severe symptoms continue this remedy for 6 months to gain complete and long-lasting relief.

Due to herbal nature, these are completely harmless and can be taken without any medical prescription.

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