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Herbal Treatment for Sperm Discharge with Urine

Sperm Leakage in Urine, Ayurvedic Treatment

Sperm Leakage in Urine

Regular occurrences of sperm leakage in urine are not normal and need treatment. This condition causes severe ill-effects over health and male’s potency. This problem if not addressed properly can cause impotency and leave a male exhausted and in a poor state of physical and mental health. Sperm production is regular process in the male body.

As soon as the body releases the sperm reproductive system begins its production to replenish lost lot. Regular discharge of sperms with urine keeps the reproductive system working all the time which stresses it out in a short time.

The exhausted and sluggish reproductive system can be a source of many disorders and debilities which are frustrating for any male.

Ayurvedic treatment for sperm discharge with urine works for males of all ages It provides complete riddance from the problem and eliminates its damaging effects.

Semen or sperm leakage in urine is highly debilitating and harmful conditions and a sign of sexual exhaustion which needs immediate attention.

Males suffering from sperm discharge with urine face pain and burning during urination. This is due to thick fluid present in the urinary canal which is carried out with the urine stream.

Fluids and urine stream together increase the volume of the flow and stretch and bruise walls of the urinary canal. Body tries to heal the damage which shortens the width of canal due to inflammation.

This inflammation further blocks the way of the urine stream and causes even more pain and burning. It also provides favorable ground for microbes to breed and cause infection.

UTI and bladder infections are always on the cards for males facing sperm discharge with the urine problems. Sperms fertilize the egg in the woman’s ova and allow the male to become a father.

Regular loss of these harms male’s fertility. Sperm production requires nutrients that are supplied by the body. Regular loss of sperms wipes-off nutrient reserves of the body and cause deficiencies.

Sperm discharge with urine causes severe physical debility and lowers male’s stamina and energy level. The distressed liver is one of the serious side effects of sperm discharge with urine problems.

Zinc is essentially required by the body and is produced in small quantities by the liver. Regular loss of sperms causes deficiency and the liver is pushed to produce it regularly which causes distressed liver.

Poor liver functions can cause physical and mental disorders and weaken one’s health severely.

Sperms are produced by testicles which also produce and release testosterone hormone. This hormone is main hormone for males. The deficiency of nutrients and strain over testicles lowers the level of testosterone hormone in the male body.

Scarcity of this hormone causes sluggish and exhausted reproductive system and also brings muscular weaknesses and poor brain functions. Low testosterone raises signs of impotency and severe weaknesses related to the reproductive system.

Sperm discharge with urine affects keenness for lovemaking and reduce the capabilities of a male in bed. It also causes pain during erection and ejaculation and wipes-off drive for lovemaking.

Victim of sperm discharge with urine suffers from irritability, mood swings, disenchantment, poor focus and other psychological problems which further aggravate misery.

Ayurvedic treatment for sperm discharge with urine not only resolves the problem completely but eliminates its ill-effects over health.

There are no withdrawal symptoms of Ayurvedic treatment as it provides long-lasting results safely and naturally. It eliminates signs of impotency and weaknesses and provides a male sound vitality, virility, and vigor.

It is safe for males of all ages and provides age-defying potency and verve.

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Ayurvedic Treatment for Sperm discharge with Urine

Symptom and Causes

The problem of ejaculate with urine produces clear signs. Following is a list of signs which indicate the presence of the problem beyond doubt.

  • Traces of seminal fluids in the form of thick whitish discharge after urination. These form marks over undergarments if present in small quantities.
  • Pain and burning during urination. The pain or burning sensation can be felt during urination or later. The intensity of pain increases and even traces of blood can be seen after urination.
  • A considerable amount of ejaculate accompanying urine stream or coming out after urination. This is felt as discharge as it is in higher volume.
  • Delayed start of urination. One can feel that there is some obstruction which is stopping urine from flowing out smoothly.
  • Thinning of the urine stream. The stream becomes weak and comes out without any force.
  • Incomplete evacuation. The male feels as if he has not released entire urine and feels the urge to urinate in a few minutes again.
  • Urine incontinence. The growing weakness causes incontinence and male is unable to check urine flow.
  • Too much flaccid male organ during normal state. Regular loss of fluids and sperms causes too much flaccidity in the male organ during normal state. One also feels lesser sensation and responsiveness in the male organ in touch.
  • Reducing the volume of semen. It is obvious that males losing fluids regularly with urine have very low ejaculate volume which is insufficient to cause conception.
  • Reducing interest in lovemaking or signs of low libido. Lesser erotic thoughts and fantasies and conversations.

The causes of sperm leakage in urine are varied. Some of these are side effects of other disorders present in the body and some are direct causes of the problem. Following is a list of the most prominent causes of sperm leakage in urine.

  • Retrograde ejaculation is one of the most common causes of sperm leakage in urine problems. Enlarged or swollen prostate gland prevents complete ejaculation of semen on the climax. It constricts the urinary canal and holds back part or major portion of semen in the urethra. This remaining part of semen is later excreted with urine and causes the problem. The prostate can become enlarged due to aging and other reasons like sitting jobs, obesity, etc. It can become swollen due to infection caused by bacteria. These conditions are common causes of sperm leakage in urine.
  • Excessive hand-practice and copulation are no less common as causes of sperm leakage in urine. Due to regular copulation of the self-stimulation prostate gland gets stressed and suffers from fluid build-up. The congested prostate gland allows seminal fluids to dribble into the urinary canal on slight pressure or arousal. The fluids can dribble into canal even in sitting position or applying pressure to expel last drops of urine. Slight excitement can also cause dribbling and oozing of semen during or after urination.
  • Weak and sluggish nerves of the genital region are other causes of sperm leakage in urine. Nerves are responsible for keeping semen locked during a normal state, sleep, and arousals. When these are weak seminal fluids and semen can dribble into the urethra which later comes out with urine. Low testosterone level leads to sluggish and less energetic nerves to cause the problem. Low testosterone also weakens PE muscles and causes incomplete discharge on the climax to cause the problem.
  • Longer duration of foreplay or delaying discharge by constricting male organ to increase duration of pleasure, are other causes of sperm leakage in urine. These allow semen to stay in the urethra and come out later with urine.

Herbal Treatment for Sperm Discharge with Urine

No Fall and Maha Rasayan capsules in combination provide holistic sperm discharge during urination herbal treatment. These supplements are loaded with herbs which address root causes of the problem and provide long-lasting treatment.

No Fall and Maha Rasayan capsules come with the perfect combination of nutritive and aphrodisiac herbs. These herbs elevate physical energy and stamina and also rejuvenate the reproductive system.

These supplements maintain the optimum circulation of energy all over the body and provide much higher support to all the systems of the body including the reproductive system.

In short duration of use, one gains the energized reproductive system and nerves for sperm discharge during urination herbal treatment. These supplements possess herbs which improve the health of the prostate gland.

These cure inflammation and infection and also shrink enlarged gland back to normal size. These clear fluid build-up around gland and provide long-lasting sperm discharge during urination herbal treatment.

One gains better testicular and prostate gland functions and higher semen volume to enjoy improved fertility and virility.

No Fall and Maha Rasayan capsules balance hormonal secretion which maintains metabolic rate and nutritional uptake. Proper hormonal balance promotes energy and vitality and maintains a healthy reproductive system.

Optimum availability of testosterone hormone provides sperm discharge during urination herbal treatment and riddance from side effects of the problem.

These supplements cure problems like ED, low libido, poor quality of semen and improve the health of the urinary system.

The herbal composition of these supplements addresses age-related causes like BPH efficiently. These also reverse ill-effects of excessive hand practice, alcoholism, smoking, drug use and side effects of medicines for reliable sperm discharge during urination herbal treatment.

Male enjoys the ability to make intense love and provides maximum pleasure to a female partner. These provide age-defying potency and vigor and keep one physically and mentally healthy.

Final Words for Sperm Discharge during Urination Treatment in Ayurveda

One shall not ignore the problem of sperm discharge in urine even for a short period. No Fall and Maha Rasayan capsules can be used without any medical prescription for most effective sperm discharge during urination herbal treatment.

These are purely herbal supplements hence can be used even with any on-going treatment. The natural effects of these supplements are suitable for males of any age.

These address the entire range of causes and provide long-lasting results. There are no withdrawal symptoms of these supplements and by taking simple precautions one can enjoy good results forever.

The anti-aging properties of these supplements work excellently for aging or elderly males and improve their quality of life.

Males suffering with health conditions that cast severe impact over the reproductive system, health and nerves like diabetes also gain immense benefits and riddance from the problem.

No Fall and Maha Rasayan capsules along with sperm discharge with urination herbal treatment resolve other disorders as well which affect a male’s performance in bed and his virility.

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