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6 Great Home Remedies For Hair Lice – Beat Lice Infestation

Home Remedies For Hair Lice

The condition where your hair gets infested with lice is known as pediculosis. This condition can get very difficult to treat simply because of the high rate at which re-infestation occurs. Basically, even though head lice aren’t really dangerous in any way since they don’t spread any diseases, pediculosis itself is contagious and should be treated with extreme care.

Whenever active infestations are discovered, anyone who has come in contact with that person needs to be checked carefully for lice or nits.

Even though head lice isn’t considered harmful, it can be quite an annoyance, to say the least. And to make matters worse, they are very difficult to get rid of as well.

This is why you need to have home remedies for hair lice on your side. It is only home-based remedies that will be able to help you combat these quickly spreading parasites.

And if you were thinking of ditching home remedies and going in for medical solutions instead then think again since lice have now developed resistance to most medications found in the market. You will need natural remedies for hair lice and nits if you are to win this war.

When you discover lice in your hair, you need to act as quickly as possible to ensure things don’t go from bad to worse.

There are multiple home remedies for hair lice that you can try and all of them will prove quite effective as long as you use them in time.

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Home Remedies for Hair Lice

Conditioner – Remedy to Get Rid of Hair Lice

One of the best homemade remedies to get rid of hair lice has got to be the conditioner method. What you need to do here is rub some conditioner on your hair before you comb it.

You should divide your hair into separate sections before doing this and comb each of them separately.

Dip the comb into hot water after each stroke in order to kill any lice or eggs that it may have picked up. And whatever you do, don’t use this method if you are already using lice medicine. Both these things can act as barriers for each other and make the situation worse.

Lavender or Tea Tree Oil – Remedy for Hair Lice

Lavender or Tea Tree Oil Remedy for Hair Lice

Another effective option when it comes to home remedies for hair lice involves putting lavender oil or tea tree oil on your comb.

This can help suffocate the lice in your hair quite effectively. Some alternatives for this include margarine, butter, and coconut oil. Basically, when you don’t allow the lice to breathe, they can’t survive.

The best way for you to apply any of these products is by putting them on your hair at night before bed and wearing a shower cap and going to sleep. Don’t remove them from your hair before the morning for the best results.

Herbal Remedies – for Hair Lice

Getting rid of lice can be easy when you have herbal remedies for hair lice on your side. But still, there are many people that overlook these home remedies.

You don’t need to be one of those people. Home remedies used to be and still are the most effective as far as permanently fixing the problem is concerned.

You may find chemicals or treatments that get rid of them temporarily but they will eventually return. Home remedies for hair lice, on the other hand, are a more permanent solution. Isn’t that what you’re looking for?

Hand Sanitizer – Treatment for Hair Lice

Now one of the best home remedies for hair lice is a simple little product known as hand sanitizer. This is one of the most effective treatments for hair lice in the world.

All you have to do is soak your hair with hand sanitizer and make it completely wet. Let the sanitizer remain in your hair for as long as you think it is required.

This will depend on the severity of the lice in your hair. You could rinse it out or you could even consider just letting it be. It doesn’t only kill lice but also makes your hair shiny and soft. What’s more, it can even help loosen nits. Isn’t that perfect?

Mayonnaise – Remedy to Remove Hair Lice

Mayonnaise Remedy to Remove Hair Lice

And lastly, you could consider using mayonnaise as home remedies for hair lice as well. Just put as much mayo as you can on your hair and then wrap it up using saran wrap or foil.

This theory also involves smothering the lice so they die. This is a very effective method and one which should not be overlooked at any cost.

Vaseline – Remedy to Cure Hair Lice

Vaseline is also among extremely effective home remedies for hair lice. It will smother the lice completely and get rid of them. But it is a little difficult to clean up after.

You may even have to shampoo your hair repeatedly to get rid of the Vaseline. Corn starch proves to be quite effective as far as this is concerned.

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