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Home Remedies for Baldness

Home Remedies for Baldness

How to Regrow Hair on Bald Spot?

Baldness is a very common thing in today’s world. It is more commonly known as alopecia and is one of the biggest symptoms of hair loss. Hair is something that most people associate with their youth. Apart from that, there are many that also associate it with their sexuality and fashion as well.

A person’s appearance is something that is always incomplete when they don’t have the perfect hair. Losing their hair or getting bald is one extremely sensitive issue for a lot of people.

Even the slightest sign of baldness kicking in could cause a lot of people to cringe and may even force them to retreat deep into their shell. It will definitely hurt their confidence quite significantly.

Baldness is something that usually begins when your hairline starts thinning. It can get as bad as you losing up to 99% of your hair as well. Luckily, you have many home remedies for baldness that can ensure this never happens.

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Difference Between Male and Female Pattern Baldness

As far as men are concerned, hair loss is something which leads to the formation of bald patches or spots on the head.

As far as women are concerned, hair loss is something that instead of being characterized by bald patches is characterized by thinning hair and a receding hairline.

This leads to the forehead looking exceptionally huge. When someone is losing just 50 to 100 strands every day, it isn’t something they should be too concerned about. This much-lost hair can easily be replaced by new hair on a daily basis as well.

The problem here is that as you get older, the pace at which your hair grows keeps getting slower. So the amount of time it takes to recover from 50-100 fallen strands keeps getting extended.

And if you don’t get rid of the problem with some effective methods, you will eventually see yourself having to deal with a hairless head. Home remedies for baldness are not going to help you then.

The only options left for you will be hair weaving or surgical grafting and both of these options are extremely expensive.

You wouldn’t want to reach this situation under any circumstances now, would you? So be very careful and if you find even the slightest sign of balding, start using one of the home remedies for baldness mentioned in this article right away.

Types of Baldness

But before we get into the details regarding home remedies for baldness, let us tell you something else. Did you know that there were multiple types of baldness?

That’s right, not all types of baldness are the same. You have your circular baldness which basically results in coin-sized patches all over your head and is known as alopecia areata.

Then there is something called traction alopecia which is basically the thinning of your hair because of ponytails or tight braids.

The third type of baldness is known as trichotillomania which is basically the pulling out of hair because of twisting and the last type of baldness is due to a fungal infection and is called tinea capitis.

Causes of Baldness

Now that you know about the various types of baldness, let’s take a look at a few of the most common causes of baldness as well:

  1. Aging is obviously the number one cause of baldness. As you grow older, you will start losing hair. It is a natural process and something you can’t avoid.
  2. Heredity is another cause that you need to be careful of. This is, again, something which you cannot avoid. After all, we don’t get to select our genes at birth now do we? We just have to be satisfied with what we get. So if there are a lot of bald people in your family, chances are, you too will be bald.
  3. The third reason why you could be in search of home remedies for baldness is because of a deficiency in nutrients. When a person is suffering from a deficiency of a certain type of nutrient, it could cause their hair to start falling out.
  4. And lastly, if you have some sort of illness or fungal infection in your scalp, it could force your hair to start falling. This is not a pretty sight and probably the hardest to deal with too.

Home Remedies for Baldness

Use Curd and Camphor to Regrow Hair on Bald Spot

Use Curd and Camphor to Regrow Hair on Bald Spot

The first choice as far as home remedies for baldness is concerned involves some curd and camphor. You can apply them directly on bald patches for the best results.

Egg Yolk and Honey to Fix Bald Spots

The next option when it comes to home remedies for baldness is a mixture of egg yolk and honey. You can apply this mixture on your scalp for around 20 minutes and then simply wash it off.

Mango Pulp and Mustard Oil to Regrow Hair

Mango Pulp and Mustard Oil to Cure Baldness

And finally, one very effective choice as far as home remedies for baldness are concerned is a combination of some mango pulp and a little mustard oil.

This combination, when applied on a balding head, has shown to be quite effective in the re-growth of hair.

Onion Juice for Re-growth of Hair

Onion Juice to Re-growth of Hair

Onion juice is of another great help as home remedies for baldness since its application is known to be for the re-growth of hair and eliminating the gray color, and finally bringing back the lost original color or hair.

Grate medium or more sized onion as per your hair length and thickness and sieve juice aside. Apply it as if you are putting oil on your scalp and leave it for 20 minutes.

Finally, wash your hair thoroughly with milk shampoo. The procedure could be followed once or twice a week.

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