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Penis Massage Techniques

Massages are very good for improving muscular endurance, nerve functions and improving the flow of blood. These are used by people for various purposes like gaining relaxation from stress, improving muscular performance and relieving nerves. These also energize the body and organs by allowing tired muscles to recuperate fast.

Regular massages protect muscles and tissues from injuries and heal existing injuries faster. Massages performed with specific techniques resolve many health problems too like leg massages are recommended to women during pregnancy which eventually helps in smooth delivery and comfortable pregnancy.

People involved in strenuous jobs and activities like sportspersons employ massages for improving muscular endurance and keeping them strong and healthy.

One of the major benefits of massage is that it improves the flow of blood. Correct massaging technique clears blood vessels and improves the flow of blood in a particular region or the entire body.

Healthy blood flow is good for the heart and enhances muscular and nerve functions and generate tissues faster.

You need a massage to stay strong and fit and if you massage your male organ with correct penis massage techniques you perform like a young boy always in bed.

In the rush of daily life, the male body can get stressed out easily. Simple issues like untimely eating, insufficient sleep, lack of exercise, use of ITC medicines, etc. can cause harm to health and energy levels and raise disorders which are debilitating.

All these factors deteriorate male’s potency and his performance in bed.

Penis massage techniques help a male to keep weaknesses and debilities at bay and improve his potency. These allow a male to lead passionate love-life for longer period in life and keep his relationship strong.

Physical issues and mental problems which creep-up generally in males cast negative effects over the male’s reproductive system.

Many males become habitual of malpractices like hand-practice or begin to enjoy porn movies and material far too much. These further aggravate weaknesses and make a male less capable partner in bed.

Massage with correct penis massage techniques on a regular basis can shield and reverse ill-effects of all these factors and improve a male’s performance in bed.

So in order to stay physically and mentally fit and perform in bed like a champion always you need massage as these are safe and reliable ways to counter debilities and improve health and virility.

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Benefits of Using Herbal Erection Massage Oil

There are many exceptional benefits of penis massage. Here we have listed a few top ones which suggest that regular massage with good penis massage techniques can be preventive and curative for hoards of problems which make a male less capable lover in bed.

  • Stall ill-effects of aging, stress, poor diet and unhealthy lifestyle over the male organ.
  • Eliminate ill-effects and damages due to hand-practice, overexposure to porn material and excessive copulation.
  • Treat and cure debilities occurring due to alcoholism, smoking, drugs, etc.
  • Make male organs stronger and sensitive and responsive to persuasion.
  • Reverse signs of impotency and cure problems like low libido, early discharge, nightfall, etc.
  • Make lovemaking highly pleasurable for a male.
  • Improve performance of male in bed and allow him to give maximum pleasure to a female partner.
  • Cleanse skin and clear canals for smooth discharge.
  • Energize and strengthen penile muscles and add force to discharge.
  • Protect male organ from debilities inflicted by health issues.

One can gain all the above-mentioned benefits by massaging male organ with correct techniques regularly and much more. Since massage is purely natural in its effects its good results are long-lasting and harmless.

By spending a few minutes in the morning and in evening one can enjoy everlasting potency and vigor and lead a passionate love-life forever.

Effective Penis Massage Techniques

There are few very beneficial techniques with which one can utilize massages for amazing benefits. These techniques not only provide all the benefits of penis massage but also remain safe and harmless. These are simple to master and one can learn using them flawlessly in a short time.

Milking – This is a simple but very effective technique to stimulate nerve functions to make male organ sensation and promote tissue strength.

The best use of this technique is for males who have just noticed a few signs of impotency or weaknesses. Follow the below-mentioned steps to perform penis massage through the milking technique.

  • Take oil in sufficient quantity and apply evenly over your male organ. Maintain some oil over tips of fingers and thumb as well.
  • Grip your male organ from the base with fingertips and thumb.
  • Slide fingers and thumb applying gentle pressure towards the tip of the male organ.
  • Repeat this motion 10-20 times.
  • You can use one or both hands for performing this massage.

Jelqing – This too is one of the very beneficial techniques and benefits males facing some serious signs of weaknesses. Take the following steps to perform massages with the jelqing technique.

  • Apply oil over male organ and over palms in sufficient quantity.
  • Form an OK sign with your index finger and thumb.
  • Grip the base of your male organ with OK signs applying gentle pressure.
  • Slide the ring formed by index finger and thumb towards the tip of the male organ.
  • Repeat this motion 10-12 times

Groin massage – This massaging technique may need a bit of practice before you begin feeling comfortable with it. It is suggested to males who have serious signs of weaknesses and also suffer from prostate problems, dribbling of semen and excessive precum. Go through the following steps carefully to utilize the great benefits of this technique.

  • In this you need to focus over the area which is between your anus and testicular bag, this is a delicate and sensitive region that has a canal that carries semen to the urinary canal.
  • Apply oil in sufficient quantity over the area between the anus and testicular bag, groin and male organ. Cover the entire region with an even and thick layer of oil.
  • Take some oil in your palms as well.
  • Start with your fingers from close to the anus and bring them up to the base of the testicular bag applying gentle pressure. Slide your hands from sides of the testicular bag and grip the base of the male organ with one hand.
  • Slide your hand from the base of the male organ to its tip.
  • Perform this in one single movement and repeat 15-20 times in each session.
  • This technique stops involuntary loss of fluids, improves prostate health and enhance male’s potency.

Precautions While Massaging

While performing massage with any of these techniques there are few precautions which you must take. Here is a list of things which you should keep in mind while massaging your male organ.

  • Perform massages at a place of privacy where no one disturbs or surprises you.
  • Do not massage in a hurry, stay relaxed and take sufficient time to massage.
  • Do not suppress erection or discharge during the massage. Let it happen and continue with the process as usual.
  • Remove rings, bracelets, watch or any other harsh metallic things which may scratch the skin of male organs.
  • Maintain regularity and perform massages twice in a day particularly once before bedtime.
  • Use the best quality oil for faster effects.
  • If you feel any pain or irritation during massage stop and try again the next day.

Best Oil to Make Male Capable Lover in Bed

King Cobra Oil

If you use a good quality oil in place of normal vegetable oil the good effects of massages compound many times and come faster.

We recommend you to use King Cobra oil for massaging male organ and gain enviable potency and vigor. This oil comes with herbal ingredients which are herbs and herbal oils in a perfect combo.

King Cobra has been designed as herbal erection oil which works even if one applies it over male organs normally. If this oil is used with correct massaging techniques the benefits come thick and fast and make a male capable lover in bed.

King Cobra oil relaxes blood vessels and enhances the flow of blood. On regular use, it maintains healthy blood flow towards the male organ and generates cells at a faster pace.

Herbal ingredients of this oil are powerful anti-inflammatory herbs that diffuse inflammation and allow blood to flow smoothly.

This oil also comes with ingredients that promote relaxation in nerves. Relaxed nerves stay energized and active and enhance sensation in the male organ.

Active nerves also delay discharge and prevent involuntary loss of semen. King Cobra oil with correct massage techniques makes male organ sensitive and strong in a short time.

It repairs damaged tissues and makes them stronger and also stimulates nerve functions.

Herbal Ingredients of King Cobra Oil

Herbal ingredients of King Cobra oil provide a male ability to gain powerful rock hard erection in a flash on slight persuasion.

This oil dilates blood vessels for smooth blood flow during normal state and rushes blood in higher volume on arousal.

This oil makes tissues located in the shaft of male organ healthier and bigger which grow more after absorbing blood and bring optimum stiffness in the male organ.

Healthier and bigger tissues provided by King Cobra oil extend the size of the male organ by few inches after achieving stiffness. These allow the male to penetrate a woman deeper with strongly stiff organ to make her ecstatic in bed.

King Cobra herbal erection oil makes male organ sensitive and strong so that males can perform in multiple sessions and bring the female to mind-blowing climaxes many times.

Major benefit of King Cobra oil is that it brings positive changes right from day one. From the first application, you can feel the difference and you perform in a better way in bed.

The results keep getting better with each application and you gain natural ability to achieve hard, big and long-lasting erections.

The all-round benefits of King Cobra oil improve your libido and staying power in bed. This oil increases your ejaculatory force and enhances pleasure during intimacy.

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