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Home Remedies For Dull Skin, Homemade Tips To Lighten Skin Fast

Home Remedies For Dull Skin

What is Dull Skin?

Dull skin is aging skin. The skin which has lost its natural shade and texture completely or partially is classified as dull skin. Age spares no one and none of the organs of the body, it deteriorates their endurance and strength, even skin faces this deterioration and faster than other organs.

But apart from age, there are multitudes of factors which cause fast deterioration in the skin’s appearance, texture, and sheen and make skin look dull and lustreless.

If proper care is taken the ill-effects of aging and other factors can be prevented. Home remedies for dull skin are the most effective and safe ways to restore and improve skin shine, softness, and smoothness beyond one’s age.

Skin is not just one layer over the body, it comprises three layers and outermost layer is the one which deteriorates due to external factors.

Aging and other internal stressors work over layers below the subcutaneous layer to deteriorate the skin’s health. Diet and lifestyle are the two most important aspects which determine the health and appearance of skin.

People eating a healthy and nutritious diet and leading a healthy lifestyle look younger even at a later age.

People failing to follow good dietary regimen and lifestyle suffer from skin blemishes and dullness due to lesser support to the skin from inside.

Internal and external factors reduce the flow of blood in skin capillaries and cause rapid cell death. The lesser flow of blood also reduces collagen production in the skin.

Apart from these external stressors cause rapid cell death and block skin pores which is a major cause of recurring skin conditions like acne.

Home remedies for dull skin counter all these ill-effects of aging and other factors and not only maintain but improve skin shine and texture.

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Causes and Symptoms of Dull Skin

Aging is natural cause of dull skin. With age blood supply within skin gets reduced which reduces collagen production and generation of skin cells slower collagen production and skin cell generation causes spots, wrinkles, and lines and also promotes darker shade of skin. In the same way, poor diet also causes the formation of spots and wrinkles.

Body gains nutrition from the diet one eats, the poor diet lacks in a complete range of nutrients which makes skin sick and weak, sick skin looks dull and old and deteriorates the looks of a person.

People leading an unhealthy lifestyle, not sleeping for the proper duration and in habit of smoking, alcohol intake, etc. suffer from dull skin due to high toxicity.

Diseases and disorders related to digestive, circulatory or other systems of the body directly or indirectly affect the health and endurance of skin and make it look old and sick.

The use of harsh shampoos, soaps, and cheap cosmetics also cause dullness and raises skin blemishes.

Exposure to Sun, the use of ineffective sunscreen and water containing a high level of chemicals also harm the skin’s shine and texture and cause dullness in the skin.

Medicines also play a role in causing dullness in skin and wiping-off its natural shine and softness. Many commonly used medicines have been found and stressful for skin’s health and person using these needs to take proper step to shield their side effects.

Genetic factors can make skin oily, dry or prone to suffer from acne. These also play a role in determining the skin’s overall health.

Loss of elasticity and darkening shade of skin are early signs of dullness in the skin. Skin appearing looser than before or bearing dark circles, spots or rough spots reckoned as dull skin.

Formation of skin blemishes like lines, wrinkles and smile lines, etc. are also symptoms of dull skin.

Home Remedies for Dull Skin

Honey and Almond Oil – Home Remedy to Lighten Skin

Honey and Almond Oil Remedy to Lighten Skin

Massages work well to enhance blood flow and keep skin soft and glowing. These are great home remedies for dull skin. Take raw honey and massage with it for 10 minutes before taking a shower.

It will relieve all the stress and cleanse the skin to keep it soft and younger-looking. You can also massage skin with almond oil regularly or a few times a week.

It nourishes the skin and improves the flow of blood. A healthy flow of blood maintains skin’s shine, liveliness, and suppleness.

Aloe Vera or Lemon Juice – Home Remedy for Dull Skin

Aloe Vera or Lemon juice in the morning works wonders and is one of the effective home remedies for dull skin. People under regular medication or in bad habits of alcoholism, smoking, etc. suffer from toxin damage and dull skin.

Lemon cleanses internal organs and Aloe Vera juice improves liver functions and purifies the blood. Blend a tablespoon of Aloe Vera gel with the juice of any citrus fruit like grapefruit, orange juice, etc. and drink a glass full in the morning.

Or squeeze one lemon in a glass of warm water, add two teaspoons of honey and drink. Follow these homemade tips to lighten skin regularly for a few weeks to see a considerable improvement in the condition of the skin.

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Apricot Face Pack – Best Remedy to Lighten Skin

To make an apricot face pack is very easy and is one of the effective homemade tips to lighten skin. Apricots remove dirt, layers of oil and chemicals and pollutants from skin to keep it healthy and free from blemishes.

Soak some apricots overnight sufficient in number to give you enough paste. In the morning mash these and add some olive oil to make paste smooth. Apply like a mask over face and leave for 20-30 minutes.

Wash off and repeat a few times in the week to recover from the ill-effects of stressors in a short time.

White and Brown Sugar – Home Remedy for Dull Skin

White and Brown Sugar Remedy for Dull Skin

Exfoliating skin regularly keeps it fresh, shiny and free from blemishes and skin conditions. Sugar is an excellent exfoliator which is suitable for all types of skin.

Add white and brown sugar in equal parts. Add some olive oil to form a thick paste. Apply this paste massaging the skin in circular motions and leave it on for 10 minutes.

Wash off and repeat 2-3 times in a week to keep skin younger and lively. This is one of the popular home remedies for dull skin.

Coconut Oil and Honey – Home Remedy to Lighten Skin

For easier homemade tips to lighten skin, use coconut oil and honey together. Add these in equal parts to get a mixture and massage skin with it. Leave it on for 10-15 minutes and wash off with lukewarm water.

Repeat a few times in a week to gain riddance from acne, dryness and loose skin.

Cucumber and Rice Flour – Natural Treatment for Dull Skin

Cucumber and rice flour are part of many home remedies for dull skin. You can extract juices of orange and cucumber, add two teaspoons of each juice and add one teaspoon of rice flour to the mixture.

If you need paste in higher quantity mix all the ingredients in the same ratio in higher quantity. Apply this paste over the skin and leave to dry, wash off later it will exfoliate skin and rejuvenate sit. This paste also removes dark spots and lightens skin tone.

Green Tea – Natural Remedy to Improve Skin Tone

Green Tea Remedy to Improve Skin Tone

Green tea improves skin tone and tightness. This drink is rich in antioxidants that open-up constricted blood vessels and capillaries and enhance flow of blood in the skin.

It also keeps metabolism higher and maintains support for the skin to keep it healthy. A few cups of green tea in the day are easiest home remedies for dull skin.

Diet for Dull Skin

Foods high in antioxidants, fiber and anti-inflammatory properties are best for keeping skin healthy and nourished.

Regular intake of such foods not only maintains skin’s texture and softness but also removes skin blemishes that may occur due to the effects of stressors. Fruits and veggies are the best sources of antioxidants.

These compounds inhibit free-radical mechanisms and keep blood flow in skin higher. These delay the process of aging and improve skin’s endurance to fight off external stressors.

Green veggies and fruits like apples, banana, papaya, pineapple, oranges, grapefruit, grapes, etc. are good for the skin.

Wholegrain, lentils, beans, and cereals shall form the core of diet to keep mineral reserves higher and maintain nutritional supplementation to skin optimum.

Dairy products are also needed for healthy skin. To prevent weight gain fat-free or low-fat versions of dairy products shall be included in the diet.

These provide necessary vitamins and maintain healthy bacteria in intestines to keep metabolism higher and prevent toxin build-up in the blood.

Avoiding foods that slow down metabolism and promote toxicity shall be avoided. All types of junk, fast and processed foods are harmful for health and skin both.

Soda drinks, excessive tea and coffee, and regular intake of alcohol can cause skin-aging at faster pace and make it dull and full of blemishes.

Maintain a healthy water intake. One should drink at least 8-10 glasses of water in the day to keep skin hydrated and soft.

Dull Skin Treatment and Prevention

To treat and prevent dull skin exfoliate, moisturize and cleanse it regularly. Face masks and massages are the best natural ways to clear dead skin cells and hazardous compounds accumulated over skin.

Eating a proper diet and maintaining a healthy lifestyle keep skin nourished and healthy and maintain its endurance levels.

Avoiding foods, which are harmful, helps in suppressing harmful toxins from damaging cells and tissues of the skin.

Along with this sufficient rest and sleep to counter stress is also very necessary. Stress caused by poor sleeping patterns can make all the organs of the body exhausted and dull including the skin.

Regular exercises are also good ways to keep skin fresh and lively for longer period. People having a fitter body generally have healthy skin too.

It is just because of a healthy metabolic rate and optimum flow of blood all over the body which exercises provide. Fitness also keeps skin tight and prevents it from becoming saggy and wrinkled.

Precautions shall be taken while using soaps, shampoos, and cosmetics to protect skin from harmful chemicals.

Protecting skin from harsh weather and Sun is also important as these can speed up the rate of cell death and harm the softness of the skin.

Natural moisturizers shall be used in place of commercial creams and gels to protect skin and to avoid side effects.

There are few herbs and natural nutrients that are highly efficient in eradicating dull skin problems and enhance skin glow and overall appearance of the face.

Chandra Prabha ubtan is a revolutionary herbal face pack specially made for those who want to get rid of dull skin problems naturally. When Aloe Vera moisturizing cream is applied after using this ubtan, one can get more visible and quick results.

Find details about Chandra Prabha Ubtan and Aloe Vera Gel for Glowing Skin.

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