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Home Remedies For Fairness, Homemade Tips To Get Fair Skin

Home Remedies For Fairness

What is Darkened Skin?

Skin with aging and due to ill-effects of stressors loses its natural shade and becomes darker in color. Skin cells release melanin to protect cells of the inner layer from harmful UV rays. This melanin is responsible for providing darker shade to skin.

People staying out in the Sun without proper sunscreen or moisturizer suffer from dark spots or skin darkening. This process is called hyperpigmentation which generally causes dark spots but can also cause a change in skin color generally.

Poor health of skin also causes skin darkening due to dead skin cells. Skin darkening is not any serious disease or disorder but has emotional value. It can occur in people of all races.

However, change in color of skin can be a symptom of medical conditions like hormonal changes or imbalance or other medical conditions.

Home remedies for fairness are the best ways to regain natural color of skin, dissolve dark spots and improve skin’s tone and texture.

Many times skin darkening is temporary and gets cured after certain duration. Pregnancy is one such condition that can cause skin darkening temporarily and after childbirth women regain the natural color of skin.

But in many cases where women are unable to achieve proper health after childbirth steps need to be taken to improve skin tone.

People living in a tropical climate generally have darker skin shade, this is due to genetic reasons and environmental conditions, skin discoloration or darkening both are unacceptable to men and women.

Even men are getting more and more concerned about their skin tone these days. Many commercially designed creams and gels have come up in the market which may or may not be effective.

Homemade tips to get fair skin are safe and effective. One can use these tips over all types of skin without any worries. Unlike commercial creams, home remedies for fairness provide better results due to natural effects.

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Causes and Symptoms of Skin Darkening

Sun exposure is one of the major causes of skin darkening. Sunlight contains UV rays that trigger melanin secretion in the upper layer of skin.

Sometimes this secretion is restricted over a small portion which forms a dark spot or sunburn. Many people suffer from a darker shade of skin due to sun exposure.

Poor care of skin is also one of the causes of skin darkening. The use of cheap cosmetic products or moisturizing creams, gels, etc. can make skin sick and weak.

These products reduce its elasticity and make it dry and dull. Dryness can cause rough and dark patches which very quickly becomes darker in shade.

These products can also conditions like acne, eczema, etc. by causing rapid cell death and blockages in pores to cause discoloration or pigmentation.

Consumption of foods and drinks which are harmful for health also deteriorates the looks and texture of the skin. Alcohol, fatty and sugary foods, junk foods and processed foods slow down metabolism and promote toxin build-up in the digestive system.

These toxins can sneak into the bloodstream and float all over the body, toxins can reach the skin through blood and damage cells and collagen. Toxin activities can not only cause discoloration and pigmentation but also lines and wrinkles.

Use of harsh soaps and shampoos and water containing a higher concentration of chemicals are other causes of spotted or darkened skin.

The chemicals present in water and soaps stick and cause damage to cells. These also cause inflammation which can block blood flow to cause rapid cell death. Ill-effects of these stressors reduce collagen production and make skin saggy and wrinkled.

Aging is the natural cause of skin darkening and discoloration. Due to growing age blood flow and nutritional supply to skin decreases which makes it saggy and weak. Aging also causes darker shade by making the upper layer of skin dull.

Formation of spots and marks over skin after coming from Sun which may come and go are early symptoms of the problem. Many people can notice rough patches and extra dryness or tightness of the skin.

If after bathing skin feels tight and stretched change and use milder soap or face wash. Sunburns, dark spots and dark circles are symptoms of stressed skin that turn darker in shade.

Home Remedies for Fairness

Yogurt – Home Remedy for Skin Care

Yoghurt Remedy for Skin Care

Yogurt is excellent for skincare. It exfoliates, cleanses and nourishes skin to keep it lighter in shade and fairer. Take a sufficient amount of yogurt and rub over affected parts forming circular motions.

Massage for a few minutes and leave it on for 5 more minutes. Wash off with lukewarm water and repeat every alternate day or few times in a week. It is one of the simple home remedies for fairness.

Yogurt provides another one of the simple homemade tips to get fair skin. Take a sufficient amount of yogurt and one lemon’s juice and oatmeal powder to form a paste.

Apply this paste as a mask over skin and leave for 20 minutes. Scrub the skin gently while applying this paste. Wash off and repeat 2 or 3 times a week.

Orange Peels – Home Remedy for healthy and brighter skin

Orange also provides a couple of excellent homemade tips to get fair skin. Extract some orange juice out enough to cover the affected skin. Add some turmeric powder in the ratio of 1:10 to orange juice.

Apply this mixture layer after layer using a cotton ball and leave. Apply one layer and let it dry off and apply another till you have used the entire mixture.

Wash off with plain water and repeat twice in a week to keep skin free from dead cells, bacterial and layers of chemicals, etc.

This also exfoliates skin and keeps its tone fairer and glowing. Orange peels have been used as home remedies for fairness since old times.

Dry peel of one or two oranges in the Sun and grind to form a powder. Add some water to form a paste and apply with gentle pressure over the affected skin. Leave it for 20 minutes and wash off. Repeat this once or twice in a week for healthy and brighter skin.

Lemon, Honey and Gram Flour – Remedy for Skin Fairness

Remedy for Skin Fairness

Lemon, honey and gram flour provide old and time-tested home remedies for fairness. Massages with honey on a regular basis protect skin from all sorts of stressors and keep soft, shiny and supple.

In the same way, applying freshly squeezed lemon juice for 10 minutes regularly or every alternate day also prevents skin darkening, blemishes, and sagginess. Both lemon and honey provide facemasks too which are trusted home remedies for fairness.

Add lemon juice and honey in equal parts and mix some milk powder to make it a paste. Massage skin with this paste and leave it as a mask for 10 minutes. This will exfoliate, nourish and cleanse the skin to keep it lively, shiny and tight.

Gram Flour with Rose Water

Gram flour can be used in a simple way as the perfect protection from skin darkening. It is another one of the folk home remedies for fairness.

Add some rose water to gram flour to get a paste. Apply this as a mask massaging the skin gently. Leave it for 20 minutes and wash off and repeat 1 or 2 times a week.

Aloe Vera Gel – Natural Remedy for Skin Health

Aloe Vera Gel Natural Remedy for Skin Health

Use Aloe Vera gel as sunscreen instead of commercial sunscreens. This is a natural skin moisturizer and provides effective protection against UV rays present in sunlight.

This prevents dark spots, pigmentation, and sunburns to people who get exposed to sunlight on a regular basis.

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Diet for Fair Skin

Include more fruits and green veggies in the diet. These are high in fiber, vitamins, and minerals and also supplement antioxidants which slow down skin-aging.

Drink plenty of water during the day. Dehydration is one of the major causes of poor skin health and darkening. People who stay out in the sun shall use natural moisturizer and sunscreen and also maintain water intake healthy to keep skin protected.

Avoid foods that are harmful for metabolism. All kinds of foods that are heavy on the digestive system and obstruct regular defecation are hazardous for the skin.

If medicines are part of life extra care shall be taken by using natural face masks and face packs to suppress their side effects.

Herbal teas are rich sources of antioxidants and other nutrients. A few cups of green tea and other herbal teas like ginger, mint, and chamomile are good for improving the shade and health of the skin.

These are also nutritious and improve metabolic rate for added health benefits. Replace regular coffee, beverages and cola drinks with cups of herbal teas.

Cold lemon tea is a better option for shiny and glowing skin than any other cold drink. Spices are also excellent aids for healthy and younger-looking skin.

Garlic, turmeric, asafoetida, cumin seeds, ginger, cloves, etc. are good spices with medicinal properties. These suppress internal inflammations, toxin presence and maintain blood flow healthy.

All these benefits are supportive for healthy and attractive skin. Include these spices in the diet on a regular basis.

Dark Skin Treatment and Prevention

Skin is the biggest organ of the body. It does not change its shade due to any disease or disorder. Vitiligo is one skin disorder that can cause darkening but it affects less than 1% of the population.

Medical conditions related to physical health can cause darkened skin as a side effect. Apart from these poor care and excessive stress on skin by internal and external factors are causes of darkened skin.

Proper care of skin via regular exfoliation and nutrition and cleansing is sufficient to maintain and improve its shine and liveliness.

Avoiding foods and practices which are harmful for skin protect it from damages and dryness and maintain its tone and texture for longer period in life.

Many people are genetically predisposed to darker skin shade. Such people can maintain softness and texture of skin by using natural remedies which even lighten their skin shade and improve its glow.

Using proper protection against Sun, chemical containing water and cheap soaps and cosmetics work as effective steps for prevention of skin darkening.

Ayurvedic skincare products are one of the most popular and highly effective natural ways to improve your skin glow. Chandra Prabha ubtan is an ayurvedic face pack that helps to get rid of dullness and improve blood circulation.

Regular application of Aloe Vera moisturizing cream after using this ubtan will help to nourish skin and gives smooth, clear and flawless skin.

It is advised by skin experts to use these ayurvedic products in combination to gain maximum benefits.

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