Foods That Help You To Gain Weight

Foods That Help You To Gain Weight Faster and Healthier

The body-mass is determined by type of food one eats and people often believe that simply by eating food in larger volume is going to resolve the problem of skinniness. But not all types of foods are capable of increasing body-mass and very few food items actually add mass in a healthy manner. Here is the list of foods that help you to gain weight in a healthy and faster manner.

Foods That Help You To Gain Weight Faster

Lean Red Meat- Consume lean red meat in limited quantity but ensure two or three servings per week. Go for lean variety as it contains less saturated fat. If you are following disciplined exercising regimen mild level of saturated fats will not get settled in the body. These are good foods that help you to gain weight.

Peanut Butter- Peanut butter is high on calorie and one of the helpful foods that help you to gain weight. About one tablespoon provides 100 calories and dose of vitamins and minerals. So include it in the diet to gain daily required dose of calories and increase body-mass in healthy manner.

Milk- One glass of milk is high on calorie and also source of nutrients essential for building bones. It also improves muscular functions and this is one of the foods which enhance calorie intake and nutrient supplementation to increase weight in healthy way.

Fruits- Not all fruits are rich sources of calories but apple, banana, mango, pineapple and papaya are few which can be part of diet as these are foods that help you to gain weight faster. They also improve metabolism to bring results in a short time.

Avocado- Among all fruits avocado is most favored weight gain foods. It is rich in calories and supplement heart-friendly fats. It is great source of vitamins and minerals which are immensely beneficial for health and energy levels.

Natural Granola- Natural granola if made in healthy oils is one of the excellent foods that help you to gain weight faster and in healthier manner. Consume one bowl every day with yogurt to increase nutritional intake and add body-mass.

Whole Wheat Bread- Whole wheat bread is reckoned as highly beneficial foods that help you to gain weight faster due to high fiber content. Fiber improves metabolism and curb toxicity by regulating bowel movements and help in gaining body-mass quickly.

Vegetable Oils- Use right kind of vegetable oils for cooking and as salad dressing. Olive, safflower, peanut and coconut are excellent for increasing body-mass in healthy manner.

Nuts- Munch on nuts once or twice in a day. Almonds, walnuts, cashews, pistachios and raisins all are great foods that help you to gain weight faster. They improve digestion and also supplement nutrition and calories.

Eggs and Cheese- Eat two or four eggs every day scrambled, half-fried or boiled to gain optimum calories and nutrition. Few types of cheese too are excellent weight gain foods. Include both of these foods that help you to gain weight in your regular diet.

Along with these foods that help you to gain weight consume FitOFat capsules and Super Health capsules on regular basis to gain body mass at faster pace and also host of other health benefits. These pills improve muscle mass and also enhance bone density to increase body mass in healthy manner and at faster pace. Some of the herbs present in FitOFat capsules and Super Health pills are rich sources of nutrients in bio-available form.

The nutrients in bio-available form get absorbed in the body directly and improve energy and nutrition to organs. The powerful herbs of these pills also increase frequency of energy producing reactions to enhance support to all the systems and promote weight in healthy manner. These pills contain herbs which are metabolism enhancer and also keep digestive system clean and free of toxins.

By improving metabolism they enable faster fat metabolism and protein synthesis to promote healthy weight gain and higher energy levels. These capsules regulate healthy eating pattern and also digest food completely to provide optimum nutrition to body. FitOFat capsules and Super Health pills lower toxicity and generate tissues at faster pace to add bulk to the body.

The herbal ingredients of FitOFat capsules and Super Health capsules are effective in preventing damage caused by pollutants, free-radicals and other harmful agents which sneak into the system through food, water and air. They supplement anti-toxins and antioxidants which curb activities of toxins and also protect tissues from ageing and damage caused by free-radicals.

FitOFat and Super Health capsules provide results by pure natural effects and not only add body mass but provide a stronger, fitter and energetic body. Due to purely herbal nature these pills are completely free of side-effects and safe for women of all ages. One should use FitOFat capsules and Super Health these pills regularly for 3 to 4 months to gain maximum benefits.

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