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Ayurvedic Herbal Medicines For Piles, Bleeding Hemorrhoids

Herbal Medicines For Piles

Piles or hemorrhoids in medical terms are referred to as inflamed veins that are caused due to excessive strain while passing the stools. This is usually caused because of constipation but it may also occur due to lifting heavy weights, diarrhea, old age or pregnancy.

Usually, most of the people face this at some point in their life because of many known or unknown reasons and this issue generally fades away with time with proper treatment or change in the eating habits for a few days.

But in rare cases, it persists for a longer duration of time. An increase in the pressure in the rectum is what causes hemorrhoids. Some of the common causes of piles are –

Causes and Symptoms of Hemorrhoids

    • 1. Obesity
    • 2. Anal intercourse
    • 3. Chronic diarrhea
    • 4. Chronic constipation
    • 5. Low fiber diet
    • 6. Too much straining while passing the stools
    • 7. Sitting for longer duration in the toilet

Hemorrhoids are more commonly seen in older people because as they get older, the tissues involved in supporting the veins present in their rectum get weaken and stretched and no longer support healthy digestion.

Pregnant women too are vulnerable towards this issue because as their fetus grows with time, it increases weight over their intestines – that are too responsible for poor digestive systems.

The symptoms of hemorrhoids include the following –

      • 1. Swelling around anus
      • 2. Sense of itching and irritation at anal region
      • 3. Fecal leakage
      • 4. Painless bleeding during bowel movements
      • 5. Lump around the anus that could be vulnerable and sensitive
      • 6. Pain and discomfort

There are two types of piles – internal and external. Internal hemorrhoids occur inside the rectum and usually don’t cause any pain or discomfort as external hemorrhoids do. But if a person strains too much, he or she may end up damaging his or her hemorrhoids’ delicate surface.

External hemorrhoids occur at the skin around a person’s anus. It is extensively irritating and causes great deal of discomfort, itching, swelling and/or bleeding.

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Ayurvedic Herbal Medicines for Piles

People end up consulting the doctors because they never find a permanent cure for this. The doctors prescribe some allopathic medicines that surely cure for quite a while but never offer some long term effects.

We, therefore, recommend using ayurvedic herbal remedies for bleeding piles that have so many benefits. Pilesgon capsules are one of the such ayurvedic medicines for piles that not only rectify the existing signs and symptoms but also target the root causes of hemorrhoids.

These ayurvedic herbal medicines for piles enhance the elasticity of anal walls and improve vascular musculature. Their regular intake hence no longer causes issues like swollen hemorrhoids, pain, discomfort, and itching.

The ingredients used in these ayurvedic herbal medicines for piles or hemorrhoids also improve the digestive system. We have used herbal components in this ayurvedic treatment for piles. The following list of ingredients of Pilesgon capsules will help you in clearing more of your doubts:

Ingredients of Pilesgon capsules

Rithha, Kathha, Kalijiri, Haritaki, Hemsagar, Rasaunt, Nagkesar, Ayapana, Khun Shosha, Indrajau, Shudh Takan

Haritaki –

Haritaki is excellent for healing the digestive system of the body, thereby increasing the frequency of stools and making it free from the entire issue of chronic constipation. It helps in evacuating the rectum entirely.

Rithha –


Rithha is useful for curing everything which is related to piles such as itching, discomfort, pain, bleeding, etc. It also treats constipation which is the underlying cause of piles. This is the reason why it is used in most of the ayurvedic medicines for piles.

Kathha –

Kathha also has medicinal properties of curbing the piles and constipation. It can also cure diarrhea which is also one of the possible causes for developing hemorrhoids.

Kalijiri –


Kalijiri has so many herbal properties, one of which is treating the hemorrhoids. It is therefore used in many home remedies in which its juice is extracted and consumed by the patient.

It is hence one of the major ingredients of ayurvedic herbal medicines for piles such as Pilesgon capsules.

Combining all the major ingredients along with the supporting components is what makes Pilesgon capsules truly unique in their characteristics.

These ayurvedic herbal medicines for piles contain no such thing that causes side effects. Unlike allopathic medications that are aimed at suppressing the symptoms and never provide long term benefits, these ayurvedic remedies for hemorrhoids bring out the cause of it and also shoot out the symptoms of piles.

The ayurvedic experts who have gained years of experience in the field are well trained for quality assurance and always have a careful watch over the products that are being manufactured.

We encourage a hygienic environment where all the machines that we hold meet the latest technological standards. The herbal ingredients used in each product’s making are carefully chosen from the plants from deep forests each of which is refined appropriately.

One needs to regularly consume these ayurvedic remedies for piles in order to witness their tremendous outcomes. Simply take 1 or 2 capsules of Pilesgon right after breakfast and dinner with plain water and repeat the process for around 3 to 4 months so that long term results are accomplished.

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