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Is Frequent Masturbation Good or Bad – Truth Every Man Must Know

Is Frequent Masturbation Good or Bad

Lots of people are of opinion that hand practice is not bad for health, or remain confused is frequent masturbation good or bad. To an extent, this opinion is correct because the occasional practice of self-stimulation has good effects on one’s physical and mental health.

The greatest advantage of occasional hand practice is that it relieves growing pressure for lovemaking in male which at times can push a male to take desperate measures which can have severe consequences.

Another advantage of occasional self-stimulation is that it gives the reproductive system a chance to replenish old semen with a fresh new lot.

Apart from providing contentment, there is not any other benefit that a male can gain from self-stimulation. So the question still remains unanswered that is frequent masturbation good or bad?

There are certain serious risks involved even with occasional hand practice and major risk of this is its super abilities to make a male addicted.

This practice can provide much ease and almost similar pleasure like lovemaking which is enough to get a male into its habit.

Once a male gets into its habit he starts overdoing it which casts severe side effects on health and potency. So every person shall remain alert that occasional hand practice is all-right but regular hand practice is really bad for health and potency even if practiced for a shorter period.

During hand practice male’s mind, body and the reproductive system undergo similar changes like during lovemaking. But lovemaking requires time, approval from partner and also a suitable place while hand practice needs none of it.

So, it easily becomes a frequent act much beyond the body’s endurance limit. To further substantiate answer to is frequent masturbation good or bad we are presenting a few important points.

Is Frequent Masturbation Good or Bad?

Males utilize testosterone hormone, lose sperms and seminal fluids after hand practice. They also strain nerves and tissues of male organs due to the firm grip of the hand and push reproductive organs and other organs of the body to replenish lost sperms and seminal fluids.

All this when occurs frequently makes reproductive system exhausted, lowers testosterone hormone levels, damage tissues and nerves and also reduce a male’s interest in lovemaking considerably.

Regular hand practice also creates deficiencies in the body of vital nutrients. Semen is a male’s elixir, it requires a bunch of nutrients and minerals to get produced but regular use of these vital nutrients creates deficiencies and deteriorates health.

It also strains crucial organs like the liver while regular rush of blood strains the heart and affects blood vessels.

All these factors are hazardous for health, potency and male vitality which eliminates the question is frequent masturbation good or bad.

One can easily make-out is frequent masturbation good or bad by checking that this habit is the shortest way to suffer from disorders like low libido, PE and ED which are all signs of impotency.

People practicing self-stimulation are very less interested in lovemaking and they do not get aroused even after proper persuasion from a partner under appropriate circumstances.

Males gain soft, weak and slow erections that do not penetrate a woman properly and provide little fun to her, males also lose their control over-discharge and wrap-up the activity much before their partner would wish to.

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So it is way easier to make out that is frequent masturbation good or bad. To add salt to the wound habit of hand practice reduces sperm count and semen volume to make a male incapable of making a woman pregnant.

NF Cure, Shilajit Capsules and Mast Mood Oil

On top of all these males become physically weak and lethargic, they are low on energy, low on muscular mass and endurance, and suffer from disorders like irritability, general debility, poor stamina, and weak immunity.

The possibility of these miserable problems is hard enough proof to answer is frequent masturbation good or bad.

Whether it is modern science or any ancient system of medicine of any culture, all have common answer to the question is frequent masturbation good or bad, that it is hazardous to potency and health.

If one is already into a habit or is facing its damaging side effects support of powerful and safe supplements NF Cure pills, Shilajit capsules and Mast Mood oil in combination are like life-savers. They are safe for males of all ages and show their wonderful results in a short time.

Shilajit and NF Cure are oral capsules that have amazing herbs to elevate male’s potency, vitality, and virility.

They provide higher stamina, strength and wonderful lovemaking abilities along with optimum fertility and ability to achieve fatherhood.

Mast Mood oil is for topical application and further enhances male’s lovemaking abilities and shows its wonderful results within minutes of use.

One should use these supplements for at least 3 to 4 months and if symptoms are severe then continue their use for 6 months on a regular basis.

These pills and oil are purely herbal, pills are safe and oil is mild on the skin even for those who have sensitive skin.

These ayurvedic supplements not only reverse ill-effects of hand practice but also enhance a male’s mental health and resilience to suppress urges and quit this bad habit to lead a pleasurable life.

So the answer to is frequent masturbation good or bad is definitely bad and by using NF Cure capsules, Shilajit capsules and Mast Mood oil will mitigate these bad effects once for all.

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