Home Remedies For Hepatitis B

Home Remedies For Hepatitis B, Diet, Treatment And Prevention

What is Hepatitis B?

Hepatitis B is a type of infection which causes liver damage and raise serious threat to life if not handled properly and timely. The virus hepatitis B grows rapidly and cause irreversible damage to liver, it leads to liver cirrhosis and liver cancer, and it is global health problem. It can cause acute or chronic illness and can spread through blood and other bodily fluids. This infection raises clear symptoms but to identify exact type of virus blood tests are conducted. If diagnosed, person needs to take immediate treatment to get rid of virus. Even if symptoms are not evident person carrying the virus can infect others. Home remedies for hepatitis B are effective ways to eliminate infection and repair damages caused by the virus to liver. If proper steps are not taken virus can deteriorate liver and its functions and rapidly damage health of a person.

Acute hepatitis B can come and go on its own. The person generally faces flu like symptoms due to the infection but chronic or infection without symptoms make a person long-term carrier of virus. There are vaccinations available for prevention of hepatitis B. Arrival of vaccinations and awareness about the disease has caused downfall in number of victims every year but still this is serious threat to people and young children. 5-10% of adults become chronic carriers of infection. This number is much higher in children and even higher in infants.

Causes and Symptoms of Hepatitis B

Hepatitis B spreads through blood and bodily fluids. Person infected with this virus can infect others by blood transfusion. Things which may contain traces of blood like razors, toothbrush, nail clippers, hair clippers etc. are also possible medium for infection to spread. People using illicit drugs or non-sterilized needles are at high risk of suffering with infection. This infection can get transferred from mother to new-born baby.

Hepatitis B virus also spreads through unprotected intercourse. This is one of the major causes of its proliferation in developing and poor countries where people are unaware or not interested in taking precautions. Tattoo parlours not using clean needles or using cheap inks are also possible vendors for infection. People working at medical centres are exposed to infection by coming in contact with blood and bodily fluids of patients. Regular exposure to infection causes higher risk for medical workers.

This virus does not spread through saliva of cough. Coughing, sneezing or sharing food utensils with infected person does not cause the infection. This virus also does not pass from other to child during breastfeeding. Holding hands, kissing or hugging also does not cause the infection and mosquitos are also not carriers of this infection. This virus is dangerous than other because it can survive for 7 days outside any medium or carrier. The traces of blood or bodily fluids lying over any substance contain virus for 7 days which can infect other person.

Flu-like symptoms are first to arrive in case of hepatitis B infection. Fever, joint pain, nausea, loss of appetite, malice and severe fatigue are first to occur in case of infection. These symptoms can turn into dark colored urine, pale eyes, vomiting and light colored stools. Belly pain and bulging of belly due to inflammation are also symptoms of hepatitis B along with others. Blood investigations provide confirmation of infection in a person. At initial level this infection causes inflammation of liver and slows down its function considerably. Later it can cause hardening of liver or cirrhosis which is irreversible damage to organ. It can also lead to liver cancer which needs liver transplant to save life.

Home Remedies for Hepatitis B

There are herbs and other remedies which provide natural treatment for hepatitis B. Home remedies for hepatitis B are easy to use and check progression of disease. These are capable of preventing it from becoming life-threatening and also relieve troubling symptoms of the problem.

Black seed oil is one of the oldest and trusted home remedies for hepatitis B. This oil removes digestive problems and improves functions and health of liver. It is also warm in potency and seeps into blockages to instantly initiate normalization procedure. Use of this oil checks progression of disease and prevent it from aggravating beyond recovery.

Licorice is another popular herb which has been used as one of the reliable home remedies for hepatitis B infection. Drinking 2-3 cups of licorice tea is simple way to expel infection and protect liver. An inch long piece of crushed Licorice roots can be boiled with a cup of water for few minutes and consumed after straining when bearably warm. This herb has shown prolific properties which improve liver functions and enhance immune system to provide relief from infection.

Beetroot is another easily available natural treatment for hepatitis B. it is widely prescribed as home remedies for hepatitis B due to its nutritional properties. 2-3 pieces of beetroot per day enhance nutritional value of food and also relieve symptoms and fatigue caused by infection. Few glasses of beetroot juice keep energy levels higher and nourish organs of the body.

Milk thistle is another popular herb used as natural treatment for hepatitis B infection. This herb has properties which strengthen outer liver cells and protect organ from all types of infections and stressors. This herb stimulates synthesis of protein in liver cells and prevents invasion of harmful toxins and infectious agents. Use of this herb is one of the dependable home remedies for hepatitis B infection.

Resihi mushroom is immunity enhancer which makes it one of the useful home remedies for hepatitis B infection. Higher immune system functions handle viral infection and flush it out of the system safely before it causes irreversible damage.

Dandelion leaves are also effective in handling viral infections. The tea of this herb few times in the day enhances liver functions and boost-up immunity. Dried dandelion leaves about two teaspoons full can be boiled with a cup of water for few minutes. Later when it is warm strain and drink and repeat few times. Regular use of this herb is good way to get rid of infection and protect health.

Indian Gooseberry is richest source of vitamin C and other minerals and antioxidants. Dried Amla powder with jiggery is old and trusted natural treatment for hepatitis B. This fruit can be consumed raw as well and even its juice is beneficial for keeping liver healthy and boosting-up immunity to fight back virus.

Diet for Hepatitis B Patients

Diet for hepatitis B patient shall comprise of wholegrain, fruits and vegetables predominantly. These are high fibre, high minerals and low fat foods which are easily digestible and maintain energy and nutrition. Losing energy is one of the major concerns of hepatitis B patient which aggravate other symptoms. These foods ensure that body gets entire range of nutrients and antioxidants and also vitamins essential for recovery and resistance to viral activities. Other than these lemon, ginger, garlic, honey and olive or canola oil shall also be used in diet for hepatitis B patient. Dry fruits, nuts, seeds, cheese, yoghurt, buttermilk, dried beans, tofu and poultry and fish in limited quantity are also necessary parts of complete diet for hepatitis B.

In diet for hepatitis B patient special care shall be taken to avoid overdose of any mineral or vitamin. It is advised that special care shall be taken to avoid excessive intake of iron, copper, niacin and vitamin A. Alcohol needs to be cut-out completely as it is stressful for liver excessively. Avoid spicy, junk, processed, fatty and hard to digest food items and also beverages excessive tea and coffee.

Hepatitis B Treatment and Prevention

For effective prevention of hepatitis B vaccination is most reliable, the vaccination is 95% effective and once done completely lasts for 20 years at least. The vaccination is done through 3-4 injections given at different times, all the injections at proper time shall be taken for complete immunity. There are vaccines available which provide protection from hepatitis B and A both. To be doubly sure you can get your blood checked after vaccination to know if vaccine is working for you. If it is not, an additional injection can be taken with advice of doctor which will ensure protection.

Along with vaccination few steps are necessary for prevention of hepatitis B. Do not perform unprotected intercourse. Always use condoms even with known people. Do not indulge in rough sex and remain loyal to one partner. Do not share personal things with anyone whose medical history is unknown to you. Avoid sharing razors, toothbrushes, nail clippers etc. which may contain traces of blood.

If you have to touch blood wear latex gloves for prevention of hepatitis B. If you are planning to get a tattoo trust only good quality parlours for clean needles and ink. Injections and syringes are also popular mediums which spread infection. Stay away from drugs. These are not only hazardous for health but also carriers of infection. Even drugs which do not need needle can spread the infection through currency notes or foil paper used to snort.

Non-sterilized syringes and needles in hospitals, clinics, blood donation centres etc. are also capable of spreading infection easily. Take care when you visit any of these. If you have been diagnosed with hepatitis infection, avoid spreading it. Take proper treatment and do not donate blood. Keep your personal things with you and do not share with others even if asked. Dispose these off properly and safely after use. Get your bed partner vaccinated and take special care in bed during intimacy for prevention of hepatitis B.

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Home Remedies For Hepatitis A

Home Remedies For Hepatitis A, Diet, Treatment And Prevention

What is Hepatitis A?

Hepatitis A is a type of virus and infection which causes inflammation of liver and liver disease. This is quite common in developing countries compared to developed countries. Reasons are better health and medical services, and sanitation and hygiene. Hepatitis A is caused by Hepatitis virus so it is contagious and spread easily from one person to another. The symptoms of this disease can be severe as it affects functions of liver and damages cells and tissue of the organ. Liver is vital part of the body without which life cannot be expected. Hence hepatitis A infection can be life-threatening if allowed to stay and grow. Home remedies for hepatitis A are effective and safe ways to eradicate infection and protect liver from its damaging effects. These are simple and easy to use, and safe for people of all age even children.

Hepatitis A slows down liver functions and makes it swollen. Liver cleanses blood from harmful chemicals and toxins, and it is vital for metabolism. It also stores energy and vital nutrients, minerals and vitamins. Inflammation of liver caused by hepatitis A infection affects entire health by slowing down liver functions. There are vaccines available in the form of three shots for protection against viral infection. The shots are given spread over a period of three months and all three shots are necessary for complete protection. However hepatitis A vaccine does not provide protection against other viruses like hepatitis B or C. the symptoms of hepatitis A can occur any time between 2 weeks to 7 weeks after getting infected and may last for 1-3 weeks. Children below age of 6 months do not show any signs of infection. Child does not get an infection through breastfeed.

Causes and Symptoms of Hepatitis A

Intrusion of hepatitis A virus in the system is cause of hepatitis A infection. This infection can affect anyone but there are people who are at higher risk of getting this. People who travel a lot and eat and sleep at unfamiliar places are at high risk of catching viral infection. The virus is transferred after coming in contact with stool of infected person. Food cooked by infected person who did not wash his hands after using toilet can spread the infection. People in jobs like child care where coming in contact with stools is normal are also at high risk of catching an infection. Living with infected person maximizes chances of catching an infection if proper care is not taken. Use of illegal drugs, whether injectable or non-injectable, also increases chances of infection. Home remedies for hepatitis A cannot provide protection from catching an infection but can handle it efficiently.

People often catch an infection by drinking untreated water. This water may contain contamination of stools which allows virus to enter into the system. Unprotected sex with an infected person and transferring infected fluid or material through hands to mouth is also common cause of infection. However one does not get infected through sneezing and coughing. Sitting next to infected person or hugging any infected person also does not transfer the infection. Young babies do not catch an infection through breastfeed. Usually people with sound immune system can expel infection in few weeks but with home remedies for hepatitis A one can recover in shorter span of time. These remedies also protect liver from damage and bring it back to optimum health.

Symptoms of hepatitis A are clear and easy to diagnose. Fever, light colored stools, yellowish color of eyes and dark yellow urine are stark symptoms of the infection. Upset stomach, loss of appetite, regular tiredness and sore muscles without physical activity are other symptoms of the problem. Abdominal pain and diarrhoea are also symptoms of hepatitis A infection along with other ones.

Home Remedies for Hepatitis A

Garlic is blood cleanser and improves immunity. Using garlic in daily diet is effective natural treatment for hepatitis A infection. Liver has capability to flush infection out and regenerate its damaged tissues and cells. If load of toxins is reduced in blood liver gets a chance to recover from infection and inflammation quickly. Chew 1-2 garlic cloves in the morning and swallow these down with lukewarm water. This will help in recovering fast from infection.

Take one teaspoon each of carom and cumin seeds. Dry roast these separately and ground to form a powder. Mix powder of carom and cumin seeds and add a pinch of rock salt to the mixture. Consume the mixture with water twice in a day regularly till you see off the infection and symptoms. This is one of the trusted home remedies for hepatitis A.

Mix one tablespoon of licorice powder with 2 tablespoons of honey and eat. Repeat this regularly once in a day till you see off the symptoms. This too is one of the useful home remedies for hepatitis A infection. Licorice has magnificent properties to boost-up immune system functions and helps in eliminating viral infection.

Take one olive leaf and make a paste. Consume this paste on an empty stomach daily till infection is gone. If getting fresh olive leaf is difficult add 5-6 drops of olive leaf extract to a cup of warm milk and drink regularly. Beetroot and lemon juice also work well for clearing infection and improving generation of liver cells. Add juice of half lemon to a cup of beetroot juice and drink twice daily.

Take sufficient amount of ginger and crush it to extract its juice about one teaspoon in quantity. Add this juice to a glass of coconut water and drink twice daily. Coconut water comes packed with minerals which improve liver health and ginger cleanses blood. Ginger also improve metabolism and promote release of enzymes. Another way of handling hepatitis A infection is by using barley seeds. Take one cup of crushed barley seeds and boil with 2 or 3 glasses of water for 10 minutes. Let the mixture cool down and strain. Drink remaining water during the day.

Milk thistle too is recommended widely as natural treatment for hepatitis A infection. This herb also enjoys prolific immune system enhancing properties and healing properties. This herb not only flushes infection out but also diffuses inflammation in liver and improves its functions. The compound silymarin found in milk thistle prevents toxins from entering into liver cells and protect the organ from damages caused by infection. It regenerates liver cells and repair damages caused by the problem.

Black seed oil is popular remedy since ancient times for improving immunity and promoting general well-being. The properties of this oil remove blockages and instigate normalization to enhance health. It is powerful immunity enhancer and clears viral infection in a short time. Its healing properties have legendary status and this herb is backed by thousands of years old folklore for its efficacy. Use of black seed oil is highly beneficial natural treatment for hepatitis A.

Resihi mushroom is another trusted natural treatment for hepatitis A infection. In cases where there is no severe impairment of liver this herb clears infection and relieves symptoms of the problem. It is immunity enhancing herb and flushes viral infection out in a short time to provide relief. This too is one of the trusted home remedies for hepatitis A since old times.

Diet for Hepatitis A Patients

The diet for hepatitis A patient shall contain wholegrain is sufficient quantity. Foods like brown rice, whole oats, whole wheat, whole rye, gram flour, wholegrain corn, wild rice, bulgur and oatmeal are good for keeping nutritional supply higher and digestion upbeat. Include fruits and veggies in the diet in higher quantity. Fruits and veggies are good sources of potassium, vitamin C, folic acid and beta-carotene. These are naturally low on fat, sodium and calories and supplement powerful antioxidants which remove blockages. Meat, fish, dried beans, soy, nuts and eggs are good sources of vitamin B and shall be included in diet for hepatitis A patient.

Dairy products are hard to digest and normally avoided in diet for hepatitis A patient but fat-free versions of curd, cheese and buttermilk can be included to get a dose of minerals and vitamin D. Include lean protein in the diet as well to support muscles. Keep quantity limited to 2 servings per week. Limit intake of foods high in sodium or naturally salty in taste. Fatty, spicy and greasy foods shall also be avoided by patient of hepatitis A. completely stop alcohol intake and control caffeinated drinks as well. Avoid fruit juices consume raw fruits instead.

Hepatitis A Treatment and Prevention

Taking care of cleanliness works as best prevention of hepatitis A. Stay away from unprotected sex with strangers and wash hands frequently and particularly before eating anything. Avoid touching mouth with hands if not clean. Anything from any infected person if reaches mouth directly can infect healthy person easily. Avoid eating at unfamiliar places where quality of food is doubtful. If food is cooked by an infected person who may not have washed hands after using toilet can infect others. Use hand-sanitizers regularly and use them frequently while travelling.

Do not use illegal drugs of any type and avoid regular or excessive alcohol consumption. Vaccination provides effective prevention of hepatitis A. The vaccination is done through three shots over a period of time. All three shots shall be taken at proper dates without delays for complete protection; one or two shots cannot provide complete protection. Avoid tap water and choose bottled water instead. If bottled water is not available drink tap water after boiling it for 5 minutes at least. Take extra precaution if suffering with chronic liver disease. All these steps are good for prevention of hepatitis A and keep health protected from debilitating problem.

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Home Remedies For Fairness

Home Remedies For Fairness, Homemade Tips To Get Fair Skin

What is Darkened Skin?

Skin with aging and due to ill-effects of stressors loses its natural shade and becomes darker in color. Skin cells release melanin to protect cells of inner layer from harmful UV rays. This melanin is responsible for providing darker shade to skin. People staying out in the Sun without proper sunscreen or moisturizer suffer with dark spots or skin darkening. This process is called hyperpigmentation which generally causes dark spots but can also cause change in skin color generally.

Poor health of skin also causes skin darkening due to dead skin cells. Skin darkening is not any serious disease or disorder but has emotional value. It can occur in people of all races. However change in color of skin can be a symptom of medical condition like hormonal changes or imbalance or other medical conditions. Home remedies for fairness are the best ways to regain natural color of skin, dissolve dark spots and improve skin’s tone and texture.

Many times skin darkening is temporary and gets cured after certain duration. Pregnancy is one such condition which can cause skin darkening temporarily and after child birth women regain natural color of skin. But in many cases where women are unable to achieve proper health after childbirth steps need to be taken to improve skin tone. People living in tropical climate generally have darker skin shade, this is due to genetic reasons and environmental conditions, skin discoloration or darkening both are unacceptable to men and women.

Even men are getting more and more concerned about their skin tone these days. Many commercially designed creams and gels have come up in market which may or may not be effective. Homemade tips to get fair skin are safe and effective. One can use these tips over all types of skin without any worries. Unlike commercial creams home remedies for fairness provide better results due to natural effects.

Causes and Symptoms of Skin Darkening

Sun exposure is one of the major causes of skin darkening. Sunlight contains UV rays which trigger melanin secretion in upper layer of skin. Sometimes this secretion is restricted over a small portion which forms a dark spot or sunburn. Many people suffer with darker shade of skin due to sun exposure. Poor care of skin is also one of the causes of skin darkening. Use of cheap cosmetic products or moisturizing creams, gels etc. can make skin sick and weak. These products reduce its elasticity and make it dry and dull. Dryness can cause rough and dark patches which very quickly becomes darker in shade. These products can also conditions like acne, eczema etc. by causing rapid cell death and blockages in pores to cause discoloration or pigmentation.

Consumption of foods and drinks which are harmful for health also deteriorate looks and texture of skin. Alcohol, fatty and sugary foods, junk foods and processed foods slowdown metabolism and promote toxin build-up in digestive system. These toxins can sneak into bloodstream and float all over body, toxins can reach skin through blood and damage cells and collagen. Toxin activities can not only cause discoloration and pigmentation but also lines and wrinkles.

Use of harsh soaps and shampoos and water containing higher concentration of chemicals are other causes of spotted or darkened skin. The chemicals present in water and soaps stick and cause damage to cells. These also cause inflammation which can block blood flow to cause rapid cell death. Ill-effects of these stressors reduce collagen production and make skin saggy and wrinkled.

Aging is natural cause of skin darkening and discoloration. Due to growing age blood flow and nutritional supply to skin decreases which makes it saggy and weak. Aging also causes darker shade by making upper layer of skin dull.

Formation of spots and marks over skin after coming from Sun which may come and go are early symptoms of the problem. Many people can notice rough patches and extra dryness or tightness of skin. If after bathing skin feels tight and stretched change and use milder soap or face wash. Sunburns, dark spots and dark circles are symptoms of stressed skin which turn darker in shade.

Home Remedies for Fairness

Yoghurt is excellent for skin care. It exfoliates, cleanses and nourishes skin to keep it lighter in shade and fairer. Take sufficient amount of yoghurt and rub over affected parts forming circular motions. Massage for few minutes and leave it on for 5 more minutes. Wash off with lukewarm water and repeat every alternate day or few times in a week. It is one of the simple home remedies for fairness. Yoghurt provides another one of the simple homemade tips to get fair skin. Take sufficient amount of yoghurt and one lemon’s juice and oatmeal powder to form a paste. Apply this paste as a mask over skin and leave for 20 minutes. Scrub the skin gently while applying this paste. Wash off and repeat 2 or 3 times in a week.

Orange also provides couple of excellent homemade tips to get fair skin. Extract some orange juice out enough to cover the affected skin. Add some turmeric powder in ratio of 1:10 to orange juice. Apply this mixture layer after layer using a cotton ball and leave. Apply one layer and let it dry off and apply another till you have used entire mixture. Wash off with plain water and repeat twice in a week to keep skin free from dead cells, bacterial and layers of chemicals etc. This also exfoliates skin and keeps its tone fairer and glowing. Orange peels have been used as home remedies for fairness since old times. Dry peel of one or two oranges in the Sun and grind to form a powder. Add some water to form a paste and apply with gentle pressure over affected skin. Leave it for 20 minutes and wash off. Repeat this once or twice in a week for healthy and brighter skin.

Lemon, honey and gram flour provide old and time-tested home remedies for fairness. Massages with honey on regular basis protect skin from all sorts of stressors and keep soft, shiny and supple. In the same way applying freshly squeezed lemon juice for 10 minutes regularly or every alternate day also prevents skin darkening, blemishes and sagginess. Both lemon and honey provide facemasks too which are trusted home remedies for fairness. Add lemon juice and honey in equal parts and mix some milk powder to make it a paste. Massage skin with this paste and leave it as a mask for 10 minutes. This will exfoliate, nourish and cleanse skin to keep it lively, shiny and tight.

Gram flour can be used in a simple way as perfect protection from skin darkening. It is another one of the folk home remedies for fairness. Add some rose water to gram flour to get a paste. Apply this as a mask massaging skin gently. Leave it for 20 minutes and wash off and repeat 1 or 2 times in a week.

Use Aloe Vera gel as sunscreen instead of commercial sunscreens. This is natural skin moisturizer and provides effective protection against UV rays present in sunlight. This prevents dark spots, pigmentation and sunburns to people who get exposed to sunlight on regular basis.

Diet for Fair Skin

Include more fruits and green veggies in the diet. These are high on fibre, vitamins and minerals and also supplement antioxidants which slowdown skin-ageing. Drink plenty of water during the day. Dehydration is one of the major causes of poor skin health and darkening. People who stay out in the sun shall use natural moisturizer and sunscreen and also maintain water intake healthy to keep skin protected. Avoid foods which are harmful for metabolism. All kinds of foods which are heavy on digestive system and obstruct regular defecation are hazardous for skin. If medicines are part of life extra care shall be taken by using natural face masks and face packs to suppress their side effects.

Herbal teas are rich sources of antioxidants and other nutrients. Few cups of green tea and other herbal teas like ginger, mint and chamomile are good for improving shade and health of skin. These are also nutritious and improve metabolic rate for added health benefits. Replace regular coffee, beverages and cola drinks with cups of herbal teas. Cold lemon tea is better option for shiny and glowing skin than any other cold drink. Spices are also excellent aids for healthy and younger looking skin. Garlic, turmeric, asafoetida, cumin seeds, ginger, cloves etc. are good spices with medicinal properties. These suppress internal inflammations, toxin presence and maintain blood flow healthy. All these benefits are supportive for healthy and attractive skin. Include these spices in diet on regular basis.

Dark Skin Treatment and Prevention

Skin is biggest organ of the body. It does not change its shade due to any disease or disorder. Vitiligo is one skin disorder which can cause darkening but it affects less than 1% of population. Medical conditions related to physical health can cause darkened skin as side effect. Apart from these poor care and excessive stress on skin by internal and external factors are causes of darkened skin. Proper care of skin via regular exfoliation and nutrition and cleansing is sufficient to maintain and improve its shine and liveliness. Avoiding foods and practices which are harmful for skin protect it from damages and dryness and maintain its tone and texture for longer period in life.

Many people are genetically predisposed to darker skin shade. Such people can maintain softness and texture of skin by using natural remedies which even lighten their skin shade and improve its glow. Using proper protection against Sun, chemical containing water and cheap soaps and cosmetics work as effective steps for prevention of skin darkening.

Ayurvedic skin care products are one of the most popular and highly effective natural ways to improve your skin glow. Chandra Prabha ubtan is an ayurvedic face pack that helps to get rid of dullness and improve blood circulation. Regular application of Aloe Vera moisturizing cream after using this ubtan will help to nourish skin and gives smooth, clear and flawless skin. It is advised by skin experts to use these ayurvedic products in combination to gain maximum benefits.

Find details about Chandra Prabha Ubtan and Aloe Vera Gel for Glowing Skin.

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Home Remedies For Dull Skin

Home Remedies For Dull Skin, Homemade Tips To Lighten Skin Fast

What is Dull Skin?

Dull skin is aging skin. The skin which has lost its natural shade and texture completely or partially is classified as dull skin. Age spares no one and none of the organ of the body, it deteriorates their endurance and strength, even skin faces this deterioration and faster than other organs. But apart from age there are multitudes of factors which cause fast deterioration in skin’s appearance, texture and sheen and make skin look dull and lustreless. If proper care is taken the ill-effects of ageing and other factors can be prevented. Home remedies for dull skin are most effective and safe ways to restore and improve skin shine, softness and smoothness beyond one’s age.

Skin is not just one layer over body, it comprises of three layers and outermost layer is the one which deteriorates due to external factors. Aging and other internal stressors work over layers below subcutaneous layer to deteriorate skin’s health. Diet and lifestyle are two most important aspects which determine health and appearance of skin. People eating healthy and nutritious diet and leading healthy lifestyle look younger even at later age. People failing to follow good dietary regimen and lifestyle suffer with skin blemishes and dullness due to lesser support to skin from inside.

Internal and external factors reduce flow of blood in skin capillaries and cause rapid cell death. Lesser flow of blood also reduces collagen production in skin. Apart from these external stressors cause rapid cell death and block skin pores which is major cause of recurring skin conditions like acne. Home remedies for dull skin counter all these ill-effects of aging and other factors and not only maintain but improve skin shine and texture.

Causes and Symptoms of Dull Skin

Ageing is natural cause of dull skin. With age blood supply within skin gets reduced which reduces collagen production and generation of skin cells slower collagen production and skin cell generation causes spots, wrinkles and lines and also promotes darker shade of skin. In the same way poor diet also causes formation of spots, and wrinkles. Body gains nutrition from diet one eats, poor diet lacks in complete range of nutrients which makes skin sick and weak, sick skin looks dull and old and deteriorates looks of a person. People leading unhealthy lifestyle, not sleeping for proper duration and in habit of smoking, alcohol intake etc. suffer with dull skin due to high toxicity. Diseases and disorders related to digestive, circulatory or other systems of the body directly or indirectly affect health and endurance of skin and make it look old and sick.

Use of harsh shampoos, soaps and cheap cosmetics also cause dullness and raises skin blemishes. Exposure to Sun, use of ineffective sunscreen and water containing high level of chemicals also harm skin’s shine and texture and cause dullness in skin. Medicines also play a role in causing dullness in skin and wiping-off its natural shine and softness. Many commonly used medicines have been found and stressful for skin’s health and person using these needs to take proper step to shield their side effects. Genetic factors can make skin oily, dry or prone to suffer with acne. These also play a role in determining skin’s overall health.

Loss of elasticity and darkening shade of skin are early signs of dullness in skin. Skin appearing looser than before or bearing dark circles, spots or rough spots reckoned as dull skin. Formation of skin blemishes like lines, wrinkles and smile lines etc. are also symptoms of dull skin.

Home Remedies for Dull Skin

Aloe Vera or Lemon juice in the morning works wonders and is one of the effective home remedies for dull skin. People under regular medication or in bad habits of alcoholism, smoking etc. suffer with toxin damage and dull skin. Lemon cleanses internal organs and Aloe Vera juice improves liver functions and purifies blood. Blend a tablespoon of Aloe Vera gel with juice of any citrus fruit like grapefruit, orange juice etc. and drink a glass full in the morning. Or squeeze one lemon in a glass of warm water, add two teaspoons of honey and drink. Follow these homemade tips to lighten skin regularly for few weeks to see considerable improvement in condition of skin.

Massages work well to enhance blood flow and keep skin soft and glowing. These are great home remedies for dull skin. Take raw honey and massage with it for 10 minutes before taking a shower. It will relieve all the stress and cleanse skin to keep it soft and younger looking. You can also massage skin with almond oil regularly or few times in a week. It nourishes skin and improves flow blood. Healthy flow of blood maintains skin’s shine, liveliness and suppleness.

To make an apricot face pack is very easy and is one of the effective homemade tips to lighten skin. Apricots remove dirt, layers of oil and chemicals and pollutants from skin to keep it healthy and free from blemishes. Soak some apricots overnight sufficient in number to give you enough paste. In the morning mash these and add some olive oil to make paste smooth. Apply like a mask over face and leave for 20-30 minutes. Wash off and repeat few times in the week to recover from ill-effects of stressors in a short time.

For easier homemade tips to lighten skin, use coconut oil and honey together. Add these in equal parts to get a mixture and massage skin with it. Leave it on for 10-15 minutes and wash off with lukewarm water. Repeat few times in a week to gain riddance from acne, dryness and loose skin.

Cucumber and rice flour are part of many home remedies for dull skin. You can extract juices of orange and cucumber, add two teaspoons of each juice and add one teaspoon of rice flour to the mixture. If you need paste in higher quantity mix all the ingredients in the same ratio in higher quantity. Apply this paste over skin and leave to dry, wash off later it will exfoliate skin and rejuvenate sit. This paste also removes dark spots and lightens skin tone.

Exfoliating skin regularly keeps it fresh, shiny and free from blemishes and skin conditions. Sugar is excellent exfoliator which is suitable for all types of skin. Add white and brown sugar in equal parts. Add some olive oil to form a thick paste. Apply this paste massaging the skin in circular motions and leave it on for 10 minutes. Wash off and repeat 2-3 times in a week to keep skin younger and lively. This is one of the popular home remedies for dull skin.

Green tea improves skin’s tone and tightness. This drink is rich in antioxidants which open-up constricted blood vessels and capillaries and enhance flow of blood in skin. It also keeps metabolism higher and maintain support for skin to keep it healthy. Few cups of green tea in the day are easiest home remedies for dull skin.

Diet for Dull Skin

Foods high on antioxidants, fibre and anti-inflammatory properties are best for keeping skin healthy and nourished. Regular intake of such foods not only maintains skin’s texture and softness but also removes skin blemishes that may occur due to effects of stressors. Fruits and veggies are best sources of antioxidants. These compounds inhibit free-radical mechanism and keep blood flow in skin higher. These delay process of ageing and improve skin’s endurance to fight off external stressors. Green veggies and fruits like apples, banana, papaya, pineapple, oranges, grapefruit, grapes etc. are good for skin. Wholegrain, lentils, beans and cereals shall form core of diet to keep mineral reserves higher and maintain nutritional supplementation to skin optimum.

Dairy products are also needed for healthy skin. To prevent weight gain fat-free or low-fat versions of dairy products shall be included in the diet. These provide necessary vitamins and maintain healthy bacteria in intestines to keep metabolism higher and prevent toxin build-up in blood. Avoiding foods which slowdown metabolism and promote toxicity shall be avoided. All types of junk, fast and processed foods are harmful for health and skin both. Soda drinks, excessive tea and coffee, and regular intake of alcohol can cause skin-ageing at faster pace and make it dull and full of blemishes. Maintain healthy water intake. One should drink at least 8-10 glasses of water in the day to keep skin hydrated and soft.

Dull Skin Treatment and Prevention

To treat and prevent dull skin exfoliate, moisturize and cleanse it regularly. Face masks and massages are best natural ways to clear dead skin cells and hazardous compounds accumulated over skin. Eating proper diet and maintaining healthy lifestyle keep skin nourished and healthy and maintain its endurance levels. Avoiding foods, which are harmful, helps in suppressing harmful toxins from damaging cells and tissues of skin. Along with these sufficient rest and sleep to counter stress is also very necessary. Stress caused by poor sleeping pattern can make all the organs of the body exhausted and dull including skin.

Regular exercises are also good ways to keep skin fresh and lively for longer period. People having fitter body generally have healthy skin too. It is just because of healthy metabolic rate and optimum flow of blood all over body which exercises provide. Fitness also keeps skin tight and prevents it from becoming saggy and wrinkled. Precautions shall be taken while using soaps, shampoos and cosmetics to protect skin from harmful chemicals. Protecting skin from harsh weather and Sun is also important as these can speed-up rate of cell death and harm softness of skin. Natural moisturizers shall be used in place of commercial creams and gels to protect skin and to avoid side effects.

There are few herbs and natural nutrients that are highly efficient in eradicating dull skin problem and enhance skin glow and overall appearance of the face. Chandra Prabha ubtan is a revolutionary herbal face pack specially made for those who want to get rid of dull skin problem naturally. When Aloe Vera moisturizing cream is applied after using this ubtan, one can get more visible and quick results.

Find details about Chandra Prabha Ubtan and Aloe Vera Gel for Glowing Skin.

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Home Remedies For Diarrhoea

Home Remedies For Diarrhoea, Diet, Treatment and Prevention

What is Diarrhoea?

Diarrhoea is an outcome of intestinal infection, caused by virus, bacteria or parasites, known as gastroentritis. At least three watery stools in a day signify presence of diarrhoea which can last up to few days. This condition is reckoned as serious because it can cause severe dehydration in a short time. The watery stools can contain blood too on aggravation of problem. In old times diarrhoea was reckoned as killer-disease and has consumed thousands of lives. In modern countries this problem is almost negligible and today can be controlled through medicines. Home remedies for diarrhoea too are very effective in handling the problem and eliminating infection. It is primarily caused by infection which is passed by faces of infected person through food and water. Diarrhoea can be divided into three categories – short duration watery diarrhoea, bloody diarrhoea and persistent diarrhoea.

The short duration diarrhoea can be due to infection caused by cholera but if blood is present it is referred as dysentery. Certain medical conditions like hypothyroidism and IBS etc. are also common causes of the problem apart from infection. Diarrhoea may be an old and common disease in developing and poor countries but it has potency of becoming life-threatening too. There are simple steps which can prevent this disease from affecting and spreading, and many easily available medicinal supports can prevent it from becoming life-threatening.

Governments in developing countries run programs to supply rehydrating fluids for free to save people from succumbing to diarrhoea in absence of quick treatment. Home remedies for diarrhoea can be of immense use in controlling the infection and stopping problem from aggravating. Home remedies for diarrhoea can save lives and prevent symptoms from aggravating before these can cause any harm to health.

Causes and Symptoms of Diarrhoea

There is variety of causes which can lead to diarrhoea. Rotavirus is most common cause of diarrhoea in children and Norovirus is most common cause of the infection in adults. Home remedies for diarrhoea handle both types of viruses efficiently and suppress symptoms. Types of adenoviruses and astroviruses are also responsible for causing infection commonly. Bacterial infection also causes this problem, in numerous cases certain types of toxins which get produced in the body due to medication are also causes of the problem. Natural treatment for diarrhoea is capable of suppressing infections and relieving symptoms.

Diseases related to pancreas and problem of mal-absorption also cause the problem. Enzyme deficiencies, structural defects, cystic fibrosis and pancreatitis are common causes which raise problem of diarrhoea by causing mal-absorption. Inflammatory bowel diseases like ulcerative colitis and Crohn’s disease and IBS are other common causes of diarrhoea. Poor sanitation, unclean water and mal-nutrition are major reasons which make people susceptible to suffer with diarrhoea. Natural treatment for diarrhoea encompasses all the causes and also helps in prevention of disease efficiently.

More than three watery stools in a day are clear symptoms of diarrhoea. However, depending upon the cause of the problem other symptoms like abdominal cramps, stomach pain, bloating, fever and frequent thirst may also accompany. Weight loss, blood or pus in stools, diarrhoea more than 2 weeks old, signs of dehydration are aggravated signs of serious cause of the problem.

Home Remedies for Diarrhoea

BRAT diet is perhaps one of the most popular home remedies for diarrhoea. BRAT stands for banana, rice, Applesauce and toast. Take small portion of each food item 2-3 times during the day as meals to maintain hydration and energy and flush infection out of guts easily. It also binds the stools and controls fluid loss.

Yoghurt and banana are other food items which are effective home remedies for diarrhoea. Banana supports by maintaining energy and binding stools. Yoghurt possesses bacteria which clears problem causing infection from guts. Consume 2-3 bowls of yoghurt after mashing one ripe banana during the day.

Take an orange and peel it off. Chop it finely and add to one and half cup of water. Boil the mixture for few minutes and later allow it to steep. Strain and add some honey and drink 2-3 times in the day. This is one of the simplest home remedies for diarrhoea. Chamomile tea is another natural treatment for diarrhoea. Add one or two teaspoons of dry chamomile to a cup of boiling water and drink after straining when it is warm.

Add two teaspoons of apple cider vinegar to a cup of water and drink. Repeat 2-3 times in the day. ACV will clear infection and relieve the symptoms. Use honey with drinks or you can consume one or two teaspoons at a time 2-3 times in the day. Anti-fungal, anti-bacterial and anti-inflammatory properties of honey are excellent remedies for diarrhoea. Few cups of caraway tea during the day also help in controlling watery stools and related symptoms. It is effective against infection as well and provides long-lasting relief.

Take an inch long piece of ginger and peel it off, crush it and add to a glass of buttermilk. Add half teaspoon of black salt and mix the ingredients well. Drink this glass of buttermilk and repeat 2-3 times in the day. Not only it clears infection but protects from dehydration, bloating and cramps and arrest progression of disease.

Eat a mixture of cooked carrots and potato. These foods are great for controlling infection and also maintaining supply of nutrition to body. Avoid dairy products except yoghurt and high-fibre foods completely during passage of stools.

Take a teaspoon of fenugreek seeds and add to a cup of boiling water. Let the mixture become warm, in between stir it 2-3 times so that goodness of seeds gets mixed with water. Strain when it is warm and drink the water. Repeat one more time if symptoms are aggravated.

Blueberry roots are folk remedies for handling diarrhoea. Drinking tea of blueberry roots or consumption of blueberries both are effective home remedies for diarrhoea. Drinking few glasses of coconut water keeps body hydrated and also supplements vital nutrients to prevent side effects of the disease. The nutritive properties of coconut water helps in flushing out infection as well.

Prepare a mixture by adding one teaspoon each of cumin, ginger and cinnamon powder and one teaspoon of honey. Consume this mixture with glass of water three times in the day after regular intervals. It relieves symptoms and clears infection in a short time.

Rice water also helps in relieving symptoms and controlling passing of watery stools efficiently. Add half cup of brown rice to 3 cups of water and bring mixture to a boil. Let the mixture boil on a low flame for 20-30 minutes and later allow it to cool down. Strain and save the water. Drink this water throughout the day.

Consume one teaspoon of olive oil in the morning and one more during the day. It helps in controlling the problem. Drinking 2-3 cups of green tea is also good option to curb the infection and symptoms of diarrhoea.

Diet for Diarrhoea Patients

Diet for diarrhoea shall contain water and minerals as these get lost due to watery fluids at rapid pace. High energy foods such as fats, yoghurt and cereals are ideal as these get absorbed smoothly in the body. Potassium rich foods shall be given special stress in diet for diarrhoea to reinstate depleted mineral reserves in the body. Foods like bananas, lentils, pineapple, papaya, mangoes, citrus fruits etc. are good sources of potassium and shall be part of the diet. The foods shall be prepared so that these have thin consistency to make them easily digestible. Drinks like lemonade, coconut water, curd, buttermilk, weak tea etc. are good as diet for diarrhoea as these replenish lost water and fluids and also help in expelling infection.

High fibre, spicy, vegetables and wholegrain shall be avoided during diarrhoea. These foods can bring cramps and increase frequency of passing of stools. In case of young children breastfeed is the best food for them, if child is older for breastfeed light and thin foods like ‘Khchri’ and drinks like curd, buttermilk etc. shall be given.

Diarrhoea Treatment and Prevention

Avoid foods which are high on fibre and caffeine, dairy products except curd, yoghurt and buttermilk, and greasy and sugary foods. Avoid taking non-steroidal medicines like aspirin, ibuprofen etc. for relieving pain as these can increase frequency of stools. Proper hygiene is the best prevention for diarrhoea. Eat clean foods and drink purified water. If travelling is frequent, trust hygienic sources for eating and drinking. Keep hands clean always particularly before eating, wash regularly and use hand – sanitizers frequently as effective prevention for diarrhoea.

Do not eat raw foods like fruits, veggies etc. These can contain bacteria which can cause infection. Put foods in refrigerator which can get spoilt. Do not eat few day old foods even if these are in refrigerator without cooking or heating. Cook meat thoroughly before eating, even a part of raw meat in meal can contain bacteria and parasites which can cause severe diarrhoea. Clean items in the kitchen properly and regularly. Take care of slab, chopping boards, knives, stove tops and bench tops. Clean them with bleach or strong soap after use and keep them dry. Do not use plates or bowls to keep cooked food in which raw foods were stored. The bacteria can reside over surface of utensils for a long time and can contaminate cooked food to cause the problem.

Drink clean purified water and avoid using glasses which are made of glass of ceramics. It is best that one uses disposable glasses for drinking. Ceramic glasses are difficult to clean properly and can contain infectious agents. Keep hand-sanitizers and anti-bacterial soap always with you. These steps are effective prevention for diarrhoea.

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Home Remedies For Dengue Fever

Home Remedies For Dengue Fever, Diet, Treatment And Prevention

What is Dengue Fever?

Dengue fever is viral fever which spreads through mosquito bites. The types of mosquitoes which spread chikungunya are also capable of carrying dengue virus which causes illness in humans. The dengue virus is of five different types. Person getting infected with one type of virus gains immunity for life from that particular type of dengue infection buy short term immunity from other types. Any person can get infected few times from different types of viruses of dengue. This infection can become life-threatening of not treated properly. In small proportions though but this disease can enter into advanced stages which pose threat to life.

Dengue haemorrhagic fever resulting in bleeding, sudden drop in blood platelets and blood plasma leakage, and dengue shock syndrome which causes dangerously low blood pressure, are life-threatening conditions. Home remedies for dengue fever are commonly employed in various countries for relieving symptoms. Natural treatment for dengue fever has shown heartening signs even in prevention of infection.

Dengue has become a worldwide problem and is commonly found in 110 countries. It causes nearly 10000 to 20000 thousands death every year worldwide. The symptoms of infection are high fever with headaches, joint pain, vomiting etc. which may last for 2 days to a week. The severe cases of dengue are more common in children and females. People with high BMI are also at risk of suffering with severe symptoms of dengue fever. The virus after entering in blood of a person if grows disproportionately higher can affect organs like liver and bone marrow.

It causes leakage of blood from blood capillaries which get absorbed in surrounding organs due to permeability. This condition causes dangerously low blood pressure and poses serious threat to life. Home remedies for dengue fever have been found effective in checking progression of infection by controlling viral growth. Vaccination for dengue fever has also been approved and is used for preventing infection from spreading.

Causes and Symptoms of Dengue Fever

Bite of infected mosquito is only cause of dengue fever. Aedes type of A. ageypti mosquito is mainly responsible for collecting virus from infected person’s blood and transmitting it into other healthy human being. Virus grows in human blood and immune system responds by releasing antibodies which cause fever and other symptoms. Protection from mosquito carrying dengue virus is only way to stay protected from illness. Humans are major hosts of virus but other mammals and birds can also host the virus. It takes about 8-10 days for a female mosquito to mutate virus into the form which can reside in human blood and rapidly grow.

Vertical transfusion from other to child and through donation of infected organs and blood is also reported. The virus can evolve to enhance mode of transfusion quickly and person to person transfusion has also been reported recently. The virus does not affect mosquito carrying it and mosquito can remain infected throughout its life. The breeding of mosquito is fast in places where water is logged in artificial containers.

Nearly 80% of people who get infected with dengue virus remain asymptomatic and suffer with uncomplicated fever. Out of remaining 20% about 5% suffer with severe disease. The symptoms of dengue fever can resemble other viral fevers so clinical tests are conducted to identify exactly the type of infection. Generally symptoms of dengue fever are higher fever with headache located behind eyes, vomiting, diarrhoea, muscle and joint pain and formation of rash. The incubation period for virus is about 3-14 days but generally symptoms arrive within 5-7 days. Reduced platelet count or positive white blood cell count are tests which clearly diagnose dengue fever from normal viral fever.

The dengue fever is high and touches 104 degrees with other symptoms. It is biphasic in nature and comes and goes. Rashes form in nearly 50% cases. The critical stage may arrive in 5% of total cases where bleeding or haemorrhage in capillaries can cause blood loss. In other cases after fever subside recovery phase begins which lasts about a week or more. In few cases reduced consciousness and low heart-rate can occur during recovery phase.

Home Remedies for Dengue Fever

Home remedies for dengue fever have been effective in preventing infection from becoming critical and relieving the symptoms. Papaya leaf juice is one of the popular home remedies for dengue fever. It is highly beneficial at initial stages when dengue has been confirmed through clinical investigations. Take one or leaves of papaya and remove the stem and major central vein. Crush the leaves and add 10 ml of cold water and grind. Sieve the mixture and discard the pulp and drink two teaspoons of it after every three hours regularly. The high vitamin C content in the extract boost-up immunity and antioxidants fight back toxins present in blood. Papian, chymopapain and caricain are few compounds found in papaya leaves extract which are prolific in clearing viral infection and relieving its symptoms.

Neem leaves are also wonderful home remedies for dengue fever. A glass full of Neem leaves juice can be consumed twice in a day regularly till symptoms subside. Take handful of Neem leaves or more and grind with some water to get a glass full of juice after straining. Consume this twice in a day, Neem leaves not only bring down fever and control symptoms but also increase blood platelet counts and protect blood vessels from haemorrhages.

Take a glass of water and put it in a bowl and add 15 leaves of holy basil plant. Boil the mixture till it gets reduced to half and allow it to steep. Strain when it is warm and drink the remaining water. Repeat twice in a day regularly holy basil tea is powerful antiviral and immunity enhancer. It helps in curing fever and suppressing viral growth to prevent complications. Holy basil leaves are old and trusted home remedies for dengue fever and other types of viral fevers.

Coriander leaves juice is not as harsh in taste as Neem leaves juice and works as one of the effective home remedies for dengue fever. Take a bunch of leaves and blend in a blender with some water. Extract the juice and sieve to remove leaves and stems and drink repeat 2-3 times in the day the high vitamin C content and linolenic acid present in coriander leaves are excellent natural treatment for dengue fever.

Pomegranate and wheatgrass juice are other remedies which provide safe and effective natural treatment for dengue fever. Drink 1-2 glasses of pomegranate juice during fever and during recovery phase. You can also extract juice of wheatgrass by blending it with water for few minutes. One or two cups of wheatgrass juice work as wonderful remedy for bringing down fever and relieving symptoms of infection.

Diet for Dengue Fever

Diet for dengue fever shall be rich in nutrition and also supportive for immunity. Green leafy vegetables are good sources of nutrition, antioxidants, fibre and also enhance immunity. These keep blood purified and increase supply of nutrition all over body. The abundance of folic acid in green leafy vegetables makes them most healthy part of diet for dengue fever patient during illness and during recovery.

Prefer boiled or steamed veggies during fever. The capacity of liver gets severely hampered during dengue fever and boiled or steamed veggies are easy on digestive system. Soups are excellent ways to consume veggies without losing nutrition and putting pressure on digestive system. Drink fruit juices preferably citrus fruits of all types. Fruits rich in vitamin C are very useful diet for dengue fever. Include banana and oranges in the diet plan; consume whole fruits instead of shake and juice of these fruits.

Consume protein rich foods during recovery phase. These provide faster and better recovery from weaknesses inflicted by infection. Eggs, beans, pulses, lentils, nuts etc. are good sources of protein which provide better recovery. Drink herbal teas for upper-charged antioxidants and better metabolism. All types of herbal teas 2-3 cups in a day are good for improving body’s energy and stamina.

Maintain healthy water intake to allow body to flush accumulated toxins and residue of antibodies and other compounds out of the system. Avoid spicy, fatty, processed and junk food completely at least for a month even after recovery. These foods lower immunity and slow down metabolism which makes a person prone for another infection by different type of dengue virus.

Dengue Fever Treatment and Prevention

Vaccination is available for dengue fever which is reliable prevention of dengue fever. The vaccination provides protection from all types of dengue virus. People who have already been infected get life-long immunity from the type of virus which has infected them. But they do not gain any long term immunity from other types of viruses. So taking vaccination is never a bad idea, if one is living in locality affected by dengue spreading mosquitos or have already suffered with an infection.

Protection from mosquito bite is another reliable prevention of dengue fever. Mosquitos breed in fresh water accumulated in artificial containers like used plastic glasses, desert coolers, plastic bags etc. keeping surroundings free from water logging even in small quantity prevents mosquito from breeding, spray of insecticide around house also works as good prevention of dengue fever. Use of mosquito repellent creams and gels protect from mosquito bite out in the open. The mosquitoes carrying virus are most active during morning and evening but these can bite even during mid-day. Wearing clothes which cover most of the body are also good prevention of dengue fever. Use nets around bed to stay protected from mosquitos at night.

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Home Remedies For Chikungunya

Home Remedies For Chikungunya, Diet, Treatment And Prevention

What is Chikungunya?

Chikungunya is illness which spreads through mosquito bites. The mosquitoes carrying CHIKV virus, if bite a human being, transmits the virus to cause sickness. There are two types of species of mosquitoes which can spread this infection. The virus is very active when temperature varies between 10-20 degrees Celsius, temperature lower or high than this can reduce viral activity but does not inhibit it completely. Controlling this virus from spreading is extremely difficult as it gets circulated through blood of animals and birds as well. Chikangunya has death rate of 1 in 1000 and it can fatal for very old or very young and people with medical condition which gets aggravated due to infection. Home remedies for chikungunya are helpful in treating the infection in a short time. There is no vaccination available to control this infection from spreading. Even home remedies for chikungunya cannot prevent infection from occurring.

This infection is marked by painful symptoms it raises. It can restrict a person to bed by causing moderate to severe pain on movement. The symptoms of infection may last for a week but aftereffects may persist for months. Natural treatment for chikungunya helps in alleviating infection and aftereffects efficiently and safely. People travelling and staying over unknown places are at high risk of catching this infection. Though most number of cases happens in Asia and Asia-pacific region, but this virus has made large number of people sick even in European countries and parts of USA.

Causes and Symptoms of Chikangunya

Mosquito bites are causes of infection. Infected mosquito when bites and pierce the skin transmits virus into human body. This virus in a span of 10-12 days grows and raises symptoms of chikungunya. The virus can survive in human for longer period in blood during an outbreak. From here it gets transmitted to mosquitos and back to humans. During other times, birds, monkeys and other animals are reservoir for virus without carrying any symptoms.

Apart from mosquito bites infection can be transmitted from mother to child and also through donation of infected blood and organs. However these kinds of transmissions of infection are rare and survive only in theory. Once bitten, human becomes reservoir of virus and source of infection to others. Aedes and A. ageypti are types of mosquitos which spread the infection through virus transmission from humans to humans.

The incubation period for virus is from one day to 10-12 days but usually symptoms arrive within 5-7 days. The symptoms of chikungunya are fever and joint pain. The severity of joint pain may vary from person to person, formation of rash over skin are also symptoms of infection. The fever and other symptoms may subside in a week or 10 days but joint pain can continue for months. Other symptoms of the infection are digestive problems, conjunctivitis, headaches and fatigue. During fever virus can be identified through blood tests. The fever of chikungunya is biphasic which can reach up to 102 degrees to 104 degrees and come and go in phases. Once fever subsides the joint pain may last for weeks to a year. Rash formation is common in nearly 50% of the cases. Neurological problems are rare but also a possibility with chikungunya.

Home Remedies for Chikungunya

There are very useful home remedies for chikungunya which are effective in clearing infection and also relieving its frustrating symptoms. Giloy is herb which due to its anti-arthritic, anti-inflammatory and immune-modulatory properties has gained fame as very beneficial remedy for the infection. This herb can be used as supplement in form of tonic or capsule. The dosage prescribed for an adult in a day is about one gram per day. For children below age of five years 250 Mg is the prescribed quantity. Regular intake of this herb from the day of onset of symptoms works as one of the reliable home remedies for chikungunya.

Papaya leaves are also trusted and effective home remedies for chikungunya. Take about 7-8 fresh leaves of papaya. Remove the stem and central vein and crush the leaves and blend with some water to get a paste. Strain this paste and collect the liquid part. Consume two teaspoons of this every three hours till fever subsides. Use of these leaves helps in clearing infection and suppressing aftereffects of infection.

Cold compresses are good home remedies for chikungunya symptoms like joint pain. Crush few ice cubes and wrap the content in a cotton cloth. Apply the bag over joint for a minute or more and remove, apply again once blood flow begins and repeat 2-3 times in the day. Cold compresses maintain movement and prevent pain from aggravating. These also suppress stiffness in convalescent phase and provide faster recovery.

Turmeric is anti-inflammatory and also improves immune system functions. This is also recommended as home remedies for chikungunya. Add half teaspoon of turmeric to a glass of warm milk and drink before bedtime. You can sprinkle turmeric over salad or other food items and consume. Intake of turmeric is good for clearing infection and relieving symptoms. If you do not want to consume milk add turmeric to warm water.

Cayenne pepper works as highly effective pain reliever. Its topical application relieves pain and promotes movement in joints. To get homemade natural treatment for chikungunya joint pain take 3 tablespoons of cayenne pepper, one cup of olive, jojoba or almond oil and half cup of grated beeswax. Heat the ingredients in a double-boiler and mix them well. Put off the flame and allow mixture to cool down. Keep it in refrigerator to chill and apply over affected joints. Repeat application 2-3 times in the day it will relieve pain and promote movement. This is one of the fast-acting home remedies for chikungunya.

Massages of affected joints also work well to relieve the symptoms of infection. Castor oil and cinnamon mixture work as effective natural treatment for chikungunya symptoms. Take two tablespoons of castor oil and add half teaspoon of cinnamon powder to it. Heat the mixture to make it warm a bit and apply over affected joints. Massage for few minutes twice in a day regularly.

Take handful of seedless grapes. Chew these and swallow with a cup of warm cow’s milk. Repeat this remedy twice in a day after 6-8 hours regularly to get rid of fever and other symptoms. Decoction made with Holy basil leaves and water is also excellent remedy to get rid of fever and related symptoms. Take 10 leaves of basil and boil with two glasses of water till water gets reduced to half. Strain and drink the remaining water.

Diet for Chikungunya Patients

Diet for chikungunya can be divided into two parts broadly, one for period when there is fever and another for convalescent phase. During fever light and semi-solid foods shall be eaten in place of heavy and greasy food items. Soups, particularly tomato soup with garlic and ginger paste in it are useful for controlling virus by improving immunity and supplementation of good amount of nutrition. Green leafy vegetables are other wonderful foods for gaining nutrition and compounds which fight back fatigue and improve immunity. These shall form core of diet during fever in the form of soups or salads. Very thin mixture of yellow lentil and rice is also good diet for chikungunya patient during fever.

During fever light meal of citrus fruits is also helpful in curbing viral activities and bringing fever under control. All types of citrus fruits like oranges, grapefruit, Kiwi etc. and fruits rich in vitamin C like papaya, pineapple etc. are good parts of diet for chikungunya. Bananas, plantain, apples, avocado, wheat and nuts shall be given during recovery phase after fever. Foods rich in omega-3 fatty acids like fish, walnuts, pulses, flaxseeds etc. shall be included in the diet of patient for faster recovery from chikungunya. Soy, pomegranates, Chia seeds, button mushrooms, Brazil nuts, cabbages etc. are rich in zinc and selenium which are excellent foods for faster recovery and suppressing aftereffects of infection. Drink coconut water through the fever and recovery phase 2-3 times in the day. This is packed with nutrients and minerals and is excellent for keeping body hydrated.

Chikungunya Treatment and Prevention

Prevention of chikungunya is only possible by preventing mosquito bites. The mosquito which transmits infection from infected humans to animals, birds and to humans back grows and breeds in still fresh water. This mosquito is very active during the day unlike other species of mosquitoes which are more active at night. Protection from mosquito is best prevention of chikungunya as there is no vaccination available to shield the virus. Special steps shall be taken to avoid water logging even in small amount. Even used plastic cups or utensils thrown outside house can collect rain water and allow growth of mosquito which transmits chikungunya. If removing water is not possible sprinkling insecticides on regular basis is good way of killing mosquitoes. Use insecticide sprays on regular basis in lawns and around plants.

Avoid moving outside with short sleeved shirts or short pants. Keep body covered as much as possible and wear mosquito repellent cream always whenever out in the open. Mosquito carrying virus can fly a distance so take care everywhere. Avoid travelling to places which may contain mosquitoes and clean the car regularly. At home use sticks and soaps which repel mosquitoes, strong sprays shall be sprayed over areas which generally contain water. Keep water coolers and desert coolers dry completely if not in use. Take special care if someone in neighbourhood or in family has fallen sick because of chikungunya. These steps can only provide protection and prevention of chikungunya.

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Home Remedies For Chickenpox

Home Remedies For Chickenpox, Diet, Treatment And Prevention

What is Chickenpox?

Chicken pox is viral infection which affects everyone once in a lifetime. This infection stays for 7-10 days and later goes off gradually. Once infection is gone human beings develop natural immunity for the virus and stay protected throughout life later. But in some cases the virus can get reactivated and raise symptoms which is referred as shingles. Children between ages of 5-12 years are common victims of the infection. But this can affect adults too who were not infected during childhood. The symptoms of chickenpox are milder in child compared to an adult. Home remedies for chickenpox are trusted ways to get rid of infection and also symptoms. Natural treatment for chickenpox prevents complications, relieve itching etc. and also reduce duration of stay of symptoms.

Chickenpox is caused by varicella zoster virus. This is quite common infection and in old days was untreatable even by home remedies for chickenpox. This infection has claimed many lives in ancient times. Mortality rate due to chickenpox is minimal these days but marks and spots on skin which blisters leave are cause of concerns for many. In few cases complications like swelling in brain, pneumonia and bacterial infection in skin can occur. These are serious conditions and need immediate medical attention. Many adults even after suffering with chickenpox in childhood can face reoccurrence of symptoms in the form shingles. This condition raises rash and frustrating symptoms. Home remedies for chickenpox are suitable for calming symptoms of shingles as well.

Causes and Symptoms of Chickenpox

Varicella-zoster virus is main cause for chickenpox which is highly contagious and active. This virus in almost every case infects a person once in lifetime. Mostly at young age people get infected with this virus and later stay immune to it. But in many cases people get infected at later age after adulthood. In few cases virus can affect more than once and cause shingles. Children having mild symptoms of chickenpox are susceptible to get another infection at later age.

There are few factors which increase chances of infection in a person who never had chickenpox. Contact with infected person via sharing clothes, towels and other personal things or even staying in room with infected person for more than 15 minutes increase chances of infection. Coming in contact with skin or flakes of blisters of infected person and poor immunity are other factors which increase chances of chickenpox in person who never had this infection.

Vaccines for chickenpox are available but these do not provide 100% protection. People working with children at schools or at child care facility are at high risk of catching an infection. Pregnant women and new born baby whose mother never had infection are also at high risk of catching chickenpox. People taking treatments which lower immunity can catch chickenpox or shingles easily.

Occurrences of red rashes which turn into blisters are primary symptoms of chickenpox. These generally occur first over neck, shoulders and face and spread all over body. The symptoms of chickenpox accompany fever, tiredness and low stamina, loss of appetite and feeling of malice. The blisters first appear as red bumps or papules which turn into fluid-filled blisters. These later dry off and form crust, after crusting these heal in few days. The symptoms of chickenpox arrive after 10-21 days of infection and last for 5-10 days. Person suffering with chickenpox can spread infection before arrival of blisters and till blisters form scab. The blisters after healing can leave a mark or spot.

If rashes become tender or extend in one or both eyes. If there is shortness of breath, dizziness, lack of muscle coordination or rapid heartbeat. Or if one notices disorientation, vomiting, stiff neck, tremors, severe cough and fever above 102 degrees it is sign of severe infection. During an outbreak it is advisable to keep people with poor immunity and children less than 4 years completely away from patient.

Home Remedies for Chickenpox

Sponge the patient with baking soda water. Add a tablespoon of baking soda to a jug full of warm water and give sponge bath. Alternatively add a cup of baking soda to bathtub full for warm water and give patient a bath for 10-15 minutes. Let the mixture dry on skin in both cases and repeat regularly for few days. These are trusted home remedies for chickenpox which allow blisters to heal faster and suppress itching etc.

Take Neem leaves and grind these, add few drops of water to make a paste, apply paste over blisters and leave. Wash off after 15-20 minutes and repeat till blisters heal. Neem is antifungal and antibacterial and also prevent problem from aggravating. Fan patient with neem fronds and hang few neem fronds around patient’s bed. This also helps in stopping virus from affecting people entering the room. This is one of the old and trusted home remedies for chickenpox.

Take one cup of chopped carrots and one and a half cup cup of coriander leaves. Add these to sufficient amount of water and keep the mixture to boil. Let it boil for 15 minutes over a low flame and allow it to become warm later. Strain and drink the water regularly for a month. It will heal blisters and also minimize chances of marks and spots on skin. Eating boiled carrots is also good way to relieve the symptoms. Both of these are reliable home remedies for chickenpox.

Take 2 cups of oatmeal powder or grind oats to get a powder. Add these to 2 litres of water and let the mixture sit for 15 minutes. Now strain and collect oatmeal in a muslin cloth, tie to form a bag and stir it in a bathtub till water turns milky. Now add 4 drops of roman chamomile and lavender oil and 2 drops each of naouli, tea tree, cloves and rosemary essential oil. Mix the oils with water and take a relaxing bath for 20 minutes. Repeat regularly to get rid of itching and heal the blisters faster. This is one of the popular home remedies for chickenpox.

Honey and Aloe Vera gel both provide excellent natural treatment for chickenpox. Apply honey over blisters or fresh Aloe Vera gel whichever is convenient. Let any of these sit for 15 minutes and wipe off later. These will soothe itching and burning and also provide faster healing. These also ensure clear and smooth skin after chickenpox.

Boil a pot full of water with 2-3 tablespoons of holy basil leaves. Let the mixture boil for few minutes and allow it to simmer till it cools down. Strain and keep the water in refrigerator. When it is chilled soak a cotton towel and sponge the skin of patient. Let the water dry off over skin. Use remaining water next day till you have used entire water. Repeat regularly to calm down itching and burning and heal the blisters faster. Holy basil is part of old natural treatment for chickenpox.

Use Epsom salt for bath or sponge to relieve symptoms and heal the blisters faster. Add 2 cups of Epsom salt to bathtub full of warm water. Give a bath for 20 minutes and wash off later. Repeat regularly. Prepare a mixture by adding a cup of Epsom salt to a jug full of warm water and give a sponge bath. Let the mixture dry off and wash with wet clean cloth later. Epsom salt too is good natural treatment for chickenpox which relieves symptoms and heals blisters faster and safely.

Diet for Chickenpox Patients

Diet for chickenpox patient shall contain large portion of fruits and veggies. Avoid using preserved or canned fruit juices due to preservatives. Drink fresh juices and eat raw fruits. Consume boiled or steamed veggies with meals. Few cups of herbal teas are also wonderful as part of diet for chickenpox. Herbal teas like green, cinnamon, basil and chamomile are good. Carrots, cucumber, walnuts, eggs, beetroot, ginger, garlic, blueberry, tofu, cashew nuts, watermelon, kiwi, sprouts and tomatoes shall be included in the diet for chickenpox patient regularly.

Keep away processed, junk, greasy and fried foods completely from diet for chickenpox patient. These foods are hard to digest and aggravate symptoms. Drink plenty of water and take sufficient sleep and rest. Red meat, bread and dairy products shall also be avoided during an infection for quick relief.

Chickenpox Treatment and Prevention

Varicella zoster virus is highly contagious and can travel a distance in air as well. For most reliable prevention of chickenpox get vaccinated. Children and adults all can get vaccinated which provides protection from infection. However not everyone gets 100% protection through vaccines but even if infection occurs the symptoms are very mild. For those who are not vaccinated staying away from infected person is the only prevention of chickenpox. Do not stay with infected person in the same room.

Avoid touching or sitting close to infected person. Do not touch towels, bed sheet or other things used by the patient. If ever one comes in contact with any infected person wash hands thoroughly and do not touch any part of body before washing. Precautions are only prevention of chickenpox. Those who have suffered with chickenpox get immunity for life from infection but this is not correct for everyone. In many cases infection can strike again and cause shingles. So taking precautions is the best way to stay protected.

Keep room of patient clean and keep visitors at a safe distance to prevent infection from spreading. Completely avoid children from entering room of patient. Smoke neem leaves in the room of patient to suppress virus from floating in the air. Wash all the used things thoroughly and wash hands later. Do not eat or drink anything in the room of patient, not even at a safe distance. These precautions work effectively for prevention of chickenpox infection.

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Home Remedies For Alcoholic Liver Disease

Home Remedies For Alcoholic Liver Disease Diet And Treatment

What is Alcoholic Liver Disease?

Alcoholic liver disease encompasses diseases caused by alcohol intake to liver. This includes fatty liver, alcoholic hepatitis or chronic hepatitis and liver fibrosis and cirrhosis. Alcohol is passed through liver for detoxification. Medically males consuming more than 100 ml per day for 20 years and women consuming more than 75 ml per day increase their chances of ALD by 40%. Nearly 20-30% of long term or excessive drinkers develop alcoholic hepatitis or fibrosis and cirrhosis concomitantly or in succession. This condition is lower in developed countries but relatively much higher in developing and poor countries. People drinking alcohol out of meal time increase their chances by three times for ALD. Home remedies for alcoholic liver disease are beneficial in checking progression of damage and can repair damaged cells and tissues.

Excessive or regular alcohol consumption causes release of pro-inflammatory compounds in liver. The inflammation of liver causes toxicity and fatty liver condition which is beginning of the problem. If alcohol consumption is stopped completely even at this stage the condition is entirely reversible and liver regain lost status. Regular intake of alcohol even after inflammation or alcoholic hepatitis causes damage to hepatocytes or cells of liver and leads to formation of scarred tissues. Formation of scarred tissues is fibrosis, this is marked by formation of hard tissues which are non-functional.

Alcoholic hepatitis is predisposed to liver cirrhosis. Alcoholic hepatitis even if damages 75% of hepatocytes or cells does not pose threat to life. With proper diet and lifestyle person can live his or her full life but with strict limitations. Home treatment for ALD is also helpful in preventing damage from progressing but in presence of complete prohibition of alcohol.

Cirrhosis is last stage of ALD which with complete alcohol abstinence can be checked at best with proper treatment. But in presence of alcohol consumption leads to liver failure and poses serious threat to life. Liver failure allows chemicals, toxins and impurities to float in body through blood and cause host of disorders and damages.

Causes and Symptoms of Alcoholic Liver Disease

Alcohol intake is cause of alcoholic liver disease. Not all alcohol consumers are disposed to become victim of ALD and reach up to life-threatening conditions like cirrhosis but a large percentage of men and women do suffer with ALD. There are few risk factors which can increase chances of ALD in people.

Quantity of alcohol consumption is one of the major risk factors which increase chances of ALD. Men consuming more than 100 ml and women more than 75 ml per day are at high risk of developing ALD after 20 years of consumption. The chances multiply after every 30 ml of intake more than this quantity.

Irregular pattern of drinking increase chances of ALD by many times in men and women. People drinking out of meal times or late at night increase their chances of liver damage. Women are twice more susceptible to suffer with ALD than men. Women can suffer with ALD even after consuming less quantity of alcohol for shorter duration.

Genetic factors also play a role in increasing chances of ALD in individuals. Many men and women are predisposed to suffer with ALD due to certain patterns in their genes which reduce supply of enzymes required by liver to regenerate its damaged cells and tissues.

Hepatitis infection not only increases chances of ALD but also speeds-up it development. Previous or current hepatitis infection maximizes risk of ALD. Poor diet lacking in vitamin A and E or containing high amount of fat is also responsible for increasing chances of ALD. Low diet intake is also common amongst alcoholics which increase chances of ALD.

Iron overload through iron-rich foods or supplementation stresses liver out and speeds-up damages caused by alcohol. Toxin exposure via food and water or medicines is also responsible for causing ALD in men and women.

Early symptoms of ALD are fatigue, weight loss, loss of energy, poor appetite, belly pain, nausea and formation of small spider like web of blood vessels. As disease progresses advanced symptoms are – yellow colour of the skin, eyes and dark urine. Fluid build-up in the legs and abdomen, clay coloured stools, abnormal bleeding from mild cuts, confusions, inability to think straight and redness in the palms of hands are also advanced symptoms of ALD. Men may also experience reducing testicles and swelling breasts, and signs of impotence.

Home Remedies for Alcoholic Liver Disease

There are effective and easy to use home remedies for alcoholic liver disease. The home remedies for alcoholic liver disease are safe and check progression of the disease, these also reduce load over liver, and help liver in regenerating cells and tissues faster.

Take one teaspoon each of cumin and carom seeds. Dry roast these over a pan and allow these to cool down. Grind to form a powder and add half teaspoon of rock salt to it. Mix all the ingredients and consume with water. Consume this mixture twice in a day preferably once half an hour before breakfast and later in the evening before dinner. This is one of the trusted home remedies for alcoholic liver disease.

Licorice is reckoned as herb which is highly beneficial for liver and swollen cells. It helps in removal of inflammation and also clear toxin build-up. Take one tablespoon of licorice powder and add 2-3 teaspoons of honey to it. Mix them well and consume, repeat regularly till symptoms subside. Honey is also powerful anti-toxin and anti-inflammatory. In combination with licorice it works as one of the very effective home remedies for alcoholic liver disease.

Take 1-2 cloves of garlic and chew them as first thing in the morning. Swallow these down with a cup of lukewarm water and avoid eating or drinking anything for an hour. Garlic is powerful anti-inflammatory, cleanses blood and makes it free from toxins and reduces load over liver. Regular intake of garlic in raw form is one of the simple but reliable home remedies for alcoholic liver disease.

Crushed papaya seeds are wonderfully beneficial home remedies for alcoholic liver disease. Take a tablespoon or more of fresh papaya seeds and crush them in a bowl, collect the pulp and juice and sieve or press in a muslin cloth to extract juice out. Add two teaspoons of lemon juice to about a teaspoon of papaya seeds juice and consume. Repeat this remedy twice in a day regularly on an empty stomach. Papaya seeds have many beneficial properties and nutrients which help in improving liver condition.

Vegetable juice is also effective and nutritive remedy which helps in reversing liver damage and also nutritional supply to improve energy levels. Take 3-4 carrots and chop them finely, blend these to get their juice out. Take sufficient amount of spinach leaves and extract their juice as well. Mix these juices and consume at least 1-2 glasses a day. You can blend carrots and spinach leaves together as well. Make sure that you clean carrots and spinach leaves thoroughly. These veggies are infamous for impurities, salt and soli attached, wash these 2-3 times before blending. Repeat regularly till symptoms are gone.

Drinking a glass of butter milk every day after adding a teaspoon of roasted cumin seed powder maintain appetite, digestion and also eliminate chemicals, and toxins from liver. Take two teaspoons of lemon juice and one teaspoon of salt, add these to a glass of plain water and mix. Consume this three times a day regularly to get dose of antioxidants which help in reversing liver damage.

Diet for Alcoholic Liver Disease Patients

Diet for alcoholic liver disease includes healthy foods and eliminates foods which may be counted as healthy but are bad for liver. Avoid all types of processed and refined foods completely, and also avoid white breads, cakes, colas, sugar and refined flour. These are sources of bad carbs. Unprocessed or least processed whole grains, vegetables, fruits and beans shall be included in diet as per one’s appetite to get enough dosage of carbs. Avoiding bad fats which are saturated and trans-fat is also necessary for diet for alcoholic liver disease. High fat meats are sources of bad fat so avoid, meat, lamb, chicken with skin, whole dairy products, butter, full fat cheese and ice creams etc. Also cut out sources of trans-fat like cakes, pastries, cookies, muffins, crackers and deep fried food items.

Use cold-pressed olive, canola, sunflower, peanut, sesame oils and consume peanuts, almonds, walnuts, pumpkin seeds, sunflower seeds, fish, soy products, flaxseeds, hazelnuts etc. more in quantity to get protein, healthy fats, vitamins and omega-3 fatty acids. Use healthy spices in diet for alcoholic liver disease, avoid too much salt and sugar use them in little quantity. Use spices like garlic, ginger, turmeric etc. and use apple cider vinegar, lemon, olive oil and honey for seasoning and dressing dishes to improve their taste.

Alcoholic Liver Disease Treatment and Prevention

There is no treatment for alcoholic liver disease through medicines. In fact there is no medicine which can treat, revive or repair liver or its tissues. All the treatments for ALD or even for milder infections or jaundice etc. focus on reducing load over liver and allowing it to repair and regenerate itself. Even in case of ALD people are given medicines which suppress toxins and other hazardous compounds in blood and digestive system to improve condition of liver. For any person, quitting habit of drinking completely is first step even before treatment for alcoholic liver disease begins. Changes in diet and strict dietary regimen and lifestyle are other steps in this direction.

If alcoholic liver disease progresses and causes liver failure, transplant of liver is only option available. Liver transplant is not at all easy and does not come with 100% guaranteed results. Perfect match is required and post-surgery responses of body are two major hurdles which reduce success rate of this major surgical measure.

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