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Osteoarthritis is also called degenerative arthritis. The degeneration can occur in bones, cartilages, and soft tissue which cover the joint.

Due to degeneration the bones forming the joints do not get a cushion and slippery texture to swivel and rub each other. Rubbing of bones causes friction and further loss of cartilages to make joints stiff and painful.

More cartilage is lost, stiffer the joint becomes, and can become completely immobile. OA is related to age and may settle in one or a few joints after a certain age.

The threshold varies depending on the fitness of one’s musculoskeletal system. Hands are also prone to suffer from OA. There is even a genetic propensity for this problem.

Ayurvedic treatment for osteoarthritis of the hands provides relief from pain and promotes smooth movement.

The symptoms of OA in hands are similar to any other joint of the body. The crackling sound of bones and sudden stiffness which may go away indicates the presence of the problem.

Later as the problem progresses pain after regular movement or mediocrely straining activity indicates some loss of cartilage. As the disease progresses further one can feel lethargy in hand and loose grip and pain during movement.

Herbal treatment for hand arthritis is very effective in checking the progression of the disease. At the advanced stage, the base of the thumb may become severely painful and joints of fingers may become stiff and broad due to bone spurs.

Until bone spurs are not completely grown the stiffness and pain may come and go but once these are fully developed joint may not move without excruciating pain.

Ayurvedic treatment for osteoarthritis of the hands can handle symptoms and promote reversal of the problem.

Ayurvedic Treatment for Osteoarthritis of the Hands

Orthoxil Plus capsules are recommended as a fast and reliable herbal treatment for hand arthritis. These supplements come with herbs which stop further damage to cartilages and bones of the joints and also relieve pain and inflammation.

In many cases, rheumatism has been found as the cause of osteoarthritis which brings inflammation and damaged cartilages.

Orthoxil Plus capsules come loaded with herbs which protect organs of the joints from damages caused by all forms of arthritis.

These improve the immune system functions and cleanse blood and organs from toxins. These inhibit the free-radical mechanism and rejuvenate the health of organs by supplementing super-charged antioxidants.

The major benefit of this Ayurvedic treatment for osteoarthritis of the hands is its ability to repair damaged cartilages.

The herbal ingredients of these pills diffuse inflammation and generate tissues faster. These strengthen muscles and ligaments and repair damaged cartilages for smooth and painless movement.

These pills possess highly trusted herbs like Ashwagandha and Guggul. These herbs are recommended for controlling rheumatism and promoting smooth joint movement.

These enhance metabolic rate and repair damaged organs of the joints. These are anti-inflammatory and immunity enhancers and supplement vital nutrients to keep nutritional reserves higher.

Asthisanghar is another special ingredient of these pills which makes them the most effective herbal treatment for hand arthritis.

This herb regenerates bone tissue and strengthens bones. If taken at early stages it prevents the formation of bone spurs and checks the progression of OA.

Rasna, Harad and Nag Kesar are strong anti-toxin and cleanse the digestive systems. These eliminate harmful acids and compounds which float with blood and damage cartilages.

These prevent inflammation and maintain movement by protecting ligaments and cartilages.

Herbal Remedies for Hand Arthritis

Orthoxil Plus capsules are not for Ayurvedic treatment for osteoarthritis of the hands only these improve every joint of the body.

These supplements provide more stable, strong and enduring joints and improve muscular endurance and performance. These strengthen ligaments and slow down the process of tissue aging.

These even treat and reverse OA caused by aging. Orthoxil Plus oil is recommended along with pills for faster relief and better herbal treatment for hand arthritis.

This oil seeps through the skin and affects internal organs. It diffuses inflammation and promotes blood flow. The herbal oils and herbs present in this oil suppress pain in a short duration.

Due to anti-inflammatory and pain-relieving effects this oil promotes movement. The symptoms of OA are worse in the morning. Even in hand arthritis these cause morning stiffness.

Use of Orthoxil Plus oil and capsules in combination relieve morning stiffness and promote movement.

Orthoxil Plus oil improves the effects of pills and brings strength in joints. These supplements on regular use improve the range of joint motion and improve its performance and endurance.

These are completely free of side effects and can be used without any prescription. People prone to suffer from OA or facing early symptoms like the crackling of joints, off and on stiffness and pain in hands, can use these without any worries.

These supplements can check progression and reverse the damage to prevent the problem for rising again. By using these supplements men and women get much improve joint functions and sound musculoskeletal systems.

These keep one active and agile till later age and suppress pain, stiffness or lethargy in joints.

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