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Low back pain is a common problem in the elderly but these day’s even young people are becoming a victim of this problem.

Ayurvedic treatment for lumbago relief is most effective for all age-groups and capable of providing long-lasting results.

The lumbago region starts from the area below the rib cage and ends over buttocks. The lumbago pain causes difficulty in movement and also while sitting and standing. It is one of the major causes of missed working days.

There is a variety of causes which can cause this problem. Herbal remedies for low back pain have multiple benefits and handle all the issues to provide relief.

These work for people of all ages and strengthen lumbago joints to prevent the reoccurrence of the problem.

The low back region bears body weight and also the movement of the pelvic region. People leading strenuous lifestyles or suffering from obesity are prone to suffer from the problem.

Poor joint health due to weak organs like damaged bursas and weak bones, muscles and tendons, and infection in synovial fluid are also causes of lumbago.

Weakness in joint organs damage cartilages and make joints stiff to cause pain. Major causes of lumbago are herniated discs, disc degeneration, isthmic spondylolisthesis, sacroiliac joint disease, and sciatica.

Disorders like Osteoarthritis, RA, Lupus, Gout and other forms of arthritis are serious causes of lumbago. Aging can bring disorders like arthritis into play or cause low back pain by deteriorating joint mechanism.

There is a variety of fractures that can also cause lumbago. These fractures can be due to trauma, bone disorders or compression in the spine. Ayurvedic treatment for lumbago relief allows movement and relieves the symptoms.

Natural Ayurvedic Treatment for Lumbago

Orthoxil Plus capsules come with a blend of highly beneficial herbs which provide effective and safe Ayurvedic treatment for lumbago relief.

These pills contain multiple herbs which are anti-inflammatory and diffuse inflammation in joint organs. These allow blood to flow and speed-up the healing process to provide recovery from damage.

People suffering from issues like disc degeneration and joint damage due to aging or other weaknesses start gaining recovery fast.

These herbs help in the generation of bone tissue and also repair damaged discs to keep joint mechanisms healthy. These repair cartilages and cleanse synovial fluid to keep joint stronger and smooth.

People suffering from deficiencies and eventually weak and unstable back joint, gain healthy and strong spine and smooth bodily movement by using these supplements.

Herbal remedies for low back pain are effective even against progressive disorders like arthritis.

Orthoxil Plus capsules come with fast-acting herbs which relieve pain. A person may experience dull, throbbing or excruciating pain due to lumbago.

If the nerve of the low back region gets constricted the pain radiates down to feet. Due to other causes of lumbago, one feels troubling pain radiating into the buttocks or groin region.

Generally, the pain in low back worsens while sitting and getting up. If not treated, it can cause regular tingling in lower limbs and odd sensation.

It can also cause imbalance by reducing control over lower limbs. The herbal remedies for low back pain used in Orthoxil capsules relieve all types of pain efficiently.

These also reduce the intensity of morning stiffness and allows the victim to gain undisturbed sleep at night. These pills possess herbs which numb pain-signal carrying nerves to provide relief and promote movement.

Herbal Remedies for Low Back Pain

Herbal ingredients of these pills like Ashwagandha and Asthisanghar are renowned herbal remedies for low back pain. These herbs balance hormone level and increase nutritional uptake.

These are nutritive and flush harmful hormones from blood to protect synovial fluid, discs, and tissues of joints. Rasna, Guggul, and Arandi are prolific blood cleansers and flush toxins out of the system.

These are anti-inflammatory and pain-relieving herbs as well and control rheumatic and arthritic pain efficiently. Other herbs like Harad, Nag Kesar, and Akarkara are anti-inflammatory, anti-toxin and cleanse tissues and organs from toxins.

These also keep blood purified and protect joints from damages caused by harmful acids and chemicals. These are anti-aging and inhibit free-radicals by supplementing antioxidants.

The use of Orthoxil Plus oil is recommended along with capsules for faster relief. This oil provides relief from pain in a short time and allows movement.

Regular use of this oil allows a person to sleep for sufficient duration and wake-up fresh. People suffering with lumbago gain disturbed sleep and wake-up a few times at night due to pain.

They also suffer from morning stiffness which prevents them from starting their day on a good note. The application of this oil diffuses swelling and relieves pain to provide relief.

This oil also speeds-up the healing process and provides faster recovery from damages. It helps in the regeneration of damaged discs, tissues, muscles and ligaments and maintains healthy joint mechanisms.

It is effective against all types of arthritic pain and swelling. One should use Orthoxil Plus capsules and oil for at least 3 to 4 months regularly to gain long-lasting relief from the problem and healthy low back joint.

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