Ayurvedic Treatment for Irregular Menstrual Cycle

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A baby girl is born with approximately 450,000 eggs in her body. The moment she reaches her puberty just 6000 eggs are left, each one of which is released every month.

The menstrual cycle is an essential part of a woman’s life that involves the development and ovulation of eggs and preparing the uterus for pregnancy.

It typically starts in a girl between 12 to 15 years (puberty) of age and continues till she reaches menopause. Every month a female releases an egg that travels from her ovaries to the uterus through fallopian tubes.

This is followed by a thick lining to the sides of the uterus so that if a female becomes pregnant it provides support to the growing fetus inside. If she doesn’t this thick lining sheds away in the form of blood causing monthly periods.

This happens in almost every 28 days and varies as per every woman’s health condition. Her periods last about 3 to 5 days. The first day of the blood flow is considered as day 1 of the menstrual cycle.

The pregnancy occurs within the range of 4 or 5 days right after the ovulation. A female usually ovulates 10 to 16 days before her next periods.

If a female wants to get pregnant it is usually suggested to have sex 2 to 3 days before the literal ovulation since the male’s sperms can live up to 3 to 5 days, thereby raising the chances of fertilization whenever the woman’s egg arrives.

Detecting that for a woman with the regular menstrual cycle is not so difficult but those who always have irregularities probably would face calculation mistakes. It is important to factor for all those women who want to get pregnant.

Ayurvedic Treatment for Irregular Periods

Irregular periods are now a common thing these days. If a female faces periods every 24 to 35 days it is normal but less or more than that range is a matter to worry about.

It is not just about the number of days that matter for the next periods but also the blood flow. Around 4 tablespoons of blood per day are normal. As the day passes this flow also decreases.

This means that your day 1 would be heavier than day 4. If there is too much blood flow there would be a deficiency of iron in the women’s body that would essentially require some fix as soon as possible.

Menstrual cramps are also one of the issues that are somewhat experienced to all women since their uterine muscles are contracted. There are about 10% of women who experience really painful periods that hinder their normal routine.

Some of the factors that cause this issue are – her smoking and drinking habit, obesity, if she started her period too young, if she has heavy periods, or never got pregnant ever before.

Dietary habits and poor lifestyle are the major reasons behind the irregular menstrual cycle that hampers the woman in conceiving for a child. It is therefore important to take note of everything and pay attention to the remedies.

For all those who are suffering from the irregular menstrual cycle and painful periods, there is ayurvedic treatment in the form of MCBC capsules and Herboglobin capsules.

MCBC capsules are specifically prepared to curb the irregularities and menstrual cramps and Herboglobin capsules are there for replenishing the iron deficiency in women.

Both of these supplements together form a highly potent ayurvedic treatment for irregular menstrual cycle and painful periods.

A woman just needs to be regular with the intake of MCBC capsules and Herboglobin capsules and sooner or later they will be getting marvelous results.

Frequently Asked Questions

Does this ayurvedic treatment for irregular menstrual cycle cause any side effects?

This ayurvedic treatment for irregular menstrual cycle does not cause any side effects because of the fact that both MCBC capsules and Herboglobin capsules are manufactured in a hygienic environment and the firm where these are made in GMP certified and is following hard safety norms.

The herbal ingredients are blended in a fixed ratio and are always continually tested.

How long do I need to take this ayurvedic treatment for irregular menstrual cycle and painful periods?

One has to take this ayurvedic treatment for irregular menstrual cycle for approximately 3 to 4 months so as to witness significant changes within.

You could take less or more than this duration since it all depends on your body’s capability to recover and the extent of the problem.

How to take this ayurvedic treatment for irregular menstrual cycle and painful periods?

Take one pill each of MCBC and Herboglobin after meals twice in a day with plain water or milk, anything you prefer so as to get excellent irregular menstrual cycle ayurvedic treatment.

What is the preferred diet while consuming this ayurvedic treatment for an irregular menstrual cycle?

There is no hard and fast rule when it comes to diet. Simply avoid smoking and drinking as much as you can and prefer fresh fruits and vegetables in place of tinned or canned foods. Also, drink lots of water for the whole day.

How can I buy MCBC and Herboglobin capsules in India and from where?

To buy MCBC and Herboglobin capsules in India simply follow the below-mentioned steps:

  1. Select the quantity of these capsules you want to purchase from the options given in the drop-down menu.
  2. Now click on the ‘Buy Now’ button then and fill in your name, address, etc. in the billing details page.
  3. Choose one out of the following payment techniques – cheque/DD, bank transfer (NEFT) or Cash on Delivery (COD)- choose anyone you find the most convenient.
  4. Once you have checked all the filled entries, finally click on the ‘Place Order’ button.
  5. In case of advanced payment mode (Cheque/DD or NEFT), send the required bank transaction details to us via a text message or email.

How will this ayurvedic treatment for irregular menstrual cycle be received at my house if I place an order? I want all the details in terms of packaging and delivery. Within how many days I will receive my product?

All the products are packed in plain paper to ensure the privacy of our consumers. This is known as discreet packaging and is followed throughout. The parcels are usually delivered within a period of three to five business days.

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Aparajita (Clitoria ternatea), Jatamansi (Nardostachys jatamansi), Agastya (Sesbania grandiflora), Salabmisri (Orchis mascula), Unab (Zizyphus Vulgaris), Jyotishmati (Celastrus paniculatus), Buch (Acorus calamus), Kachnar (Bauhinia Tancatosa), Nilkadambika (Sphaeranthus indicus), Gurhal (Hibiscus rosa-sinensis), Brahmadandi (Tricholepis glaberrima), Ustukhuddus (Lavandula stoechas), Shatavari (Asparagus Racemosus), Shankhpushpi (Convolvulus Pluricaulis), Dirghwali (Argyreia speciosa), Aloe Vera (Aloe Barbadensis), Brahmi (Bacopa monnieri)


Lauh Bhasma (Ferrum Oxide), Kesar (Crocus Sativus), Swarna Bang (Swarna Bang), Shudh Shilajit (Asphaltum Punjabinum), Ashwagandha (Withania Somnifera), Gajwan (Onosma Bracteatum), Godanti Hadtal (Arsenii Trisulphidum), Safed Musli (Asparagus Adscendens), Hirabol (Commiphora Myrrha), Jav (Hordeum Vulgare Linn.), Aloe Vera (Aloe Barbadensis), Long (Caryophyllus Aromaticus), Kahu (Lactuca Serriola), Taj (Cinnamomum Cassia)

2 reviews for Ayurvedic Treatment for Irregular Menstrual Cycle

  1. Mayuri

    Marvelous combination of herbal products! It was all due to these MCBC and Herboglobin capsules that I was able to get my normal periods just after consuming them for 3.5 months. Ayurvedic remedies are seriously the safest and the best treatment for irregular menses.

  2. Nivedita

    My friend took MCBC capsules and Herboglobin capsules for almost 3 months and now she is finally able to get rid of irregular periods. Also, her period pain has reduced greatly. Thank You!!

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