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Joints are prone to suffer from wear and tear so is ankle joint. When one walks, runs or stands ankles bear a major part of body weight and sometimes much more than these can bear.

Painful and stiff ankles are no surprises and can occur in any age-group. These are more common in young ones who are up on their feet always.

There are mild to serious causes of ankle pain but all these need proper treatment. The poor performance of the foot can restrict one’s movement and agility.

Ayurvedic treatment for foot and ankle pain provides relief from symptoms and also prevents further damage. Ayurvedic remedies for stiff ankles not only relieve the pain and discomfort during movement but strengthen the entire joint to reverse the condition.

People, frequently suffering from pain and stiffness in the region, gain stronger foot and lesser instances of discomfort.

Walking, running, jumping and cycling all can cause a sprain in the ankle and make it painful and stiff. Poorly fitting footwear, high heels, climbing stairs, twisted ankle are other reasons for pain and stiffness in foot.

Obesity, poor flow of blood in the pelvic region and weakness in bones, ligaments, and muscles also bring frequent episodes of sprain in ankle and foot.

Ayurvedic remedies for stiff ankles relieve pain and swelling and allow smooth movement in a short time. Conditions like diabetes, club foot, blood disorders, osteoporosis, etc. are well known for causing weak and fragile joints.

These conditions too are responsible for a frequent sprain in ankles and foot. Ayurvedic treatment for foot and ankle pain eliminates discomfort due to these conditions and provides relief.

Arthritis is a progressive disorder and osteoarthritis is very common in ankle and foot. This is caused due to damage to cartilages caused by excessive strain, lack of nutrition and aging.

Even RA and gout is a quite common cause of stiff and painful ankle. Herbal treatment for arthritis of the foot and ankle is a holistic natural treatment for the problem.

The pain caused by arthritic conditions may be felt in the lower shin, back foot or middle of the foot. Arthritis apart from damaging cartilages can also make ligaments swollen and cause instability in the entire foot.

Herbal treatment for arthritis of the foot and ankle arrests the progression of disorder to prevent further damage. Herbal treatment for arthritis of the foot and ankle not only relieves the symptoms but repairs the damages.

It can reverse the condition caused by any form of arthritis and provide stronger and healthy joints.

Natural Ayurvedic Treatment for Foot and Ankle Pain

Herbal treatment for arthritis of the foot and ankle regenerates and strengthens cartilages to make joint movement smoother.

It improves joint endurance and weight-bearing capacities. This natural remedy strengthens ligaments and makes it more stable and strong.

It not only protects the foot and ankle from the arthritic conditions but from others like overuse, excessive strain, and aging.

Ayurvedic treatment for foot and ankle pain protects joints from ill-effects of medical conditions as well and keeps them upbeat.

Orthoxil Plus capsules are the most reliable and fast-acting Ayurvedic remedies for stiff ankles and painful and swollen foot joints.

These pills possess highly beneficial herbs as ingredients that nourish, repair and protect joints and their organs from even serious conditions like arthritis.

These herbs make ankle and foot stronger to withstand the regular and excessive strain and sudden jerk and pressure to perform smoothly always. These also reverse weaknesses caused by growing age and medical conditions.

Ashwagandha balances hormone and speed-up metabolic rate. It removes deficiencies and also nourishes the organs of the body.

This herb is major ingredient of these pills which compounds good effects of other herbs. It is an efficient remedy for rheumatism and is strong anti-inflammatory.

Asthisanhar prevents bone atrophy and regenerates bone tissues to make them denser. It is an immunity enhancer and strong analgesic.

Guggul is a cleanser, anti-rheumatic and anti-arthritis herb. It reverses damages of joint organs by strain, overuse, and arthritis.

These Ayurvedic remedies for stiff ankle provide long-lasting relief by improving joint, health, endurance and strength.

Herbal Remedies for Arthritis of the Foot and Ankle

It is recommended that one should use Orthoxil Plus oil along with pills for faster Ayurvedic treatment for foot and ankle pain.

This oil further improves the benefits of pills and provides faster relief. It relieves pain and inflammation quickly and promotes movement.

This oil also helps in rebuilding of cartilages and strengthening muscles and ligaments for stronger foot and ankle. It nullifies the ill-effects of aging and conditions like obesity, diabetes, etc.

Both these supplements shall be used for at least 3 to 4 months in combination for long-lasting relief. These are safe for use by men and women of any age and for a prolonged duration.

The positive effects of herbs present in these improve the entire musculoskeletal system. These keep a person active and agile for longer period in life.

These are non-contradictory and can be used with any on-going treatment. Herbal supplements are completely free of side effects and have no withdrawal symptoms.

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